Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Death penalty ordinance
India needs to have a re-look at state-sponsored homicide when the whole world is debating end to capital punishment
An ordinance brought in hastily by the union cabinet, as a knee jerk response to the increasing outrage over rapes, particularly of minor girls, to introduce death penalty in case of rapes of minor girls under 12 is not a remedy to the issue. Rather, it will only help sweep away the issue of sexual violence under the carpet. If the problem lies in poor redressal of complaints of sexual violence, weak legal justice mechanisms, poor prosecution rates and a pattern of impunity to protect the powerful offenders, the answer does not lie in bringing in laws that are inhuman. Death penalty for any crime is outrageous. The Indian legal justice system is not based on the pattern of revenge or honour. It is based on principles of humanity and in consonance with the fundamental rights of citizens of...
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Unprecedented crisis in judiciary
As the crisis looms large over judiciary, its accountability and independence should not be compromised at any cost in the country
Under the NDA-government, the higher judiciary appears to be passing through an unprecedented crisis with extra-ordinary circumstances that undermines its independence and accountability. Unfortunately, the higher judiciary is facing one crisis after another during the past four years since the present ruling dispensation took over the reins of the government. The judiciary has been witness to signs of a confrontation with the executive over judicial appointments to an unpleasant rift among Supreme Court judges besides the turmoil in the recent past. The move initiated by major Opposition political parties to impeach the Chief Justice of India is an unprecedented crisis. The motion sponsored by the opposition Members of Parliament, details of which cannot be revealed under Rajya Sabha rul...
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Simultaneous polls to LS, LAs
The proposal for holding simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and state Legislative Assemblies undermines the federal character of Indian Constitution
It is perhaps not for the first time that the idea of holding simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and the state Legislative Assemblies has caught the imagination of the Bharatiya Janata Party-led government at the centre. Even in the previous regime, when the NDA-government was in power, this idea was floated and debated and then abandoned with a declaration that next time, when these right groups are in power, they will devise some new system on this issue. It is understandable that the right wing groups, which believe in fascism and revere the dictators like Adolf Hitler and Mussolini, do not believe in inclusive democratic system and want to control everything in the democratic set up. If given a chance, these forces which believe in divisive politics will not hesitate in exercising fu...
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Breaking silence is important, but the language matters as well
By Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal
The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people, said Martin Luther King, Jr. The fragility of justice in Kathua rape and murder case is an outcome of not just silence but appropriation of the tragedy by various political formations, making it a test case of playing the dirty and dangerously communal politics on the body of the girl. The silence of the liberal voices created a vacuum that gave such political interests ample time of three months to occupy the space. After the constant brazen signs of its communal appropriation by right wing groups in February with the formation of Hindu Ekta Manch which distorted the narrative of justice for the raped and murdered minor girl and took it to the level of 'victimhood of t...
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Maintain internet neutrality
Corporate companies operating from US and elsewhere want to monopolise access to internet and earn money out of its operations and loot the poor people
The attempts within the institutions to maintain internet neutrality in India for the benefit of poor people has once again triggered another debate on this issue. The notices issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to social networking site Facebook and search engine Google owners to maintain net neutrality so far as access to internet from subscribers to telecom companies is concerned are a focus on its utility. In fact, it is surprising that Facebook and some other companies have been submitting proposals to the regulatory authorities in different parts of the world seeking to limit access to their content on selective basis. Most countries in the world are opposed to control on access to web content for the subscribers of different services maintaining that the acce...
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Cash shortage hits ATMs
The cash crunch that has affected the operation of the ATMs exposes government's carelessness in maintaining the supply chain
The NDA-government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) appear to have suddenly woken up from their deep slumber after the severe cash crunch has adversely affected the operations of the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) across the country during the past one week. This appears to be another cash crunch in the markets nearly after 18 months after the centre's decision to scrap high value currency notes of Rs 1000 and Rs 500, which accounted for more than 86 percent of currency in circulation at that time. The cash crunch has already hit the businesses in different parts of the country in an adverse manner because cash continues to be the king in sale and purchase of majority of the goods for transactions. The hue and cry in the markets has been severe in about half a dozen states in the cou...
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Aadhar data security
The NDA-government and its elements are in denial mode over leakage of Aadhar data even when alarm bells are ringing
Despite earnest confession by the NDA-government that there has been leakage of Unique Identity (UID) data collected by the centre and stored in digital format, its elements are still in denial mode over its security. In fact, the confession that there has been some breach puts a bg question mark on the claims of that entire data bank has been safe. It is only during the past one week that the Supreme Court of India has questioned whether the data leaked from the Indian computer servers could be used for influencing the General Elections in 2019. So far, there has been no satisfactory reply from the government. This question gains prominence after apprehensions have been expressed in United States of America over the use and abuse of data of Facebook users by company. In fact, as it has b...
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