Tuesday, March 3, 2015
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Civic-bodies in Delhi
Dear Editor It refers to North Delhi Municipal Corporation demanding re-unification of three municipal-corporations in Delhi which in turn will reduce administrative expenses as well. Creation of three separate Municipal Corporations in Delhi had created lot of confusion. Perhaps basic cause for creating three municipal-corporation might have been to triple posts to be gifted to corporators. However it will be advisable if a separate municipal authority is established exclusively for trans-Yamuna areas like exist for Delhi cantonment and Leyton’s zone. In fact, distribution of municipal and Lok Sabha wards in Delhi is highly irrational when there is a need for two exclusive Lok Sabha constituencies for trans-Yamuna areas, and rest five for other side of the river Yamuna with twenty ass...
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Nitish Kumar strikes
Dear Editor, The four times Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar is the man to watch. Nitish is likely to be projected as the joint prime ministerial candidate of the opposition in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But this would depend much on the performance of the opposition. If the BJP fails even in Bihar and Nitish Kumar becomes the chief minister for the fifth time, then the opposition including the left parties are likely to support his candidature for the PM’s post against Narendra Modi. The general perception in the opposition parties that is fast emerging is that Nitish, a kurmi backward has a clean image and he alone can counter Modi who would have lost a lot of his might and support by that time. A section of the industry has already starting to get disillusioned with the BJP and i...
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Unhealthy practice
Dear Editor It refers to UP governor Ram Naik rightfully rejecting conferring Honorary Doctorate to state Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav by Chadrashekhar Azad Agricultural & Technology University Kanpur. It is time that such honorary conferring of VVIPs which are mainly political rulers with honorary degrees of Doctorate may be abolished altogether by all public and private universities. It is significant that even though norms do not generally allow persons honored with honorary degrees of Doctorate, several political rulers though not educated use pre-fixing ‘Doctor’ with their names only because of such conferring of degrees of Doctorate to them by some universities. —Subhash Chandra Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba, Chandni Chowk Delhi....
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Pendency at CIC
Dear Editor It refers to written reply in Lok Sabha on 25.02.2015 by Union Minister of State Jitendra Singh that huge pendency of 37935 second appeals as on 17.02.2015 at Central Information Commission is because there is no time-limit in RTI Act for disposal of second appeals while the Act provides a time-bound period of thirty days for disposal of RTI petitions by Public Information Officers at public-authorities. The minister also informed that pendency shot up to 35854 as on 31.12.2014 against 22097 as on 31.12.2013. Minister’s reply avoids mention of main reason of such sudden jump in pendency of second appeals because of absence of a Chief Information Commission now for more than six months and other three vacancies of Information Commissioners. Rajiv Mathur having a very short ...
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Mess at Jehangir Chowk flyover
Dear Editor Jehangir Chowk to Ram Bagh flyover has created huge traffic mess in Srinagar city. The fly over which was started in year 2013 is still incomplete and no one knows how much time it will take for its completion. However, the authorities have claimed it will get completed in 2016; but going by the pace of its progress from 2013, one can easily say it will take another decade for its completion. The flyover, starting from Jehangir chowk and ending at Natipora, is supposed to combat traffic problems of the city but its slow construction progress has resulted in frequent traffic jams. Estimates by transport department claimed that Srinagar division is getting more than 1400 vehicles weather Government, commercial or private per month are being plyed on the roads of Srinagar b...
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Double standards in defending free speech
Dear Editor This is in reference to the “One-sided Journalism” by some media sections of our society in this day and age. Not both sides of the story are being presented to the readers. Those who expose the hypocrisy of some sections of media and their so called sermons over freedom of speech need appreciation. For example, not every news media in the world showed the caricatures made by Charlie Hebdo, in-fact, they acted as responsible media players in the world of journalism. And yes, some sections of the so called free media including India claimed to be the first one to shows such cartoons to their viewers. You can’t be selective while talking about freedom of expression, Is it freedom when it suits you? And when it hurts you, you freedom vanished in air! Recently, the TV channel Tim...
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Jan Dhan Yojna: How poor friendly is it?
Dear Editor, Jan Dhan Yojna which was launched on 28th of August 2014 by the prime Minister Narendra Modi, on day one 15 million bank accounts were opened against a target of 10 million. By 31st January 2015 1, 25, 473 million well past total target have been opened whether they meet the minimum KYC norms or not as indicated by Yashwardhan Joshi in his article appeared in Kashmir Times on 23rd February. Out of which 85 million or 68 per cent have zero balance as such they are not going to get the promised insurance cover of Rs. 1 lakh and over draft facility because the rules specify that to avail these facilities, a beneficiary should have transacted at least once a month from his account. The J&K Bank issued attention notice published in local newspapers on 7th of February, accounts ho...
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Sabbatical leave for Rahul Gandhi
Dear Editor It refers to Congress President Sonia Gandhi accepting sabbatical leave for his son Rahul Gandhi who also happens to be Vice President of largest opposition-party in Lok Sabha to be away from political and legislative system during the important budget-session of the Parliament started from 23.02.2015. Media-reports indicate that Rahul Gandhi will be enjoying the special sabbatical leave at some foreign destination. Full-bench CIC-verdict dated 03.06.2013 had one of the grounds for bringing political parties under RTI Act as their public-functioning. If an important functionary of a political party takes leave from his legislative duty to attend important Parliamentary functioning in the budget-session on a granted leave, then it is definitely a matter of larger public-inter...
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My letter to Arvind Kajriwal
Respected Dear Kajriwal, Convenor Aam Admi Party New Delhi. Dear sir, Aam Aadmi Party’s victory in Delhi has not only wiped the politics of religion, saffronisation, regional chauvinism, but has strengthened the concept of participatory democracy. AAP’s and Arvind Kejriwal’s dream for India can help in achieving cohesive social order, amity and good governance. The need is to extend AAP’s frontiers beyond the borders of Delhi. For this purpose a separate organizational team needs to be constituted. The political upheaval on communal basis has not only endangered the integrity of the country like ours but has spread hatred among the communities at large. The religion as a tool for gaining power has lead to polarization, divisions and regional chauvinism. This has endangered our cohes...
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BJP’s anti-minority moves
Dear Editor, BJP needs to shun its anti-minority projects now that it is in power and takes a responsible position. However, that does not seem to be the case. Madan Mohan Malaviya was conferred Indian highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna after 69 years of his death for the reasons best known to the BJP but the party is hesitating in giving similar honours to Tagore, Gokhale, Vivekananda and Moulana Azad. In this way they have also shown utter disregard towards very famous admired and spoken about legendary Tipu Sultan (20-11-1750 to 04-05-1799) one of those rare patriotic fervor who was martyred on the battle field while fighting the Britishers at the historic battle field of Srirangpatnam which afterwards presided the historical revolt of 1857 after about fifty years. The patriot...
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Tackling the menace of corruption
Dear Editor, Due to the lacuna in the system of governance in vogue adopted by the successive governments so far, corruption or has all along been on the rise and have crept into all walks of like may it be the politics, Bureaucracy, business, social customs etc. The vigilance organisation was reorganised into a full fledge vigilance commission with a chairman and two Commissioners with a view to tackle the menace of corruption due to which the J&K state earned the dubious distinction of 2nd highly corrupt state after Bihar in the country. To tackle corruption in high places J&K state Accountability Commission was setup and justice late R.P.Sethi (Retd.) of Supreme Court of India was appointed its chairman. Late Justice Sethi, despite numerous impediments, started working with sincerity...
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Who in BJP decided Kiran Bedi as CM candidate?
Dear Editor, While Kiran Bedi in her pre-poll statements always said that she alone would be responsible for any ‘hypothetical’ defeat of BJP in Delhi state-assembly elections, she was prompt to take a perfect U-turn after she led party to a biggest-ever poll-defeat when she said party itself was responsible for such a big defeat as according to her she gave party her best in seventeen days of being parachuted in the party as its Chief Ministerial candidate. She also broomed away all the good work done by honest-considered Dr Harshvardhan in Krishna Nagar constituency having been gifted to Kiran Bedi as ‘safe’ seat when she made statements that nothing was done in that area! She followed Rahul Gandhi by declining all challenges for a live TV debate with her rival Arvind Kejriwal. Her sud...
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PDP, BJP can provide stable government in J&K
Dear Editor, The combination of PDP and BJP would be an ideal amalgam for forming government in the state in view of the numbers they have secured in the recent Assembly Election. The combination is to provide stable government to the state in view of almost equal representation of both the regions and would be fearless exercise for the stability of the state at large. It is also sure that there would not be either any immediate apprehension of fall out and nor it would pave way for any day-to-day bickerings when mutual understanding is strengthened at the very outset. This arrangement would also boost friendly relations between the two regions and is sure to eliminate past misunderstanding. But the stereotype prevailing in the minds of the people about the BJP prevents immediate combi...
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Criticism on media-entry in Delhi Secretariat
Dear Editor, It refers to criticism of new government in Delhi in a section of media and by opposition parties on allegations in not allowing media-persons in Delhi Secretariat. Delhi Secretariat has a nicely furnished and comfortable media-centre hall just at the entrance of Delhi Secretariat where daily press-briefings can and should be arranged. Allowing general entry to media in main secretarial-building may definitely create hurdles in proper functioning at Delhi Secretariat. It is for this very purpose that media-centre was built in premises of Delhi Secretariat by none other than the previous government which also is criticising new government of Delhi for the issue. It is significant that media did telecast and publish clippings of new Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal oc...
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Mobile Chargers
Dear Editor , There are too many companies marketing and manufacturing mobile-phones now-a-days. But all the companies have different specifications, shapes and sizes of sockets and plugs of mobile-chargers. There should standard shapes, sizes and specifications for mobile-chargers universally like exists system for electric sockets and plugs so that any mobile-charger may fit to any mobile-phone. Indian government can take initiative for having some global specification for mobile-chargers. All manufacturers of mobile-phones should be co-ordinated to have a common and uniform system of mobile-chargers in a manner that users may be able to use same charger for any handset of any make and model. It will be convenient for car-manufacturers to fix mobile-charger as original equipment in c...
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Interviews in CEO Srinagar
Dear Editor, I along with many other candidates appeared in the class 1V interview in CEO Srinagar with highest degrees and merit, but to my utter surprise I was dropped from the list along with many other contenders. Many of us will that the authorities adopted pick and choose and resorted to favouritism. May I like to request the department to come-up with the list of those appointed. Why the then DSEK was so keen to finalise the process after the floods receded, and that too in a short span of time when government was busy catering to the people who suffered heavily due to floods along with me whose house also collapsed. This is really a sad state of affairs on the part of school education officers who despite knowing the miseries of people after floods, did not hesitate to suck blood...
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Arvind Kejriwal’s rightful dig at media
Dear Editor, It refers to a timely dig at a section of biased media by Arvind Kejriwal soon after taking oath as Delhi Chief Minister where some TV news-channels were engaged in a deliberate show-down of Arvind Kejriwal and his ‘Aam Admi Party’ (AAP) not only during campaign-period but even to the extent that such TV news channels went on projecting a neck-to-neck fight between BJP and AAP on the day of election-results even though by that time it was clear that AAP was much-much ahead of BJP. These channels concentrated on exit-poll by a biased survey-organisation which projected an absolute majority for BJP overlooking projections by rest others which put AAP ahead of BJP. A very popular prime-time (9-10 pm) programme of a prominent Hindi news-channel badly dented in its popularity whe...
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