Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Fear has gripped bollywood
By T Navin
An idea of 'Nationalism' propagated by Bollywood has come to hit it back. Bollywood has loads of films, which try to depict 'Nationalism' through Pakistan bashing and Army glorification. It also depicts India as a peaceful country but a sufferer and victim of sponsored terrorism from outside. Films such as Roja, Zameen, Sarfarosh, Gadar, Diljale and Agent Vinod have instances of promoting anti-Pakistani sentiment. None of these films attempt at depicting the role played by Indian and Pakistani state to keep the issues unresolved and continue accentuating the differences. None of them delve deeper into the unresolved issues. The monster which has been created due to Pakistan bashing now has started hitting back Bollywood. The 'Nationalism' based on 'anti-other', however professionally mad...
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Open Forum: Religious Trends
No longer unifying force
By Oishee Mukherjee
Marx had stated long back that religion is the opium of the masses. At that time, the observation was disputed by conservatives who found disrespect of the communist philosopher towards religion. According to them, religion was a belief that could guide them to a communitarian approach to living and establishment of a peaceful society. Recent trends, however, in many parts of the world show that religion instead of ensuring bondage and societal peace has become the cause of hatred and jealousy. The inter-religious animosity and disrespect for each other's beliefs and values have resulted in violence and riots in different parts of the world. Very little spiritualism and respect for the supreme - which all religions aim at - is manifest nowadays. On the other hand, fundamentalist reli...
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Urgent action needed to check fires in hospitals
By Yashwardhan Joshi
The Bhubaneswar hospital fire is a grim reminder that hospitals anywhere anytime can turn into burning furnaces for hapless patients. If that were not so, we would have learnt our lessons from the tragic incident at AMRI Hospital, Kolkata five years ago. It was the worst hospital fire in post-Independent India which chocked the life out of 91 patients. All the six directors of the hospital were subsequently arrested. Strict fire safety guidelines for clinical establishments were issued by the Centre as well as the State governments. And so we thought no hospital would now turn into a blazing inferno any more. But how wrong we were. There had been several fires, big and small, in various hospitals across the country since then as no follow up action was apparently taken to ensure the impl...
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Modi to steer India in more perilous times
At home, no shine on development agenda
By S. Sethuraman
A few weeks before the brutal cross-border terrorist attack on Uri, Prime Minister Modi had sensibly warned that India's defence spending may have to be raised, keeping in view the need to safeguard national security in a growingly hostile neighbourhood. India's concerns, he also said later, are essentially to safeguard its own territorial integrity and at no time had she coveted any foreign lands. Build-up of the nation's capacity to defend itself in case of an external threat is unquestionable. Defence and Development have once again become twin challenges as in the past. The Modi Government having exited from the era of planning are struggling to put through major tax reforms on a federal basis to raise the levels of spending for both defence and development. Not all states are toein...
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America, script the right history
By Ayushman Jamwal
The debates are over, the punches delivered and the cards on the table before the American people. With just over two weeks to go, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are headed for a Presidential election like no other, where voters will deliver a crucial decision and make history. November may see the first female President of the United States or the first racist, misogynist; conspiracy theorist enter the hallowed White House and become the Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful nation in the world. The Republicans have endorsed or have been forced to endorse a man who embodies the racism and sexism that has disenfranchised minorities and women for decades in the United States. Not only has his endorsement exposed the utter bankruptcy of the GOP; he is the creation of an 8 year long Rep...
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Aam Aadmi In ICU
Polity runs out of balm
By Poonam I Kaushish
Life in India is cheap, real cheap. With people falling like nine pins due to gross negligence, deadly diseases topped by Government apathy. Thanks to a Sarkar which doesn't give a rat's ass about the aam aadmi! Wherein, a death is dismissed as, Achcha woh mar gaya, to kya? How else should one react to 24 patients who were charred to death and an entire floor burnt down in a fire mishap at the Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospitals in Bhubaneswar Monday last. Or it took over 100 deaths of dengue and 380 cases of chikengunya for the Delhi Government to sit-up and take note that the Capital was in the throes of a deadly disease. And now news of bird flu being back and infecting humans. Our netas reaction? While Odisha Chief Minister Patnaik went through the boring dance of sorro...
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Moonshots, sign up
By Tajamul Hussain
Al Capp created the legendary comic strip, 'Li'l Abner'. The Skonk Works were among his most memorable inventions ---though Capp had little to do with the term's considerable staying power. Thanks to the aerospace giant, Lockheed for that. In 1943, America needed a counter-punch to the German jet fighters. An unbelievably critical and the deadline impossibly tight, the company housed a posse of the brightest engineers and mechanics in a rented circus tent, intentionally located next to an exceptionally stinky plastic factory (to keep nosy people away). Breathing itself was a little hard. They're given a total design freedom ---no idea too weird or too wild. The place was named as Skonk Works. The name struck. A few years later, at the request of the comic strip copyright holders the spel...
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Full sealing of Indo-Pak border impossible task
Home Minister's statement is more political
By Devsagar Singh
The proposed sealing of 3,323-km India-Pakistan land border and 740-km LoC by 2018 as announced by Home Minister Rajnath Singh soon after the surgical strike at Pakistani terrorist launch pads across the line of control, has an element of politics. All governments in the last three decades and more have spoken of sealing the border with Pakistan. So what is so special about Rajnath Singh's announcement? Nothing except raising the political heat in the run up to the state assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand etc early next year. Just as the Narendra Modi government went to town proclaiming the successful surgical strikes across the LoC, it followed up soon with the announcement about sealing the border. The ostensible reason is to show that it is different from other g...
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Trump to impact US policies even in his defeat
Hillary will be forced to opt for more protectionism
By Anjan Roy
At the end of the third debate between the presidential candidates in the US, what is becoming increasingly clear is that the race might go in favour of Hillary Clinton and the financial markets are pricing in latter's victory in their calculations. What does that mean? The first worry of the financial markets was what could the US Federal Reserve do? There were two counts on the Fed. A change in presidency could have brought about a change in the head of the US Fed. But that looks unlikely now. With Janet Yellen continuing to head the Fed, should interest rates normalisation begin forthwith or later; would this be gradual or faster. Anyway, these details should be part of the overall picture. A Clinton presidency in US should by and large mean more of the same kind of scenario. This m...
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Brahminical surgical strikes against Dalits
By Hakim Singh
At the current juncture in Indian polity, nationalism no longer remains a contested subject. In fact, it has been created as a monolith pandering to dominant interests. People belonging to dominant interests are miniscule minority in the country but their media-magnified influence is beyond measurement. With media and nation following Unitarian ideology, there is a race between different stakeholders as to who is a bigger nationalist. These dominant nationalists often get hurt when someone cries for justice, liberty and emancipation from all types of atrocities and insecurities in this country. They get hurt when someone is not ready to shout in unison 'Bharat Mata Ki Jai'. And on the contrary, these countrymen assume that 'someone' is really an anti-national and minority. The question ...
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Modi sarkar resurrects Ram, now as museum
Brace for BJP's Hindutva package tour in UP
By Kalyani Shankar
What is the politics behind the Union government's proposal to construct a multi-crore futuristic Ramayana museum in Ayodhya? With Uttar Pradesh going to polls early next year, the mythological Ram is back in the political discourse fighting the BJP's battle with the political parties. BJP of course denies that it is a political agenda but is this for vote catching or is it for promotion of tourism as claimed or is it to satisfy the BJP's core voters? UP is known for its caste and communal politics and it is only expected that Ayodhya would occupy the centre stage even after 25 years of the demolition of the Babri masjid. BJP knows that it difficult now to attract votes in the name of yet to be constructed Ram Temple but still invoking Lord Ram is essential which is why now the Ramayan...
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Kashmir on cross roads
By Brij Bhardwaj
There may not be a declaration of war between India and Pakistan, but T.V. channels and TV anchors have put on the war paint, got their uniforms ready to do their bit of war reporting. With the help of sand models at their command and services of retired Army Generals and Air Marshals they are discussing not only old conflicts between India and Pakistan, but also future conflicts which they felt were about to start. The war hysteria has hit media in both the countries as it is a cheap way to push their ratings. Even Ram Leela celebrations and Dussehra were used to build war hysteria. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi compared Indian Army to Israel, Defence Minister took to Ramayan to claim that they had been able to make Indian army realise its full potential. In the meantime Valley is...
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A tale of two cities
By Gwynne Dyer
Two great sieges are getting underway in the Middle East, one in Mosul in Iraq and the other in Aleppo in Syria. They have a great deal in common, including the fact that the attackers both depend heavily on foreign air power, but they are treated by most international media as though they were completely different events. How similar they are will become clearer with the passage of time. Sieges of cities, once a major part of warfare, grew rare in the course of the 20th century, mainly because of the rise of air power. You didn't need to besiege cities any more, because you could just smash them to smithereens from the air: Guernica, Dresden, Hiroshima. But that's not so easy in the era of instant global media coverage. Seventy years without a really major war have allowed us to develo...
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No longer unifying force
By Oishee Mukherjee
Marx had stated long back that religion is the opium of the masses. At that time, the observation was disputed by conservatives who found disrespect of the communist philosopher towards religion. According to them, religion was a belief that could guide them to a communitarian approach to living and establishment of a peaceful society. Recent trends, however, in many parts of the world show that religion instead of ensuring bondage and societal peace has become the cause of hatred and jealousy. The inter-religious animosity and disrespect for each other's beliefs and values have resulted in violence and riots in different parts of the world. Very little spiritualism and respect for the supreme - which all religions aim at - is manifest nowadays. On the other hand, fundamentalist reli...
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Goa summit gives a tremendous push to India's energy security
Rosneft deal opens up new oil routes to benefit both countries
By Nitya Chakraborty
The bilateral summit of India and Russia at Goa on October 15 has opened up a dynamic chapter in India's massive efforts for energy security as the Narendra Modi Government seeks to diversify its oil import baskets and look for new routes for supplies. The giant Russian oil major Rosneft's takeover of the leading Indian major Essar Oil has completely changed the energy skyline of India redrawing the country's oil routes and catapulting India to a position where it will have greater flexibility in bargaining for its oil supplies from different sources. Rosneft is the world's largest publicly traded oil company and its purchase of 98 per cent of Essar Oil's 20 million tonne per annum refinery along with associated port and fuel retail network, has given a definite signal to the global oil ...
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Pak media deserves a round of applause
Cracks in civil-military relations now exposed
By Amulya Ganguli
The Pakistani newspapers, Dawn and The Nation, have shown exemplary courage in letting the country and the world know about the differences of opinion, which marked a recent meeting between the civilian and military officials. In it, the civilians were said to have pointed out that Pakistan was facing isolation at the international level because of the army's failure to check terrorism. The army has since described the "leak" as a "breach of national security" and blamed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's office for it. But the two newspapers have stood behind the journalist, Cyril Almeida, who was briefly put on the list of those who could not leave the country. A Pakistani commentator has since noted that one possible fallout of the revelation of what transpired between the civilians and ...
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Ramayana museum now, Ram temple not yet
By Lalit Sethi
The BJP has rolled out a plan to set up a Ramayana Museum at Ayodhya as a substitute for hardliners' plans to harp on building a Ram temple there. This is being done as U.P. prepares to elect a new legislative assembly early next year. The Union Culture Minister, Mr. Mahesh Sharma, is going to U.P. to initiate the Ramayana Museum programme to develop the Ayodhya tourism circuit at a cost of Rs.151 crores. Over a number of years, a huge pile of carved pillars has been stacked up in Ayodhya, initially with the intention of using them for a Ram temple. Apparently these pillars could now be used for the planned museum. Will the work on the museum be pushed through with speed in the next few months, though its completion prior to the elections may not be possible. To counter this, the Samaj...
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A dangerously persuasive military doctrine!
By Humra Quraishi
Why did this government indulge in all possible publicity stunts on Gandhi Jayanti day when it was all set to follow the Israeli way to strike? Double speak at the highest level! The top brass of the BJP - RSS should not talk of Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy of non - violence when it is flaunting its might to kill ! In fact, Modi's government is going a step further; its not just threatening to kill the enemy but also its own people. After all, the so called 'controlling the crowds' measures adopted in the Kashmir Valley for the last so many weeks were nothing short of ruthlessness unleashed on an unarmed civilian population. 'Pellet strikes' ruining young lives, if not killing them. These latest relays by the Right Wing government at the Centre that it wants to ape the Israeli mode...
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Air Pollution claims lives, harms economy
By Dhurjati Mukherjee
A recently released report of the World Bank and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has come out with some startling facts, the most important being that India lost 1.4 million lives to air pollution while in China the toll was 1.6 million. In fact, more than 5 million deaths world-wide were attributed to health conditions caused by air pollution out of which 60 per cent were in the two most populous countries. China and India aren't just among the worst hit in absolute terms because of the sheer size of their population. Even adjusting for their population, these two countries along with Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are among the 15 with the highest toll per million people. India ranked 6th in the world, two notches below that of China, while Georgia saw the highest...
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Banning HFCs: Too late and too slow
By Gwynne Dyer
The chief source of new problems is solutions to old problems. The ammonia that we used in domestic fridges as a coolant in the early 20th century was poisonous if it leaked, so in the 1930s we replaced it with chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which you can breathe all day without harm. Problem solved. Unfortunately, it turned out that CFCs, when they leaked, eventually rose into the stratosphere where they began destroying ozone. The ozone layer is the only thing protecting us from the Sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation, so countries responded quickly in the 1980s when scientists discovered a spreading "ozone hole" over the Antarctic. In only a few years the world's nations negotiated the Montreal Protocol of 1987, which mandated the elimination of CFCs from all industrial processes by 199...
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War is not an option for India or Pakistan
By Yashwardhan Joshi
War should never be a hasty decision. The consequences of war are immense -- felt across time, space and generations. Then should war be never entered into? Can there never be a just war? As war hysteria builds up in the age of twitter and Internet after India's successful surgical strikes on 'terror camps' in Pakistan administered Kashmir (PAK) to avenge the Uri massacre, it forces us to look into the consequences of war. A full-fledged war, analysts say, will be tragic for both India and Pakistan in terms of human lives lost and economic cost. But for Pakistan, much more. Strategic Foresight Group, a Mumbai-based think-tank, has estimated that in the past four wars between the two neighbours, at least 100,000 families had suffered. The 1971 war rendered 3,843 Indian soldiers and clo...
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Terrorism issue dominates BRICS summit at Goa
India should now focus more on economic collaboration
By Subrata Majumder
BRICS summit at Goa made a consequential shift from an economic forum to political symposium. Terrorism was the main agenda. Till 7th BRICS summit, economic issues like financial substantiality and infrastructure development were the key issues of the forum. Goa declaration at 8th BRICS summit, which ensured that territory should not be used for terrorism, spine off a new synergy that terrorism overshoot economic integration. Against the acrimony that the declaration lacked a knock-out blow to Pakistan, India's gains accrued from the silent support of intransigent China against India's surgical operation in POK and reminding Russia of India's longest strategic partnership. The summit leveraged India's new image from a receptive big brother to aggressive friend. Had BRICS not taken...
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