Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Vajpayee was an out and out RSS man, only with a mask
By Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal
To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only the truth. —Voltaire George Bernard Shaw, the great author and playwright wrote, "All autobiographies are lies. I do not mean unconscious, unintentional lies. I mean deliberate lies." While it is difficult to disprove him, off late, a new trend has emerged - of eulogizing the dead and re-imagining them in ways that may sound flattering but are quite divorced from reality, thus making many obituaries as much of a lie as autobiographies. The bible says, 'Thou shall not speak ill of the dead' and many cultures across the world strongly believe that. When Britain's iron lady and former prime minister Margaret Thatcher passed away some years ago, the world was left grappling with the question of how to view a leader also known for he...
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Weakening Re worrisome
The weakening rupee is an opportunity to boost exports, but this will have adverse impact on imports mainly petroleum products
The downslide and weakening of the Indian Rupee at this stage when economic recovery has been witnessing some upward trend after a slowdown of many months in the country is worrisome. This is happening at a time when the BJP-government was making tall claims about economic recovery in the Indian market after the pumping in of funds for development activities particularly the construction sector. Coupled with this, there are worries over the import bill for petroleum products going up, foreign exchange reserves going down and economic slowdown in European countries affecting the Indian currency in the international markets. The claims of the Indian economic planners that adequate measures have been initiated to ensure that Indian currency is not impacted by the international turn of events...
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Election year speech
Modi's Independence Day address focused more on elections instead of introspection of what his government achieved in four years
Prime minister Narendra Modi's address on the occasion of Independence Day from the Red Fort was unmistakably an election year speech, laced with populist phrases, many false illusions and lofty promises. So much so that instead of making an introspection of the country's achievements since 1947, he chose 2013 as the bench mark, speaking excessively of the giant strides his government had taken since it took over in 2014, as if that was the year of India's independence. Other than taking swipes at the Congress, he used much of his 80 minute address laying down his own government's report card and making the clarion call from the Red Fort the beginning of his electoral battle. This is a serious case of abuse of power and position to turn a national occasion into an opportunity for vote ban...
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Hate factory in top gear
Attack on Umar Khalid is symptom of encouraging violence and intolerance through consistent campaigns to vilify dissenters
Despite the conflicting reports over the incident involving attack on Umar Khalid outside the Constitution Club in Central Delhi, the very fact that a man in possession of a gun grappled with the JNU student leader and brandished his gun is convincing enough argument that Umar is under potential threat from unknown persons. The conflicting versions of eye-witnesses pertain by and large to whether the attacker fired or not before he dropped his gun in a huff and fled. The rest of the versions have proved to be part of a fake news campaign triggered by some journalist who later retracted from his words. So, two facts emerge. One, the assailant came to attack Umar Khalid and second, that he came with a gun. These highlight the definite plan to kill, injure or intimidate the JNU student leade...
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Deaths in sewage pit
The scourge of manual cleaning of sewage pits and sewer lines continues to stare Indian system and has not been eliminated
Deaths of four members of a family due to asphyxia inside the sewage pit in their house are both tragic and unfortunate. It is all the more tragic that a person, his wife and two children died while rescuing their head of the family after he fell unconscious due to inhaling of poisonous gases in the sewage pit. They were not at all at fault but it is unfortunate that they were forced to take cleaning of the sewage pit inside their house in Anantnag village of South Kashmir as they did not have any other alternative available to them. Apart from the death of the family members, the question that comes to the fore is that the scourge of manual cleaning of gutters, sewage pits and sewerage lines not only in Kashmir but also elsewhere in the country continues. It is not only the case in Kashm...
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FRDI Bill withdrawal
The BJP-government has quietly withdrawn the FRDI Bill after one year fearing opposition from the people
In less than a year, the BJP-government has quietly withdrawn the Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill of 2017, since its introduction in the Parliament. The decision to seek Parliament's approval to withdraw the legislation last week appears to have been a clear acknowledgement by the ruling NDA that it had underestimated the intensity of public opposition to the proposed law. It also appears that the government had not estimated the extent of opposition not only from the political parties but also the activists besides the common masses, who were fearing that the present rulers do not want to safeguard the money of the people. The latter have been keeping their money in deposits with the banks not only for safe keeping but also earn some interest. The deposit money of the com...
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Free press in India in chains, endangered but not extinct
By Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal
Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost, said Thomas Jefferson. Free press indeed is the cornerstone of any democracy. India's first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru was conscious of this need and thus spoke at the Newspaper Editor's conference in 1950: "The freedom of the Press is not just a slogan from the larger point of view but it is an essential attribute of the democratic process. I have no doubt that even if the government dislikes the liberties taken by the press and considers them dangerous, it is wrong to interfere with the freedom of the Press. By imposing restrictions you do not change anything; you merely suppress the public manifestation of certain things, thereby causing the idea and thought underlying them to spread ...
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