Friday, July 28, 2017
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Encourage more girls in cricket
Dear Editor, Though our Indian women have lost the match but they have really won the hearts of all Indians. Girls have proved time & again they are no less in gaining success as compared to boys. The mindset in the society towards girls is now fast changing and more and more parents are fully backing their daughters to achieve their goals. Cricket is all about learning and mastering one’s skills to utilize them to overcome any conditions that come a player’s way. In order to move to the next level Women’s cricket has to be taken seriously. Don’t we think women’s cricket has to take to move to the next level is for it to be taken seriously. What’s even more disappointing is that Tests are hardly played regularly in women’s cricket. There is a lot that can be done to make women’s cricke...
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Meaningless Insurance Policy for air-passengers
Dear Editor, It is quite usual that passengers and travel-agents pay for optional insurance-premium while booking tickets for flights. Policies are issued totally irresponsibly with Legal-Heir printed as name of nominee. In case of accidents, even nominees may usually be not aware about the passenger having been covered by any insurance-cover for flights. Even if hypothetically insurance-companies or airlines may be making public-announcements about insurance-covers of passengers in case of fatal accident, it is not necessary that legal heirs may look into such public-advertisements. Also disputes may arise in case of legal heirs of the insured being more than one. Moreover it can also be possible that insured passenger may be wishing that insurance-amount in case of death might be av...
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Kargil Vijay Diwas celebrations
Dear Editor, This refers to your report “FMF celebrated with Army at Kargil” (KT- July 25). The Nation, hopefully remembers the 400 plus martyrs for laying down their lives in the service of their Nation, in the true spirit of "laying down their today for our tomorrows. It has been 18 years since the Kargil war, but the memory of the bloodshed remains fresh in the minds of the brave soldiers, who responded to the call of duty and defended the country’s borders, and their families. It is both a pride inducing moment and a prick in the hearts of the soldiers who valiantly fought for our nation. As India prepares to hold a memorial service for the martyrs, there are certain facts that we must all know about the historic day. With its significant war footage, Kargil was the first Indo-Pak Wa...
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Merger of public-sector banks
Dear Editor, Talks are going on now for last so many years about much-needed merger of public-sector banks to further reuce their number from present 21. Central government and Reserve Bank of India should now act urgently to implement the plan for smooth banking and to reduce big overheads in continuing with so many banks. Perhaps nowhere in the world, there may be public-sector banks in such a large number. Mega-merger plan will pave way for closing of nearing bank-branches, thus making work-force available without any spending on further recruitment apart from introducing seven-day-week banking which has become a necessity after demonetization. Bank-employees can be given two holidays per week by rotation to compensate for banks being opened on holidays. It may be recalled that bank...
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Distribution of commemorative coins
Dear Editor, Presently there is no provision whereby coin-collectors can get newly issued commemorative coins as per their specific choice. System is that Reserve Bank of India RBI issues coin-bags of 2000 or 2500 pieces of commemorative to currency-chests of banks in place of normally-circulated coins according to normal need and requirement of currency-chests. Central government and RBI should ensure smaller packs of 100 commemorative coins to be packed by India Government Mints, where these coin-packs can be arranged to be issued right from date of issue at counters of selected banks, public and private, across the country where coin-collectors and other desiring persons easily get these small pack of coins. These selected bank-counters should also sell coin-sets issued at time of i...
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Haphazardous revision of bus/mini-bus fares
Dear Editor, The government some time back announced raise in bus/mini bus fares by 13% which in fact were required to be lowered in view of decline in price of petrol and diesel world over, on 22nd of July 2017 the mini bus operators started charging higher rates of Rs.6 against the previous rate of Rs. 5, Rs. 9/- against Rs. 8.50, Rs. 11 and Rs. 13 as they showed the rate list issued by the transport authorities. Earlier, the transport department used to publish in newspaper, to make aware the people ever the bus/mini bus rates were revised but this time it appears that he department has abandoned this practice as such there is scope of direct confrontation between the commuters and the bus operators over raise of fares as the people are not made aware of the revised rates. Moreover...
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Merger of public-sector oil-companies
Dear Editor, It refers to central government reportedly going ahead with its plan for gradual merger of public-sector oil-companies to start with merger of ONGC and HPCL. With prices of petroleum-products now being revised on daily basis remaining the same for all oil-companies, there is no sense in giving useless argument of better working for interest of people through competition. Too many public-sector companies were kept alive after nationalisation of earlier multi-national oil-companies decades ago, just for having white-elephant posts for favourite ones in more than one oil-company. Otherwise also with private and foreign oil-companies planning to capture oil-marketing in the country in big way in near future, strong public-sector oil-companies have otherwise also become a big...
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Supply of rupees 2000 notes restricted
Dear Editor, It refers to media-reports about a dip in supply of rupees-2000 notes from Reserve Bank of India-RBI. Such a decision is welcome to prevent remerging of black money after bold step of demonetisation of old currency in denominations of rupees 500 and 1000 on 08.11.2017. It is a known perception that whole idea of issuing rupees 2000 notes was just a timely measure needed for smoothening difficult procedure of demonetisation in a vast country like India with 130 crores population. With tough phase of note-exchange being over, RBI should stop printing of rupees 2000 notes. RBI Deputy Governor B P Kanungo on 07.06.2017 revealed that 82.67 percent currency was remonetised till that date with figure having risen in later days. Such high figure of remonetisation crushed whole big ...
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NFSA - Aasmaan se girey khajoor per atkey
Dear Editor, The Central Government introduced National Food Security Act (NFSA) in the country claiming to provide security of food to everybody. Since its implementation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the food distribution system has been put in jeopardy as the people do not get ration goods as they were getting before the launch of NFSA. The ration depots very oftenly have gone out of stock The Minister In charge, however, claim that the situation has improved a lot and online system is being introduced to bring transparency. The ground situation is that the quota of ration goods has been slashed substantially and prices have been pushed higher. The higher authorities of CA & PD reportedly stated that price of levy sugar has been raised further from Rs. 13.50 to Rs. 25 per kg an...
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Farmers suicides on the rise alarmingly
Dear Editor, The Farmers who provide food and other eatables to the people of the whole country are being forced by the circumstances created by the policies by the successive governments to commit suicides which is on rise alarmingly leaving behind their families in utter distress. Around three lakh farmers have reportedly committed suicides so far. The peasants with small land holdings or no holdings at all are the worst victims of the age old system of exploitation, victimsation and high handedness of the rural money lenders. There are many factors which appears to be responsible for the situation like this. One major factor is debt taken from the money lenders, from Banks and cooperative societies for the purchase of seeds and fertilizers. Other factor may be the high cost seeds an...
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DMRC should run Metro for 24 hrs
Dear Editor Delhi Metro Rail Corporation-DMRC should run Airport Express Metro throughout the day continuously for 24 hours day-night. It is very necessary because even many domestic flights take arrive after present closing hours of Airport Express Metro. Likewise check-in time for even departing domestic flights at times is earlier than start of Airport Express Metro service. Extension of Airport Express Metro Service round the day for 24 hours will provide much needed relief to air-passengers through economical, fast and comfortable metro-journey. However frequency of Airport express Metro service can be kept reduced in night-hours to save on running-expenses. —Subhash Chandra Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba, Delhi....
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GST on sanitary-napkins
Dear Editor, It refers to petition filed at Delhi High Court challenging imposition of 12-percent GST on sanitary-napkins. While at a time, central government is spending and rightly so on doing away with defecation in public, promotion and awareness about sanitary-napkins should also be promoted by central government. At least there is no logic in imposing GST on such an item essential for body-hygiene. Petitioner in the court has pointed out that presently 88-percent of menstruating women in India do not have access to sanitary-napkins. It is noteworthy that free sanitary-napkins are provided to girl-students in schools on start of age for menstruating. It is therefore like taking money from one pocket of government to spend on providing free napkins, and then putting same money in ot...
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Pay-Commission report to be applicable for MPs
Dear Editor, It refers to semi-justified demand of SP leader Naresh Agrawal in Rajya Sabha on 19.07.2017 that pay-commission reports should be applicable for Parliamentarians too. But at the same times all their allowances other than those applicable to bureaucrats should be abolished. Presently multiple types of special allowances available to Parliamentarians make their take-home package much more than salaries of government-officers. It is noteworthy that while Parliamentarians are allowed to earn and even earn from other sources also, government-servants are not allowed to do business. Even state-legislators and other elected representatives should also be paid salaries, allowances, perks, pensions and facilities in tune with pay-commission recommendations according to some set for...
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