Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Allow khoya under organsied sector only
Dear Editor, Aith tremendous multi-times increase in demand of Khoya especially in festive-seasons, sale of harmful synthetic Khoya is at large in Delhi and other parts of the country. Notable aspect is that normal milk-supply cannot even partially meet actual demand for production of khoya especially in festive season around Deepawali thus proving that most of sweets are made from harmful synthetic khoya! Already Mother Dairy has started marketing khoya, but its fat-content should be reduced to make it more hygienic, practical to use and economical as well. Reducing fat-content from khoya by Mother Dairy will achieve items like ghee and butter as valuable by-products. Union and state governments should allow sale of khoya only in organised sector. Giants like including ‘Amul’, ‘Saras’ ...
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Alarming rise in NPAs of Banks: Who is responsible?
Dear Editor, The Union Finance Minister has said bad loans, have reached the peak and expressed confidence that situation will get better with improvement in six sectors like steel, highways, power & sugar. Gross NPAS of public sector banks reportedly went upto 7.30 per cent as of December 2015 from 5.43 per cent as of March 2015 and in absolute terms NPAS rose to Rs. 3,61,731 lakh crores from Rs. 2,67,065 lakh crores during this short period. This issue is hotly discussed in the news media for quite a long time an the economists are worried over its enormity. The banks have adequate safe guards against the defaulters of bank loans as is evident from the process and procedure is adopted in case of petty loanees who prefer to pay loan instalments with regularity fearing drastic conseque...
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Medical reimbursement
Dear Editor, There was a case when rupees two lakhs had to be returned by a member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Delhi because he wrongly claimed towards medical treatment of his mother which was not entitled because of being not dependent on the concerned MLA. It may be recalled that an earlier MLA of Delhi in three years had burdened exchequer by 13193055. Since Supreme Court dismissed CIC-verdict allowing annual medical-reimbursement of individual judges (without any details or medical bills to preserve privacy), it should be legislated to put all medical-reimbursements at public-cost of individual entitled ones and their family-members on websites to have a check on misuse. Earlier resistance was there even in disclosing travel-details also as ‘personal’ details. But ultimately ...
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Assam elections
Dear Editor, The results of state elections in Assam, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal prove that people are tired of manipulative politics and are eager for change and development. The results also give thumbs down to policies that hit out at the weak and take advantage of the poor. The Congress has been kicked out of power because of its weak and dynastic leadership. To break the monopoly and dynasty rules and to give opportunity to new faces to come up some Rules must be laid down in national interest to restrict candidature for more than two terms for all important elected and public posts as there is dearth of talented people in India. —Mahesh Kumar, B-49, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi--110 049...
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Mobile Chargers
Dear Editor, There are too many companies marketing and manufacturing mobile-phones now-a-days. But all the companies have different specifications, shapes and sizes of sockets and plugs of mobile-chargers. There should be standard shapes, sizes and specifications for mobile-chargers universally like exists system for electric sockets and plugs so that any mobile-charger may fit to any mobile-phone. Indian government can take initiative for having some global specification for mobile-chargers. All manufacturers of mobile-phones should be co-ordinated to have a common and uniform system of mobile-chargers in a manner that users may be able to use same charger for any handset of any make and model. It will be convenient for car-manufacturers to fix mobile-charger as original equipment i...
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Rishi Kapoor reacts on naming institutions
Dear Editor, Film-personality Rishi Kapoor has rightly initiated the debate by tweeting about excessive naming of institutions/awards/schemes etc of governments after members of Nehru-Gandhi family. Earlier Nehru-Gandhi loyalist Congress party raised hue and cry on corrective decision of Central government to remove monopoly of Nehru-Gandhi family from most commonly used five-rupee denominations of postage-stamps of definitive series. Though Indira Gandhi will be remembered by the nation for a historic and unprecedented win in 1971 Indo-Pak war, but it is beyond understanding how and why Rajiv Gandhi dominates even amongst Nehru-Gandhi family in naming of schemes, awards, institutions etc at the centre and in states ruled by Congress. Rather Rajiv Gandhi has been the most inexperienc...
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Cheating banks
Dear Editor, As per reports, “24 ghost firms dupe bank of several crores”. Quite often banks are cheated by fake loan applications, giving fake/ false addresses. Naturally serious irregularities are then found but then such fraudulent people are vanished by eating loan money. Cases are then filed naturally. To avoid or minimise such huge amount of fraudulent practices, one way is to get regularly audit checks - some measures can be taken like proper and timely monitoring of all loans without any exception; having pre-audit sanction from specialized agencies or professionals having such expertise knowledge and various kinds of regular audits like Stock / Current Assets Audit and specialised audit for proper utilization of funds-for this purpose to check that there is no diversi...
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Improving legal justice system
Dear Editor, Judiciary is one of the four pillars in a democracy. It serves the purpose of providing relief to the oppressed, who can knock at the door of the judiciary when they feel that their rights are being violated. However, there are many a slip between the cup and the lip. Quite often, the hired Advocates, despite charging huge fees, do not appear on the hearing dates because of one reasons or the other and the client loses his case as there is no one to represent him or her at the last moment. Once the Advocate is hired he/she should appear on the hearing date which is not mandatory as per law but is the ethical course to take. Sometimes the hired advocates and the opponent advocates enter into a mutual understanding without the knowledge of clients and the case can easily go a...
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Chapters on RTI removed from text-books in Rajasthan?
Dear Editor, It refers to news-item on removal of chapters on RTI from text-books of schools in Rajasthan. It is definitely a step in reverse direction. Rather Department of Personnel & Training should co-ordinate with Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MoHRD) to ensure incorporating chapters on RTI in school text-books of all the states to develop school-children at school-age to become informed citizenry for not only availing their rights through RTI Act but also performing their duty to use the transparency-Act in larger national and public good. Incorporating chapters of RTI in school text-books will also prepare next generation to use RTI Act with responsibility at a time when the Act is being misused by many in filing RTI petitions of useless, frivolous and vexatious na...
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Poor performance in govt schools
Dear Editor, The state government is keen to improve enrolment in government schools and improve the standard of education as well. But on ground the situation is quite opposite. In the recent results of 10th class examination announced by the J&K State Board of School Education few students of government schools have been able to secure positions as compared to those from private institutions. An astonishing case came to light from news reports that out of 37 students who appeared in 10th class examination only two passed. The people became furious over this poor showing in Govt High School Nichla in Ghaghwal tehsil. They assembled in the school complex and sarcastically offered sweets and bouquets to the principal and other staff members, protesting poor results. The teaching staff ...
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Encourage polymer-packs
Dear Editor, Many manufacturers of consumer-products like toiletries, cosmetic, syrups and medicines etc still use breakable glass containers and inconvenient tin-tubes for packing. Glass containers cause loss of commodity on being accidently broken and much of the product packed in tin-tubes is left unused at the end while product can be easily squeezed completely from tubes made of squeezable polymer compound. Also glass and tin containers often cause cuts in body-parts. Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs should ensure compulsory replacement of glass and tin containers by packs made of suitable polymer compound. Exemption may be granted in case a product is liable to be reacted if packed in polymer packing. —Subhash Chandra Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba, Chandni Chowk, Delhi....
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Impose MRP-based excise-duty
Dear Editor, Presently manufacturers deliberately leave a big gap between printed Maximum Retail Price (MRP) or list-price and actual ex-factory price of commodities mainly to be used as bribe for purchase-officers in offices including those in government and public-sector. Many a times, actual ex-factory price is just one fourth of printed Maximum Retail Price (MRP) or list price. Examples are generic medicines meant for making available drugs at prices much cheaper to branded medicines, which are available in wholesale market at just one-fourth of printed MRP. To overcome such bribes for purchase-officers and extra heavy margin to retailers especially in remote areas, Union government should impose excise-duty on basis of printed Maximum Retail Price (MRP) or list price rather than ex-...
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‘Right-To-Reject’ best option for ensuring best candidates
Dear Editor, Return of Congress bagging five (4+1) out of the thirteen seats of three Municipal Corporations in Delhi with till-now dominating BJP becoming the worst loser with just three seats won in the by-polls for civic bodies proves beyond doubt about anti-incumbency factor (including corruption) being the biggest factor in any elections. Another drawback is that people at times have to elect best out of worst candidates put before them by different political parties. It is time that massive and consolidated poll-reforms now pending for decades despite so many committees formed and repeated recommendations from Election Commission may be soon legislated which should also incorporate ‘Right-To-Reject’ with riders. Every candidate losing to ‘NOTA’ (None-of-the-above) may be debarred ...
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Dariba Delhi.
Dear Editor, It refers to RTI-response from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) confirming that production of plastic-currency has not yet started while the then Union Minister of State for Finance Namo Narain Meena in a written reply in Rajya Sabha on 12.03.2013 had stated that Union Government and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decided to issue polymer/plastic currency-notes of rupee-ten denomination on trial basis in five select cities namely Kochi, Mysore, Jaipur, Bhuvneshwar and Shimla with varied geographic locations and climatic conditions. Bureaucrats at Union finance ministry however soon implemented their retrogressive decision of issuing never-seen one-rupee notes on 06.03.2015 in less than one year of file-movement initiated on 22.04.2014 despite stiff resistance of RBI, perhaps becaus...
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Decision on using A-4 paper-size in courts
Dear Editor, It refers to response from Department of Justice following a submission forwarded there through Lok Sabha Committee on Petitions that a meeting of Chairpersons of Computer Committees of High Courts chaired by Supreme Court judge Mr Justice Madan B Lokur held on 2/3.08.2014 to consider replacement of legal-size paper in courts by A-4 size paper for bringing uniformity has not yet finally decided on long-pending issue of larger consumer interest. Chairpersons of Computer Committees of High Courts should at least now finally decide on the aspect considered by them long back on 2/3.08.2014 in larger public interest. However colour-code of paper to be used in courts can be different like green is used in Madras High Court. Presently A-4 size paper (29.5 cms x 21 cms) is most com...
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