Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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As Taj Mahal stands for beauty, PM Modi stands for duty
Dear Editor, The manner in which the BJP has established its presence demonstrates how much popular faith it has won in the past 3 years of its tenure at the centre. An ordinary tea boy, once selling tea on platforms has become the dynamic & successful PM of this country. It shows there is no short cut to achieve success,” diamond shines more when it is rubbed". Modi is the first PM who has popularity all over world for his excellent and dynamic presentation making India very stable despite too much opposition. No politician in the past 30 years has occupied the public's mind space as Modi has. BJP’s resounding victory in successive elections is a clear indicator of his popularity among the masses. He has attained international fame for his achievements with various social schemes in I...
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Postal cash-receipts for users of postal-services
Dear Editor, Presently system at Department of Posts is to issue computer-printed cash-receipts where the portion used by Department of Posts has sticker while the portion given to consumer is without sticker. Department of posts for convenience of users of postal-services should have sticker also in the portion given to the consumers so that they may not require gum at their end to affix it on their despatch-registers or documents etc. It will be benefit to public-exchequer also presently appreciable man-hours and gum are utilised by various public-authorities to paste postal cash-receipts on their despatch-registers. Department of Posts will not be burdened extra because even presently one of the dual-portion of same cash-receipt still has sticker on back for the portion kept by Depar...
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Delhi Airport is most inaccessible
Dear Editor, It refers to report prepared by School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi endorsing Delhi Airport being the most inaccessible airport in the country. This is despite the fact that Delhi has facility of a comfortable metro-ride in Airport Metro Express at very economical rates. Central and state governments should take long and short term measures to decongest city-traffic to reduce travel-time connecting Delhi Airport with various parts of the capital city of India. It may be recalled that Prime Minister once himself made a token metro-ride by riding Airport Express metro perhaps in a bid to guide others in government for taking advantage of metro for reaching to the airport. It should be made compulsory for all in central and state governments including public-sector-...
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Conservative use of water
Dear Editor, Water is one of the life saving essential like air and food. It is being misutilized ignoring the hard fact that it is depleting very rapidly and a day will come when it will become extinct. The experts foresee that the next world war may be for water. The people do not use water conservatively in order to save it for future generations. The overhead tanks are very oftenly seen overflowing in the lanes and the passers by face difficulty in passing through there. Moreover the water pipes layed by the PHE department since long have become rusted and are leaking profusely at many places and in Nitco lane too same thing is happening daily due to which large quantity of precious drinking water is wasted. Large advertisements are seen in the newspapers from govt agencies impress...
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Amend constitution for providing nomination to Parsis in LS
Dear Editor, Articles 331 and 333 of Indian constitution provide two nominations in Lok Sabha for Anglo-Indian community which was about 8 lakh strong at time of independence of India. But now with majority of Anglo-Indian community having migrated to other commonwealth-nations, their number has gone down to just one lakh which is much-much less than normal population in each of the Lok Sabha constituency. Parsi community known to have world’s admittedly most intelligent persons in every field of life, is the only and fast decreasing population with just 57264 in numbers rather deserves more to have nomination in Lok Sabha. According to a reply in Lok Sabha on 06.12.2016, Parsi population in India has now reduced to just 57264 which is just half of 111791 in the year 1951. Every promine...
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Roger Moore
Dear Editor, The news of death of former James Bond star Sir Roger Moore at 89 years, who was suffering unfortunately of Cancer, is no lesser than a Bollywood loss of a star. His movies were always as entertaining as any Bollywood movie -the thriller of James Bond with his humorous touch is most remarkable feature of his acting caliber. His film Octopussy shot in India Udaipur is most memorable for Indian, naturally. Other top of his Bond movies are ‘Live and Let Die ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’, ‘Moonraker’ and “For your Eyes only “He had acted in few TV serials also, he did some charity work also. He was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 1991. He wrote a book “Roger Moore's Own Account of Filming Live and Let Die was published in London in 1973 in which he had an acknowledgm...
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GST on postal-services should be waived
Dear Editor, While ordinary postal-services have been exempted from levy of service-tax, postal-department has to pay service-tax on some select premium services like Speed Post and Express Parcel Post. Charging service-tax from Department of Posts that too only on some select postal-services by Department of Revenue has been like transferring money from one pocket to other of the central government resulting in unnecessary paper-work and procedural aspects involving huge man-hours. Imposition of service-tax on premium postal-services also results in irrational postal-tariffs like rupees 17 or rupees 39 which deprives users of premium postal-services using attractive commemorative stamps which are normally issued in denominations multiples of rupees five. Use of attractive commemorativ...
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Manchester bomb blast
Dear Editor, Sadly twenty-two people were killed in a blast at the Manchester Arena including an eight-year-old girl and an off-duty female police officer, moments after US singer Ariana Grande finished performing at night. Terrorists are now attacking all over the world without any fear or its consequences. Globalisation of world has resulted in globalisation of terror attacks / threats too. The terrorists are brain washed in the name of religion etc that is why suicide bombers are now on an increasing trend. No religion is in favour of killing innocent persons. But preachers of some religion in their self-interest are spreading such an inhuman wrong message and targeting youth including some women and even children of a religion persons. They brain wash / hypnotize such innocent per...
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Self-confession of AIMPLB
Dear Editor, It refers to funny arguments given on 16.05.2017 at Supreme Court on behalf of All India Muslim Personal Law Board-AIMPLB wherein Ram was equated with triple talaq in terms of faith. Significantly argument will be of much more importance and relevance in other case presently pending at Supreme Court in favour of Ram birth-place at Ayodhya, because AIMPLB has now confessed in judicial records that Ram is a matter of faith for majority community of the country. Otherwise also scientific research not only by Indian authorities but even by Srilankan government has established existence of Ram much-much before Islam got in existence just about 1400 years back. There is a total lack of sense in taking triple talaq as some matter of faith. Issue could be discussed better through b...
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Digging of roads cause inconvenience
Dear Editor, Almost in every nook and corner of most cities, construction work is being carried out and after completion, the roads are not levelled but left with debris on it. The contractors need to be held responsible for this laxity. The heaps of debris inconvenience pedestrians as well as motorists. Also, it leads to pollution in the air which is an alarming subject for the health of citizens. It should be mandatory for the authorities, who are assigned this kind of work, to level roads and make them look as good as new. A deadline should be issued for this purpose so that the work is completed in a span of time. The contract awarded for such work must include such a clause and payment must be made after an inspection by an officer. This officer must issue a written certificate ...
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Wrong to make people addicted for freebies
Dear Editor, It refers to Union cabinet giving nod to Maternity Benefit Programme for giving freebie of rupees six thousand to every woman employed in government and public-sector enterprise on her first pregnancy in 53 select districts of the country. It is significant that the costly gift of rupees 12661 crores of rupees in first three years from the public-exchequer was never demanded by any one. Otherwise also, employees in government and public-sector are considered to be better paid than those in private sector. Withdrawal of such schemes may attract criticism. Central and state governments should avoid making people addicting to freebies at cost of public-exchequers funded by hard-earned money of tax-payers. —Madhu Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba Delhi....
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Sponsored postal-stamps
Dear Editor, Depart6ment of Posts should consider idea of sponsored post-stamps on lines of sponsored postal-stationery to generate high revenue-earning apart from popularising postal-services. These sponsored postal-stamps can be sold on face-value unlike My-Stamps which are sold on heavy premium. There can be some minimum print-order where sponsoring ones may be required to buy some specified minimum quantity of sponsored stamps apart from charging sponsoring amount from them on complete print-quantity. Idea will also induce popularity of postal-service in competition to private courier-service when companies with their own printed postage-stamp will divert to postal-service from courier-service. Screening committee can be formed at postal-department to clear images provided by spo...
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Raids -are they meaningful
Dear Editor, It is reported that Law enforcement agencies conducted raids in a multi-city crackdown against alleged corruption and benami properties involving the kin of two top opposition leaders. It is allegedly for political vendetta. The raid on might have ulterior motives behind it, but it is a decisive move nonetheless. This is a sign that the arm of the law extends to the rich and the powerful politicians as well. Yet one wonders whether the accused would meet the punishment if proved guilty they deserve for misappropriating public funds for personal benefit. Most of the income tax raids on top bracket politicians end up with the accused going scot free despite their proven crime. To make the raids meaningful, the authorities need to publish reports on all the raids carried by...
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