Sunday, May 24, 2015
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Menace of ragging
Dear Editor, The recent death of a girl student in a suicide pact of four at the Water Sports Centre in Alapuzha has once again resurrected memories of ragging menace that refuses to die despite anti-ragging laws and regulations, guidelines, help lines and moral and police watch. It also raises a big question on senior-junior relationship in institutions of learning. While the State Sports Minister has directed his Secretary to probe the incident, the Home Minister has ordered a police investigation. Besides, the State Human Rights Commission is also seized of the matter. As in cases of suicide, the circumstances leading to the extreme step, people responsible for athletes’ desperation, conditions of life in sports hostels, and the role of tutors and management needs to be investigated....
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Parliament nod should be compulsory to give any foreign-aid
Dear Editor, It refers to Shiv Sena, an ally in NDA government at the centre rightly criticising announcement of a hefty one-billion dollar aid announced by Prime Minister Narender Modi to Mongolia during his recent visit to that country. Country is presently facing a big financial crunch like all other countries with Indian states crying for centre’s aid for various purposes. Otherwise also, India itself gets aid for its various projects from international sources. It is not at all justified that on one side India depends on international funding for many of its projects, but on the other side it becomes over-generous in granting such heavy monetary aids to other countries. Rules should be changed so that any aid to any foreign country by Indian government may have compulsory nod from t...
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Involvement of cops in drug trafficking, a grave issue
Dear Editor Since two months, there are several cases regarding involvement of Jammu and Kashmir police cops in drug trafficking which is serious issue for state administration to handle them who are always keen to protect the people and helping in maintaining law and order situation in the state. The police since its establishment in the state had organized uncountable shows and awareness programmes with the collaboration of civil society to curb the menace of drug addiction/trafficking including rooting out of criminal activities from the state is appreciable job. But the involvement of cops in such activities is a serious task for police department to identify their association with criminal mafia is also a dangerous threat for state administration including the integrity and sovern...
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Communal violence is on rise
Dear Editor, Communal violence of any kind is dangerous to peace and tranquility. An American Congress panel USCIRF has released a report for the year 2015 has categorised India as No. 2 in communal violence in the world revealing that after 1914 general elections and the campaign of “Ghar Vapasi” launched by the communal forces, communal violence in J&K has increased and attacks on minorities are on the rise. It has reported further that NDA’s major constituent and other allied forces belonging to majority community are spearheading the communal violence as such the minority communities are feeling threatened and are scared. The USCIRF a part of American federal government some of the elected persons in power are making communal remarks to spread vemon against minority communities witho...
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Complaints against whistle-blower daughter of Delhi CM
Dear Editor, It refers to complaints filed with Anti-Corruption-Branch (ACB) of Delhi government by certain persons against daughter of Delhi Chief Minister for her alleged offer of a ‘bribe’ at Regional Transport Office. One of the persons filing complaint has even reportedly threatened to approach Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in case ACB does not act on the complaint. Big question is whether one should go by rule-book or common sense! Everyone knows that the young girl was just trying effectiveness of anti-corruption-drive launched by his father who also happens to be Chief Minister of Delhi. Media-reports make it clear that she was in possession of the document for which she offered a test-bribe. Hence circumstantial evidence can never establish the incident as a bribe even...
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Domestic politics at foreign level
Dear Editor, It refers to Prime Minister Narender Modi’s address to Indian community in China where he indirectly attacked his political opponents in India. Earlier also, he made similar references during his Canada visit. Even though Prime Minister may be correct in his revelations, yet it remains a bitter fact that such references against political opponents at international forums and foreign visits adversely affect image of both the Prime Minister and the nation. India had till now unique political consensus of exhibiting political unity at international forums even to the extent that the then Prime Minister PV Narsimharao (Congress) considering Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s (BJP) oratory skill and image trusted him for being delegation-head at a very important international summit to tack...
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Shun boycott, Band calls modus operandi
Dear Editor The boycott, protest and bandh calls given by regional and national political parties including Jammu High Court Bar Association (JHCBA), CCI and civil society in Jammu region over the demand of AIIMS and other issues is not permanent solution as such issues should be taken up serious by the central and state governments for redressal keeping in view of hardships of the people who faces problems during these so called calls and bands. It is pertinent to consign here that the defeated political parties and their supporters forget and ignore these issues and demands when they are in power and they only take up these issues when they are in opposition mode just to befool the innocent people of the state for their vested interest only and provoke the masses for struggle against ...
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Systemising the transport system
Dear Editor Kashmir Times editorial on 4th May titled “Alternate Transport System Rapid urbanization and increased personalized vehicle ownership can be tackled through alternate and efficient public transport services” is revealing and thought provoking. It indicated that the findings of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) that transport sector running on fossile fuels is a major cause of pollution in their air because of heavy dependence on road transport network for commuting and freight are worth consideration. It is argued that rapid urbanization is putting lot of pressure on water resources as densly populated areas need numerous facilities at the cost of ecology and environment. Transport sector has been described as major contributor of polluting air which in turn affec...
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Need for road safety policy
Dear Editor, Recent tragic road accident in Udhampur district claiming 24 precious lives came as a shock to all. Pall of gloom descended on many families which lost their near and dear ones in this tragic road accident. The road accidents are occurring in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir quite frequently which is very unfortunate and a matter of grave concern. The untimely death of large number of people due to road accidents is certainly a matter of serious concern and the authorities should take serious cognizance of such incidents, deliberate on all aspects concerning safety and security of the passengers by chalking out safety plans for implementation. But it appears as if these accidents are not a matter of concern for those at the helm of affairs. While the killer roads ar...
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Check Benami demand-drafts
Dear Editor, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Union Finance Ministry should look into serious issue of black-money transactions through benami demand-drafts/pay-orders where such instruments continue exchange of hands like currency. Even there exist certain firms which act like a sort of ‘banker’ where demand-drafts/pay-orders made in their names are easily accepted in markets, and these firms give cash after deducting their commission to holder of such demand-drafts on a date nearing validity-period. Now with numerous households connected with banks under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna, stress should be on banking-transactions replacing cash-dealings. Validity of demand-drafts should be further reduced to 45 days with compulsion of printing name and account-number/address of purchasers o...
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Losing faith in judiciary
Dear Editor, After several years of trial Salman Khan hit and run case, the Bollywood actor was held guilty by the court and jail term awarded. But, he got bail in a few hours from another judge. After several years of trial in a corruption case, Jayalalitha was found guilty and awarded jail term and hefty fine. But, after a few months, a higher court judge called her innocent and acquitted everyone involved totally. Now, one wonders which judge is right and which judge is wrong. While rich politicians and cinema actors seem to have the last laugh, there are thousands of lesser mortals in India who stay in jail for lesser crime for several years without being heard. Are they not as much Indians as the cinema actor driving his car on a pavement dweller and rich politician indulging in...
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System of bails by courts
Dear Editor, There are many cases pending judgement in a number of courts in India, the two recently came up for public attention is that of Jayalalitha and Salman Khan. Everyone knows that Jayalalitha's case is one related to politics and it is natural. She has been an actress for a long time and she is alleged to amassed wealth only by political means. Judgement by a lower court need not necessarily decide the final outcome. Law provides more options till Supreme Court. If it is a fit case for fighting, government should initiate action to file a suit in Supreme Court. None prevented and no one should close this option. Counting dresses, chappals and other house hold articles for estimating the assets of Jayalalitha looks odd. In the case of Salman Khan, it can be appreciated ...
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Old age and death
Dear Editor, Of the many terrible things that happen to you when you approach 60, the recognition of mortality is the worst. You can't avoid it. People you know - even friends and family members - are seriously sick or dying. I see death as a hateful thief. I know he will steal life from me eventually, but I don't want him to come any time soon. There is too much I want to do. Too many goals I have yet to reach. And too many relationships I want to enjoy. You probably feel the same way. There is a book called The Denial of Death. It makes the case (a convincing one) that, in order to go forward with our lives, we must keep death out of mind because of the fear of nonexistence. If you have ever contemplated the end of your being, you will find this argument compelling. We must believe in...
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Make body donation popular
Dear Editor, Gurgaon Police once rightly tie-up with a private hospital for retrieving corneas from unclaimed dead bodies. Rather system should be to fully utilise unclaimed and unidentified dead bodies instead of their cremation or burial, either by use of usable body-parts or by sending these to medical colleges for medical research and education. Many eminent personalities like Captain Laxmi Sahgal, Anil Biswas, Vishnu Prabhakar and Jyoti Basu opted their dead bodies be given to medical colleges. Such ideal of body-donation after death can and should be popularised and adopted in practice by giving state-honours only to those departed leaders who may have donated their dead bodies for medical education. Commoners usually follow the trend set by political leaders. Once the phenomeno...
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Farmers’ poor plight
Dear Editor, In reference to the ongoing debate on land acquisition bill and the plight of farmers, agriculture and animal related activity is insufficient to support the rural population of India and in order to stop migration of rural poor to urban slums jobs have to be created in what is presently rural area through industrialization and infrastructure development in rural and rurban areas. For this to happen planned industrial and population centres need to be created and land needs to be made available for this purpose at suitable locations. Land owners agreement to the extent of 80% is neither practicable nor efficient. Having said that , it is essential that land acquired by governments must not be doled out to industry or colonizers in an unfair and arbitrary manner . —Mu...
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Enhance cross LoC people-to -people contact
Dear Editor, The recent statement of the Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed to take further peace-building measures to bring people living across the Line of Control (LoC) closer to each other is laudable. Undoubtedly, the interactions always remove prejudices and misplaced notions about unseen places and people. When the Chief Minister reiterates that frequent and enhanced cross LoC people-to-people would help J&K emerging as a show window by providing opportunity to the people from across the border to see for themselves the development on this side in the state to the benefit of India, he is absolutely correct. How frequent interactions can remove many misgivings among the people of two sides about each other has become quite evident in the past few years, in fact since the ince...
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