Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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Monkey Menace
Dear Editor, Monkey Menace in old Jammu City: These days where people are discussing hot topic like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, that how one can make his/her city neat and clean and can live in a healthy environment. But still there are certain topics under which there are no such schemes for the betterment of society like Monkey Menace. The food items in the street and the municipality bins which are left opened are like the treats and gifts, which encourages the monkeys to hang out in public areas and enter private residences due to which the fearless monkeys started stealing eatable items from the premises of locals, eat and drink the left items in bin. As they become so habitual to human eatables, they used to drink Alcohol like stuff and after that they are more violent which in turn ...
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Stalemate over government formation continues
Dear Editor, The cornerstone of any country, the control room containing the levers that manipulate the economy and society is the government. The delay process for the formation of government in J&K is making people sick; they don't know where to look for answers regarding their complaints. "Agenda of Alliance" came up last year for governing the state but there is nothing on the name of good governance, handling the levers is what governance is. Making Alliance and Running Alliance are two different things. On the name of Making Alliance we the people of J&K have seen what the government did for the welfare of people i.e. regarding overall economic development or if it is related to Article 370 or AFSPA or related to flood victims- all issues are still pending. Where as Running Alli...
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Did someone send such amount to MF Husain or Mahatma Gandhi?
Dear Editor, It refers to some business-man ‘having tried hard’ to collect rupees 364 for sending a demand-draft to Delhi Chief Minister for buying shoes for formal government-functions. It is doubted if formal shoes can be bought for an amount like rupees 364. Sincere intentions should not be shared with media as a publicity-stunt. There have been many rich celebrities who have even been prevented from entering in certain Indian clubs because of their not being properly attired or even being barefooted like internationally renowned painter MF Husain. Even global icon Mahatma Gandhi stopped being in ‘proper’ attire after his return from South Africa. Idea is not to compare any of such celebrities or super VVIP with Arvind Kejriwal. There are many who desire their wife and children best...
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Dwindling agriculture sector a major cause of concern
Dear Editor, The governments, world over, are reportedly keeping an eye on the agricultural sector’s green house gas emission. There is discussions to arrive at a certain conclusion to control pullution, to grow more and batter by adopting viable system for climate smart agriculture. Yara International, Vorwagian company and a leader in synthetic fertilizers that exported 26 tons of fertilizer in 150 countries is of the view that increased use of chemical fertilizer will increase productivity and thus allow less area to be under cultivation and avoid those emissions linked to the expansion of cultivation to now-forest areas saying that agricultural systems of production from conventional agriculture to organic agriculture, from battery farming to pasturing, from industrial monoculture ...
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Why women-reservation only in Panchayats
Dear Editor, It refers to Union Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Birender Singh talking about pushing constitutional amendment bill for raising women-reservation in Panchayats from 33-percent to 50-percent as originally initiated by earlier UPA government meaning thereby that both NDA and UPA talk in same tune on the aspect. Such unanimity calls for passing long-pending Women Reservation Bill also in forthcoming budget-session of Lok Sabha which till now has been deferred in name of never-to-be achieved political consensus. Big question is if all bills are passed by the Parliament by consensus only? If not, then there is no logic in denying country’s 50-percent population in form of women their legitimate right for an effective participation in legislature especially whe...
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Opening of treasuries in Gandoh and other new administrative units
Dear Editor, The state government have created new administrative units in the state with great fanfare long back with the objective to take the administration at the doorsteps of the people living there. This step appears to have taken without meeting the pre-requisits as such these units lacks in many ways to meet the objectivity and purpose for which these new administrative units were created. The people living in those areas therefore continue to suffer same kinds of hardships like in they were facing in past. There is a District Treasury in Doda town and another in Bhaderwah and the offices located in far flung areas like Gandoh, Premnagar, Bhalese etc have to travel a long distance to Doda to get the bills drawn as Treasuries are yet not setup there to facility to the offices to...
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Encouraging car-sales through Auto-Expo in National Capital
Dear Editor, It refers to Auto-Expo 2016 started on 03.02.2016 in Greater Noida (National Capital Region) evidently to boost car-sale in capital-city of India. Delhi is already ceased with big problem of ever-increasing cars on city-roads. Instead concrete long-term steps are necessary to limit sale of cars in Delhi. Central and state governments must not allow such Auto-Expos, and should instead take all possible steps to discourage production and sale of cars especially big and costly cars. Loans on cars with ex-showroom price above say rupees five lakhs should be strictly banned because costly big cars occupy much extra space on roads. Big and costly cars should bear at least 50-percent excise-duty. In case central government fails in its duty, then state-governments like in National...
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Woes of J&K State pensioners
Dear Editor, I am a regular reader of your esteemed daily “Kashmir Times”. I have gone through your editorial, “woes of J&K pensioners”. It is very strange that the government of Jammu and Kashmir has failed to deliver six per cent D.A, due from July 2015 so far to the pensioners and employees for the reasons best known to the concerned authorities. The J&K govt, has also not increased the Medical Allowance from paltry sum of Rs. 300 only per month to atleast Rs.1000 as the medicare expenses are rising enormously beyond the reach of a common man what to talk of state employees and pensioners. Besides this, there are certain other genuine problems of the pensioners which should be addressed and redressed expeditiously. I would request Hon’ble Governor of J&K state through the columns of...
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Welcome re-trial of hanging of Shaheed Bhagatsingh
Dear Editor, It refers to a division-bench of Lahore High Court referring matter to Chief Justice for constituting a larger five-member bench for hearing of a petition to prove innocence of hanged Shaheed Bhagatsingh, because hanging was done on order of a three-member bench. Pakistan’s freedom-loving friends having taken up the matter with Lahore high Court earlier tried to name Shadman Chowk of Lahore after Shaheed Bhagatsingh who was hanged to death at this place by British rulers on 23rd March 1931. Much has been said on social media about some of India’s most prominent lawyer-personalities of that time not agreeing to contest court-cases of Shaheed Bhagatsingh and other great martyrs considering them as criminals rather than freedom-fighters. If it is true, then present Indian gover...
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Give ‘Samayaki’ important time-place after Hindi news bulletin
Dear Editor, All India Radio (AIR) should revise time-scheduled of its news bulletins to be audience-friendly. Main evening Hindi news-bulletin should be at 8 pm instead of present 8.45 pm to give ‘Samayaki’ an important time-place at 8.15 pm just after the main news-bulletin in a manner ‘Spotlight’ is placed after main English news-bulletin of 9 pm. Other programmes presented by AIR News Services Division like ‘Today in Parliament’/ ‘Sansad Sameeksha’, ‘Radio Newsreel’/ ‘Samachar Darshan’ etc can be between 8.30 pm and 9 pm. This time-slot can be utilized to revive weekly ‘News-Sameeksha’ on Sundays to get feedback from listeners. It is not that timings of AIR news-bulletins are never changed. Several decades ago, main Hindi news-bulletin was shifted at 8.45 pm from earlier 8.15 pm. AIR...
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Where are brand-ambassadors of PM’s ‘Clean India’ movement?
Dear Editor, Many celebrities and rich elite were honoured with an additional feather in their caps through their being nominated as ‘brand-ambassadors’ both at national and state levels for Prime Minister’s ambitious ‘Clean India’ movement . Every such privileged celebrity was easily available for photo-opportunity by cleaning roads after first splitting some dirt on otherwise already clean roads. But it was shocking that none of such honoured ‘brand-ambassador’ for ‘Clean India’ movement came forward to actually clean roads and streets of capital city of India when ‘Clean India’ programme was most needed practically during strike by municipal workers in Delhi. If these celebrity ‘brand-ambassadors’ would have volunteered to clean roads and streets of Delhi during such critical period,...
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Unauthorised occupants still in govt. bungalows in New Delhi
Dear Editor, It refers to high drama in New Motibagh (New Delhi) on eviction-proceedings initiated and then stalled after court’s stay on type-VIII government-bungalow presently under occupation of Adhir Ranjan Choudhary in New Delhi’s most sought newly-built locality for senior persons in central government. It is indeed regretting that government-accommodations in New Delhi are not vacated by certain persons still after more than 20 months of their losing entitlement subsequent to Lok Sabha elections in May 2014. Fault also remains with Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha secretariats which have failed to provide alternate accommodations to KH Muniyappa and Rajiv Shukla, while alternate accommodation to Vyalar Ravi is not yet vacant. Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh also appears i...
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Justification for lowering fare and freight charges
Dear Editor, The prices of petrol and diesel are constantly going down due to free fall in crude oil prices at international level, whenever the prices of petrol and diesel had gone high the transporters agitated and prevail upon the state government to raise fare and freight charges and the people were made bear with enhanced fare and freight charges by hook or by crook. Moreover, the prices of petrol and diesel are not being reduced as per the reduction in crude oil prices internationally which means that the central government is reducing the subsidy on petroleum products whileas the oil producing companies have not only made good their past losses but are making hefty gains on this account, it is reported that in the neighbouring countries like, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar...
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Computerisation in medical profession
Dear Editor, It should be made mandatory for new-age medical practitioners to issue prescriptions direct from the computer after storing patients’ medical history in their computers. Many medical practitioners especially in lower-income localities give their own-prepared medicinal syrups and powder-capsules without letting patients know about the medicines being administered to them. In emergency-era of 1975-1977, such unhealthy practice was effectively checked by making all medical practitioners to compulsorily maintain record of each patient visiting them and also binding every medical practitioner to compulsorily give a copy of prescription of administered or prescribed medicines even though given by the medical practitioner himself/herself. Such medical discipline should be restored ...
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Is VISA necessary for British queen visiting India
Dear Editor, It refers to reports about Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in response to an RTI response subsequent to a CIC-directive quoting from website of British government that British queen does not require a British passport because British passports are issued in her name! But MEA has reportedly ignored query about requirement of India VISA by the British queen while travelling to India. RTI response has also made it clear that Both President and Prime Minister of India do require VISA to go to England. It is significant that even Indian passports to its citizens are issued in name of President of India. Necessity of CIC-intervention for getting RTI response makes it clear that MEA felt discomfort in responding to crucial RTI queries. It makes it further clear that even ...
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