Friday, October 28, 2016
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1.5 crores reimbursement to Karnatak MLA
Dear Editor, It refers to media-report about a Karnatak MLA MH Ambressh from Mandya getting medical-reimbursement of rupees 1.5 crores for medical-treatment abroad at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore in the year 2014. An MLA of Delhi in three years had burdened exchequer by 13193055 claimed as medical reimbursement. There was also a case when rupees two lakhs had to be returned by a member Delhi MLA because he wrongly claimed towards medical treatment of his mother which was not entitled because of being not dependent on the concerned MLA. Central government should take urgent steps for legislation to put annual amounts of medical reimbursements of all individuals reimbursed by governments and/or public-sector-undertakings and others at cost of public-exchequer on websites of resp...
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Ban Tips
Dear Editor, Elite urbanites in India blindly follow status-culture of British legacy by paying ‘tips (Bakhshish)’ everywhere which is nothing but a bribed gift for a purpose for being treated well. Interestingly heavy amount of ‘tips’ is received by highly paid employees in five-starred hotels and restaurants which is much-much more than normal salary to their employees given by those status-conscious persons paying such tips for exhibiting their richness amongst those accompanying them. Even credit-card slips have special space to write ‘tip’ amount. Union government should consider retiring-eve advice from former President APJ Abdul Kalam on gifts. Quoting from Hindu code in ‘Manusmriti’, Dr Kalam rightly analyzed that gift coming with a purpose cause persons losing their personality...
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Path labs should be regulated
Dear Editor, Some famous private pathological laboratories have unhealthy practice of giving some detailed analysis of test-reports advising further tests. This is done only to make their customer-clients relying on them for more tests even though these may not be necessary. Union Health Ministry should ban such practice, and all pathological laboratories should be directed to give just the test-reports only for the tests conducted mentioning the safe range-limit. These laboratories must not be allowed to recommend further tests in their test-reports. It is evident that analysis and graphics given in concluding part of test-reports can be only for medical-reports and not for those whose medical-tests are conducted. It is also a known fact that pathological-laboratories have huge margin...
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Different printing-cost of currency-notes
Dear Editor, A part of complete RTI response on printing currency notes reveal that different public-sector undertakings have different printing-cost and sale-price (to government) for currency-notes. While Reserve Bank of India (RBI) owned Bhartiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited (BRBNMPL) sells notes of rupees 10 and 20 at cost of 70 paise and 95 paise, units of central-government owned Security Printing & Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) have cost price of these notes at much higher at rupees 1.22 and 1.216! Similar is the difference in price-structure of notes of other denominations in respect of BRBNMPL and SPMCIL. Central government should study how cost of currency-printing by units of SPMCIL is much higher than that by BRBNMPL. However cost-reduction in ca...
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Fear of spread of bird-flue
Dear Editor, It refers to fear of spread of bird-flue after it was confirmed that death of many birds in zoos of Delhi and Gwalior could cause bird-flue. Demands have been repeatedly made that hotels and restaurants may be asked to have separate kitchens for cooking vegetarian non-vegetarian foods in a country where a large section of population is purely vegetarian with concept of ‘Jain food’ (even without onion and garlic) very popular being adopted at public places. Even their religion sentiments also require concept of separate kitchens for cooking vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods with many popular restaurants and dhabas serving only vegetarian food that too without onion and garlic during holy days of Navratras coming twice a year for nine days each. Trend has also been on in...
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India should adopt US-like system of elections
Dear Editor, People throughout the country have right to know views of probable candidates for highest posts of President, Prime Minister, and may be even Vice President. This is possible only when probable and/or projected candidates for these posts may participate in live TV debates rather than political parties and ultra rich candidates spending heavily on unproductive concept of holding political rallies just for a show of strength and might to gather people like was done by a security-losing candidate in Haryana. Such rallies even misusing public-resources cause heavy disruption in normal public-life as well. Candidates for posts of President and Vice President should be selected by having at least 34-percent Parliamentarians. Even though general public does not participate in thes...
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CEC on compulsory voting
Dear Editor, It refers to Chief Election Commissioner on 19.10.2016 in his address to an international conference on voter awareness at New Delhi rightly ruling out ‘compulsory voting’ as not practical. But voting-percentage can and should be increased by converting ‘None-of-the-above’ (NOTA) into Right-To-Reject’ with some practical riders. Large number of voters avoid going to polling-booths because in present system muscle and money power required in present faulty system force voters to select best of worst! Disabling all those defeated to NOTA for life-time make political parties field good candidates only. Also many deserving ones who avoid contesting with undesired contestants, will volunteer themselves to contest elections. However NOTA button on Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs)...
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Fatal road accidents on the rise
Dear Editor, In a fatal road accident in Reasi district 23 persons have lost their lives while many have received serious injuries who are lodged in GMC and other hospitals for treatment. Similar fatal accident has occurred in Rajouri district as well causes human lives. The Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Governor and other dignitaries have grieved of the fatal accidents and the authorities may announce financial relief for the deceased and injured ones. Mere grieving over such fatal accidents or given financial relief to the NOKs of the deceased persons or the injured ones is not enough to assuage the hurt feelings of the bereaved families who have lost chair dear ones or have received fatal injuries in these road accidents. Such fatal accidents occur almost every day through out th...
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Trade-margins on medicines
Dear Editor, It is beyond understanding how and why National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) under Union Ministry of Chemicals allowed drug-companies to loot the customers when prices of some medicines have remained less than half in just four months with downward price-revision having been done two times till now. ‘Amaryl 1 mg’ having manufacturing date December 2015 had Maximum Retail Price (MRP) printed as rupees 132.08 per strip of 30 tablets. But thereafter it was initially downward revised at MRP of rupees 104.90. Now same medicine manufactured in April 2016 has MRP printed at rupees 60.15. Big question is why price-revision at rupees 60.15 was not done at a time when MRP was revised at rupees 104.90. NPAA should study manufacturing-prices of all drugs in one go, and shoul...
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Celebrity Add row
Dear Editor, It is shocking to see ex-James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan in an advertisement of a harmful product. India has really progressed in business and films; it was unimaginable that an English actor, a brand himself, can appear in an Indian product advertisement. Celebrities do have a social responsibility and must not appear in unhealthy products. The advertiser knows the consumer copies successful people, so the model has to decide if her appearance in an advertisement will wrongly influence the public. Let the buyer beware must be remembered. —Mahesh Kumar, E-Mail: B-49, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi....
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Good work speak by itself
Dear Editor, Union Defence Minister Manohar Parikar had been amongst the most-admired political personality cutting across party-lines when he was Chief Minister of Goa. His simplicity, life-style of living like a common person travelling in an ordinary public-bus was comparable only to that of Tripura Chief Minister. However his linking of Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS) with surgical-strike carried out by Indian army is not in interest of any one including RSS, Indian army and himself. Praise for an organisation should come from rivals, like RSS was praised by the then Prime Ministers Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri (both from Congress) following 1962 Indo-China and 1965 Indo-Pak wars respectively even to the extent that RSS was said to have been offered to particip...
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