Thursday, November 27, 2014
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After their nude protest, Manipuri mothers want another 'Women's agitation'
By Anjulika Thingnam
The harsh lights in the dressing room at the largest open-air auditorium in the northeastern state of Manipur are an unwanted necessity, especially in the middle of the day. But the ageing women who have made this room at the Bhagyachandra Open Air Theatre (BOAT), both their office and home, need them to cook, read or meet people. Members of the All Manipur Reformation and Development Samaj, also known as Nupi Samaj, one of the leading Meira Paibi (women vigilante) groups have "occupied" this space from the time their office at the Palace Compound was torn down by the government 10 years back to make way for a new City Convention Centre. For the last few months, Keisham Taruni, 84, president of Nupi Samaj, has been nursing a broken kneecap, seething in anger and frustration at her inabil...
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The sinister plot to abrogate Article 370
By Ishaq begh
After the Election Commission of India announced the poll dates in the flood hit state of Jammu and Kashmir, once again this unfortunate state is being brutally ravaged by the opportunistic politics of two regional parties (PDP and NC) under the patronisation of BJP. For political reimbursement, BJP has now started to beat the drum of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. It is an incontrovertible fact that Article 370 of the Indian constitution has given Jammu and Kashmir a special status in the union of India and is even called as a sole bridge between India and Kashmir. Despite granting specialty to Jammu and Kashmir, Article 370 allows India to have defence, foreign affairs, finance and communication in its hands while other Indian laws directly applicable to other Indian states need a sp...
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Modi's election plan in Kashmir: Power usurping the people
By Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai
Hope and change the Modi way seems to have taken in the majority of India's voters since he was elected in May, 2014 but his message to the flood-ravaged people of Kashmir has so far been less than palatable. History has proven that candidates in the Himalayas are tall on promises but short on results, and the elections are invariably engineered to suit the status quo. This time is expected to be no different. The hope of prime minister Modi, of course, is to put a little Vaseline on his party's long-time efforts to slip past Article 370 by simply flooding the state Assembly with members of the BJP and concocting changes through legislation that will effectively render the law null and void. First it was the river Jehlum. Now it's the BJP. Perhaps the greatest ravaging of the Kashmiri ...
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Coalition politics in the offing: But with whom?
By Akram Sidiqui
While promising the moon and pledging heavens, all the mainstream political parties local or otherwise are busy in luring voters across the state. Bragging too boastfully about their so called remarkable public service and washing the dirty linen of their rivals in public every party is hopeful of crossing 44+ magic mark. But the acid test to their pro people credentials and much hyped integrity is not too far away as elections for state assembly spread over a month long process is begins on 25th of November 2014. While political commentators', analysts from different walks of life, critics of great precision have been prophesying from day one about a hung assembly in the state, yet a good number of them while converging different viewpoints and angles to a single spot even predict abso...
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Myths and orthodox ideas threaten Modern India
By Brij Bhardwaj
How serious is threat to India from the so called God men, Khap Panchayats, self styled historians who would like the mythology to be treated as history. The self appointed guardians of morality wants to impose their dictates on young, particularly women by blaming them for rise in sex crimes instead of taking strong action against men responsible for molestation and other heinous crimes. It is no secret that spread of education and awareness among women have made them aware of their rights and they are not prepared to accept curbs on their freedom or unfair dictates of village elders or family members. The Khap Panchayts, however, are not prepared to accept the changed situation. They not only support honour killings in some cases and insist on denying facilities like use of mobile phon...
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Wonders Will Never Cease
By Badri Raina
Here is what seems to be the historic irony of the coming election season in Jammu & Kashmir: that the "nationalists" should be pinning their prospect of success on a silent collaboration of the "separatists." A veritable Benzene ring with a double valency bond, what? But, maybe not quite. Word is that Geelani sahib, always first to sense the shape of things, has already withdrawn his earlier call for poll boycott, realising that this time around the interests of Kashmiris can only be met by an emphatic voter turnout in the valley, whereas the votaries of "integration" have been hoping to win a "democratic" victory with as few votes as possible, making the migrant Pandit vote a decisive factor. It remains to be seen whether the Mirwaiz and Yaseen Malik will follow suit, or convey th...
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Elections 2014: The Surprises Chenab Valley may spring
By Obaid Imtiyaz Mir
In the last couple of decades, Chenab valley region has emerged as a prominent bastion for Congress. Barring the assembly constituency of Kishtwar the party has enjoyed massive success in all corners here. Most of it had to do with the emergence and growth in stature of Ghulam Nabi Azad as a prominent national leader and his short but eventful stint as the chief minister of the state. What the Congress under Azad accomplished in the region till last assembly elections was ensuring the mass support of the people of this hilly region irrespective of their religious affiliations. But this time around though, there are enough reasons to believe that it all looks set to change. As mentioned above, the traditional vote bank of congress here comprises of both Hindu and Muslim votes, but now as ...
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Lines of control
What cinematic representations of the Line of Control say about Indo-Pak relations and the collective unconscious.
By Gita Viswanath
Borders and boundaries, hitherto confined as categories of analysis to the study of political geography, are now objects of interest within several academic disciplines, including anthropology, history, political science, social psychology and sociology. While borders activate notions of difference between peoples and places, every year millions of people worldwide breach these borders, both officially and unofficially, in contexts of peace, conflict and violence. In Meenakshi Bharat and Nirmal Kumar's edited volume Filming the Line of Control: the Indo-Pak relationship through the cinematic lens, political cartography and its psychological impact is the central category of filmic analysis. As the title suggests, the book studies the ways in which the Line of Control (LoC) is constructed ...
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The vale of tears
By F.S. Aijazuddin
TO view history, one needs to use bifocals - to see distance in perspective, and in close-up to observe the minutiae that provide it substance and colour. Take the Indo-Pak summit at Shimla in July 1972. Everyone is over-familiar with what transpired in that misty eyrie. And yet, how many know the true opinion P.N. Haksar (then principal secretary to prime minister Indira Gandhi) held about Pakistan? Only a year earlier, he spoke dismissively of it to Dr Henry Kissinger as "that part of India which bears an Islamic label". And who knew that during those tense negotiations at Shimla, Mr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and his daughter Benazir "preferred to have their meals together, just by themselves. This enabled them to discuss the day's events and exchange notes". This nicety was revealed by Be...
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Brute and barbaric in the Valley in the name of security
By Humra Quraishi
How many more will be shot dead in the Kashmir Valley! In fact, within two days of the Macchil verdict - where five Army men have been sentenced for killing civilians in a fake encounter - comes in news of more killings, of two civilians in the Valley -a teenager in Kulgam and a carpenter in Handwara. Mind you, last fortnight's killing of two young men by the Army in Chattergam is still haunting hundreds. Brute and barbaric to kill occupants in a moving vehicle because they did not halt or slow down. Will the cops or security forces kill commuters /drivers in Mumbai or in New Delhi if they don't halt or brake when signaled to do so. Yes, cops could target the vehicle, with that force halt. Is this some new form of governance where you kill more and some more and many more. And then sit b...
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Fruitless pursuit of black money
By M K Dhar
People curious to know the amount of "black money" stashed by Indians in foreign banks may be in for yet another disappointment after the Supreme Court monitored Special Investigation Team (SIT), submits its findings. After six months in office, the Narendra Modi Government has not been able to lay its hands on anything other than a list of Indian account-holders, numbering in all 627, in HSBC Geneva, which the previous Manmohan Singh government had obtained. No other reliable information has been dug out since by the team, thus rendering the efforts of the most intensive and high-level probe fruitless. That there are no Congressmen among the account holders has left the Government red faced and the whole exercise may turn out to be farcical. The Government is sceptical about recovery of...
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Modi's mythologies
By Zarrar Khuhro
Suffering from jaundice several decades ago, sick to death of the constant imbibing of sugarcane juice and bored out of my skull, my eyes fell on an interesting volume on my parents' bookshelf: Some blunders in Indian historical research by a P.N Oak. It started off innocently enough, with assertions about how the Taj Mahal was a Rajput building appropriated by the Mughals. Similar claims were made about the Red Fort and the Qutub Minar. Reading this up until now I experienced a slightly 'blasphemous' trill, the kind you get when faced with views that go against everything you have ever believed in. Could it be that the history I had been taught all these years was in fact false? Apparently not. According to Oak, Alexander the Great had actually been defeated by Raja Porus (an ignom...
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