Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Opportunist politicians feel no sense of shame
Dear Editor, Wrong doings by self serving power crazy politicians have no face left to face the public. Instead they brazen facedly rake up non-issues to woo the gullible public and take the people for a ride. Special status and autonomy have been since mortgaged by Sheikh dynasty to union government in lieu of power by clinching accords and friendship treaties. NC stalwarts have publicly admitted and rightly so that the power in state flows from New Delhi. Thus harping on so-called autonomy by NC president and union minister only betrays his double standards and political opportunism. NC has always been a trouble maker and responsible for worsening the situation in the state. Does autonomy mean that there should be no control of constitutional institutions over the state and if so the...
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Perpetual plight of poor pensioners
Dear Editor, How aweful are the times that senior citizens all over the world and elsewhere in the vast nation get preferential treatment especially for being weak and meek but in J&K they are given treatment of 2nd class citizens by Congress -NC combine state government. They have been clamouring for long pending DA arrears claim at 6% for six months i.e. 1/2009 to 6/2009 but all their pleas and cries have fallen flat despite elapse of years. It is intriguing that the state government, especially finance department/ministry has maintained stone silence on the issue. It does hardly bode well to state government to make the poor sections of society suffer for financial mess of the state. 3rd installment of 6th pension revision arrears were due in 4/2013 which has been paid in 4/2014. Now...
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Welcome SC verdict on third sex
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome Supreme Court order giving transgenders ‘third sex’ and many other benefits. But all this is not enough. Nothing can improve till effective measures are taken to make eunuchs come out from their regular profession of dancing and begging. It is to be noted that even some men posing as eunuchs resort to force people for giving them money. Union government should arrange a census of eunuchs in the country by listing them in a separate gender as per Supreme Court order. National Eunuch Commission should be constituted. Union government should announce unrestricted admission to any educational institution (private or public) for free education to eunuchs without needing any reserved quota. Government should be duty-bound to make eunuchs join mainstream with ...
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Traffic mess and no parking slots
Dear Editor It is difficult to understand why this traffic chaos prevails despite the existence of overpasses, underpasses and well-constructed roads. Many factors are attributed to the unprecedented traffic mismanagement in Jammu. The first and the foremost factor is that of lack of competent and efficient traffic management by police. There are lesser number of traffic wardens than those required at the traffic signals. This creates traffic jams and leads to an unmanaged traffic flow. At times, the traffic wardens are busy in claiming undue fines from the vehicle owners, which do not even violate the traffic rules. This impedes the efficiency of the traffic police in effective regulation of the traffic flow. In addition, the failure of the government to design and implement a full f...
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What elections 2014 hold
Dear Editor, Parliamentary elections are already midway, with people in some parts of the country having exercised the ballot and government formation is still a good month away. Yet, it isn’t too premature to introspect what the 2014 elections have all been about. Good things first: this has been one of the best ever organized elections with voter identity cards and booths being streamlined and made more orderly for the benefit of the voters and for semblance of the much needed seriousness in the booths. The rest, on the face of it, is the usual fare. In many ways, this has been the most robust elections with hectic campaigns, mudslinging, jarring notes of politicking signaling a new low in political rhetoric and so far, an impressive voter turn-out. But is this indicative simply of th...
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Check traffic violations
Dear Editor Traffic police in Jammu has been increasingly applauded for the efforts it has been making in controlling the chaotic situation that arise on roads every now and then. No doubt many campaigns against rash driving, tinted windows on cars, drunk driving, and free left campaign have been carried out but there is still a greater need to ensure the safety of life and property in the times to come. There are many issues like the high volume of vehicles and the inadequate infrastructure that remain untouched on account of the negligence and laid back attitude of the Regional Transport Authority Jammu. The highway and road network is incapable of meeting the requirement of increasing number of vehicle. Besides, the rules of the road are general practices and procedures that road ...
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Crime incidents on rise
Dear Editor, Amidst all this hectic electioneering and heated debated about whether the next government would have Modi in the lead or Gandhi, there are some miscreants taking advantages of the time. There were robberies being reported from many areas of Jammu and adjoining areas. Recently, a robbery took place in the New Plots area of Jammu city in which an electronic shop was looted under the concerned police’s jurisdiction. The state’s police department should think and should answer about these robberies. Even after getting many complaints in recent past no action was taken. May be we find police personnel deployed on the roads at day times but we find none in the nights. Police department should form night squads in every area of Jammu city for patrolling at nights to tackle such...
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A scam much bigger than Adarsh scam
Dear Editor, It refers to recent letter to President of India by Dr Subramanian Swamy wherein he has raised important issue of land-use change of a big 23-acre plot in Diplomatic Enclave (New Delhi) from that of dairy-farm to residential one despite reported reservations from Rashtrapati Bhawan and security-agencies because of the big plot in close vicinity to Rashtrapati Bhawan. Dubious role of Union Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) in the whole affair is quite evident from the fact that instead of timely complying with CIC-verdict dated 03.12.2013 in appeal-number CIC/VS/A/2013/ 000256/05604 where Central Information Commissioner Vijai Sharma directed Union Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) to provide complete and detailed information on land-use change allowed from Dairy Farm ...
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The AAP fiasco
Dear Editor, Amidst the election heat, one expected dimension of Aam Aadmi Party being a force to reckon with has come a cropper. The zing is missing in its election campaigning and the AAP failure in Delhi is what needs to be blamed, not the media as Arvind Kejriwal alleges. Kejriwal has shown himself to be a petulant and incompetent politician. He joined hands with party he accused of corruption so that he could become the Chief Minister and then he had to be asked to leave his chief minister’s quarters or pay Rs. 85000 per month as rent and squandered his mandate in 49 days. His minister was accused of harassing African women who were living in Delhi while undergoing medical treatment. A majority of Kejriwal’s candidates will fail including himself and we will be free of him hopefull...
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Time for self-introspection
Dear Editor, One can not deny the fact that desperate politicians can go to any extent to retain power and this has come to the fore yet again in the ongoing parliamentary elections. This refers to news item captioned, “Babri Masjid demolition” which appeared in your esteemed daily (KT: April 6, 2014). Congress president and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi sought support from Shahi Imam for issuing summon to Muslim community to cast vote in favour of Congress. One wonders as what has prompted Shahi Imam him to come out politically in support of Congress to antagonize the rival political parties. Imam has no religious mandate to persuade the Muslim community to be party in the brawl between two rival political parties. He should have taken lessons from recent past to history. People can no...
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Fears about BJP misplaced
Dear Editor, After the release of the BJP manifesto, the party is accused of not spelling out its proposed foreign policy. I think any fears on this front or about a likely BJP government revising the country’s nuclear policy and pushing us to the danger zone are misplaced. The BJP has ruled all of 6 years in the last 67, why hasn’t the Congress used its time in power to make friends using its superior understanding of realpolitik? The fact is that most countries have said that the non-Congress periods are the ones where progress has been made in bilateral relations. China has made a statement that Vajpayee was the best foreign minister they have done business with so far, and even Pakistanis will acknowledge that there was more traction on Indo-Pak relations during the Vajpayee era (Ka...
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Kashmiryat-an election mantra
Dear Editor, The recent statements of leaders of a particular party that the survival of Kashmiryat depends upon the success of their party in the forth coming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections is only an election Mantra, aimed at hoodwinking the Kashmiris who have been trampled by these particular leaders under their feet. Again they talk of "secularism", "communalism", "Divisive Forces", at the time of elections. Till then they are hand in glove with the communal people and never discuss or raise the false issue of communal and divisive forces. Just before elections at the state as well as National level, they are suddenly reminded of communal and divisive forces. These are their election mantras, parroted by them in public meetings. Labelling of Gujarat Chief Minister, the prime mini...
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Filthy hospitals
Dear Editor Government hospitals show the worst picture of a lack of hygeine. People throw away wrappers, empty bottles and garbage wherever they feel like it and ignore the dustbins. Is the government to be blamed for people’s carelessness? We blame the government for everything as it is an easy thing to do. I humbly request my fellow citizens to please discard litter in dustbins as they do at their houses. --Sana Mushtaq ...
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Bloodshed of 1947
Dear Editor, This is in response to article ‘Jammu massacre 1947’ by Tariq Masud (KT, March 23), in which the author gives the painful and horrifying account of what Muslims in Jammu went through during those days when the sub-continent was partitioned. My story is no different. I was born in 1940 at Mughlanwali tehsil in Bhimber district of Mirpur. When I read Tariq Masud’s narrative, at once the same picture of what I and my family went through in 1947 flashed across my eyes. We can only curse our respective fates for that turbulent period. My two sisters are still in Pakistan. Our maternal grandfather had a land at Sulha, Tehsil Kharian District, Gujarat. Before 1947, some miscreants used to sell ‘hing’ in disguise as Afghan traders. But they were some trained persons to see and chec...
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Flyover at Chhar Adda
Dear Editor, Chhar Adda is across the Iqbal park Airport road Srinagar-previously it was a busy B-class bus stand and a Tanga Adda. At present it is busy spot across Iqbal park. There are many hotels, medical clinics where doctors carry on business and consequently thousands of patient’s daily visit the area and have to cross the Airport road on one reason or the other. The Lal Ded Hospital is at stone’s throw from the Chhar Adda. Besides this, there is a Girls Degree College and private college near Chhar Adda and consequently hundreds of students have to cross the Airport road many times a day, while erosing the road, the vehicles have to slow down the speed which causes more consumption of fuel and additionally precious time of all walks of life is wasted which is a national loss too...
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Importance of voting in democracy
Dear Editor, Whenever any election is announced in the country, a very common word “vote” echoes in every lane, street and on road in every nook and corner. The political parties across the country use every resource to utilise various traditional as well as new and modern ways and means to reach the voters to mobilise their opinion with a clear motive to make them understand that they genuinely deserve their “vote” more than other political parties. It is this “vote” which makes a government or brings down a government. In other words, it would not be wrong to say that vote is a very strong and effective tool in the hand of a common adult citizen. If it is true that “pen is mightier than sword” then it would also be not wrong to say that “vote is might of a common citizen”. Both democ...
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Vajpayee on Congress website!
Dear Editor, First Narender Modi publicised ‘Aam Admi Party’ (AAP)’s website by mention of an Indian map without Kashmir on that website. Now BJP is publicising Congress website by mention of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s photo on that website! However, in a desperate attempt of placing photo of BJP’s former Prime Minister on its website, Congress has virtually conceded its defeat much before announcement of poll-results. —Madhu Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba Delhi....
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PM, PMO should clarify on Sanjay Baru’s book
Dear Editor, It refers to Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) issuing clarification on the book ‘Accidental Prime Minister’ written by Sanjaya Baru, the former media-advisor to Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. But the contents of the book indicate that PMO is run by a second ‘Power Centre’ other than the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. Therefore, any clarification on part of PMO cannot be treated as sufficient and satisfactory. Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh should himself take an initiative to present himself before the media on such an important controversial issue. —Subhash Chandra Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba, Chandni Chowk Delhi....
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Action against Azam Khan
Dear Editor, It was indeed a crime of serious-most nature on part of UP Minister Azam Khan when he crossed all limits in his shameful bid to devide even army on religious lines. Complaint has been lodged with Election Commission. It is shocking that such dangerous remarks came from a person whose party-head held post of Union Defence Minister. Election Commission and other concerned ones should take strict-most and examplery action against Azam Khan rather than adopting usual fashion of giving a warning. Earlier track-record of Election Commission reveals that it just winds up the matter by giving a warning to poll-culprits like it did in matter of Sharad Pawar who advised voters to vote twice after rubbing the ink put on first voting. Damage was done because blind supporters and illeta...
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Increase in polling percentage
Dear Editor, Voting being our democratic right has been explored to a greater extent this year. The change in the thought process is already being seen when even the younger section of the society motions out of their comfort zone, which earlier was given preference over practicing the voting right, to choose the appropriate person they would want to be represented by. This change is giving hope for the better change in the times to come. Around 68 percent electorate cast their vote in today’s polling for Jammu Poonch parliamentary constituency. There was an increase of 18.29 percent over the polling percentage of last parliamentary election. A country can sure be trusted to function better where government is held in higher esteem and people participate in and trust democracy. Moreove...
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Computerisation in medical profession
Dear Editor, It should be made mandatory for new-age medical practitioners to issue prescriptions direct from the computer after storing patients’ medical history in their computers. Many medical practitioners especially in lower-income localities give their own-prepared medicinal syrups and powder-capsules without letting patients know about the medicines being administered to them. In emergency-era of 1975-1977, such unhealthy practice was effectively checked by making all medical practitioners to compulsorily maintain record of each patient visiting them and also binding every medical practitioner to compulsorily give a copy of prescription of administered or prescribed medicines even though given by the medical practitioner himself/herself. Such medical discipline should be restored ...
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