Friday, October 9, 2015
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Make use of only A-4 size paper compulsory
Dear Editor, Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) deserves compliments for its circular No. 10/1/2013-IR dated 06.10.2015 wherein public-authorities are required to include several necessary aspects like including date/reference-number of RTI petition, date of receipt of RTI petition apart from name, e-mail ID, landline-number and address of responding officer and next appellate authority in RTI responses and appeal-orders. Public authorities are also directed to disclose reason for declining information quoting relevant section/s of RTI Act. Move will benefit RTI petitioners where till now many public-authorities did not provide such details. Since domestic photo-copiers are usually equipped to copy only A-4 size documents, DoPT should also direct public-authorities to use only A-...
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Regularisation of daily wage workers-A priority
Dear Editor, The state government has ultimately conceded to setup Cabinet Sub Committee (CSC) for the reguarlisation of daily wage, casual, need based and CP workers engaged in several government departments. The previous government also setup a Cabinet Sub Committee for the regularization of adhoc, contractual and consolidated paid employees but their regularization has not so far materialized. It is pertinent to mention that these workers and employees were engaged in the interest of administration by the authorities but their regularization has not taken place as the government has not been able to formulate procedure after SRO 64 issued in 1994 as such the horror of insecure future service is hovering over their heads despite the fact that they continue to render service for decades...
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Menace of black money-a complicated solution?
Dear Editor, Blackmoney in our country is stated to be equal to the total national economy of our country. Several steps were take from time to time in the past by the previous Central dispensations but in vain it went on growing by keeps and bounds. The NDA and in particular the BJP, during its election campaign in 2014 Parliamentary elections assured to unearth black money fast within days and every Indian will have rupees 15 lakh in his pocket soon. The people trusted and gave whole hearted support and the NDA won elections with thumping majority. The drive launched by the NDA government giving 90 days compliance window to disclose their over seas assets yielded mere Rs 4,147 crore out of which the government’s total tax receipt from the black money declared during the window period...
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Traffic mess on roads
Dear Editor, Both the capital cities of state are faced with the nuisance of traffic congestion however the traffic authorities seem to be clueless vis-à-vis remedial measures to ease this congestion. On the other hand the number of vehicles in the state is multiplying at an astonishing rate. As per official statistics, 12,95,780 vehicles have been registered by Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) up to August 2015 which means on an average about 1.10 lakh vehicles have been annually added to vehicle population during last three years. Going by this pace the total population of vehicles would reach 15,75,000 vehicles approximately in next three years. Yet in the absence of any mobility plan with the concerned authorities, one wonders how this mess is going to be eased out. --Arnav, Ja...
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Palu: The worst condition Bediyan Pattan road
Dear Editor, We live in the largest democracy of the world but yet we are referred as a third world country . Ours is a country of 1.25 billion people and yet they feel deceived by the administration. Humongous promises and commitments are made on the advent of elections which result in defection of polticians from their promises made in the manifesto . Not only remote villages but an urban town like kathua is also a victim of these politicians who have renege their promises. India is the fastest growing developing nation but the ground reality is people are still deprived of basic amenities like road , electricity . The road in kathua(boliyan jaman jati road) is still infected with manholes and potholes , big enough to trap a grown up man in it . The problem of water logging in these m...
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Anomaly in Company Act and Income Tax Act
Dear Editor, Company Act and Income Tax Act presently provide different rates for computing depreciation on assets while filing returns, causing unnecessary add-back of such excess differential amount of computed depreciation while filing Income Tax returns. It is not proper that different central (or even state) Acts may provide different rates for computation of depreciation on assets or on other aspects. Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) or Union Cabinet Secretariat or any other concerned authority should ensure perfect co-ordination between concerned wings of Union Finance Ministry and Union Corporate Affairs Ministry to have same rates for computing depreciation of assets. A study should be made about other such anomalies presently existing in the system and steps be taken to do away w...
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Aadhaar Card- compulsory or optional?
Dear Editor, In a meeting chaired by the Chief Secretary stress has been laid upon completion of 100 percent enrolment of Aadhaar card holders in the state in order to become eligible to avail food grains, Kerosene oil & LPG subsidy after December 31th 2015. Unique Identification Authority of India has clearly mentioned in an advertisement published in news media on 4th of October 2015 that it is not mandatory for a citizen to obtain an Aadhaar card perhaps on the basis of interim directions issued by the Supreme Court of India. The stand taken by the state government or the petroleum companies to link subsidised goods with Aadhaar Card when it is not compulsory to obtain Aadhaar cards for a citizen, clarification is needed in this context to clear the confusing stand taken by the state...
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Manufacture of antique items
Dear Editor, Now-a-days antique items of yesteryears like gramophones, radio-sets, telephone-instruments, watches and many such items are much in demand including in foreign countries. A very limited quantity of each such old items are getting ever-increasing heavy premium which increases after every day. Jaipur has already become an important export-hub for wooden and stone items like doors, entrance-gates used in ancient days. Indian government under its ‘Make in India’ programme should entrust some of its earlier public-sector-undertakings like HMT Limited, Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) etc to start production of all such antique items on a mass scale which will be largely welcome as collectors’ items both in India and globally. But all such antique items should be manufactured by...
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CBI raid on Himachal CM’s residences
Dear Editor, It refers to raids by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on residences of sitting Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh Virbhadrasingh. It is satisfying that India’s premier investigating-agency can even act against sitting political rulers also. But big question is if CBI working under central government can be expected to conduct similar raids also against Chief Ministers of states ruled by ruling party at the centre? There have been instances under previous regimes that CBI continuously changed its stand against sitting and former Chief Ministers according to requirements of their political bosses at the centre, for which even CBI was grilled by the courts at several occasions. Even several former CBI Chiefs also echoed about investing-agency at times dancing to tunes of ...
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Statistics cookedup to hoodwink the people
Dear Editor, Three agencies at Central level releases Statistic relating to the unemployment, price indexing and State of Indian Economy etc. National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) collects statistics relating to unemployment etc. Then there is Central statistics Office (CSO) which collects statistics relating to economic position and third one is Indian Labour Organisation (ILO) which collects statistics of Industrial conditions of the country. These statistics estimates are said to be 20 per cent plus or minus. The statistics released by these three agencies do not corroborate with each other as such actual conditions not made available to the people. The statistics are cookedup to suit the policy planners who frame policies motivated to benefit the rich people and to deprive th...
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Weakening secular fabric
Dear Editor, Recent horrifying incident at Dadri, Noida has yet again revealed the fragility of secular fabric of country which takes pride in its culture of unity in diversity. Further contemptible was the role being played by the politicians, who are in fact responsible for this weakening bond of communal harmony. Making a bee-line to the distraught family, still trying to come to terms with the situation arising out of shocking incident, all in the name of expressing sympathy, the politicians of all hues are busy strengthening their respective vote banks with their statements aimed at further dividing the society. --Arnav, Jammu...
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Total ban needed on tobacco-products
Dear Editor, It refers to central government ultimately deciding to increase pictorial-warnings on packs of tobacco-products to 85-percent (60-percent picture plus 25-percent text) from 01.04.2016 following a ruling from Rajasthan High Court. Otherwise the much awaited decision was continuously deferred because of influential tobacco-lobby. India with just 20-percent pictorial warning on packs of tobacco-products ranked shamefully low at 136th ranking out of 198 global countries in the world for such pictorial warnings. India instead needs a total ban on manufacture and sale of cigarettes in India like is there in Bhutan and Ireland. Even family-members of smokers will support such a bold step, because it is the family which suffers from death of persons caused by smoking. Revenue-loss ...
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Just case for lowering fare and freight
Dear Editor, The cost on petrol and diesel are coming down very rapidly as at international level the cost of crude oil is going down. Though the rates of petrol and diesel are being lowered to the extent the cost of crude oil is slashed internationally. This is being done so because the oil companies are reportedly recovering their losses of the past and moreover, the government is also reportedly making profits out of fall of cost of crude oil in the international market. There is justifiable that transport fares and freight charges are reduced substantially to that the benefit of lowering the cost of petrol and diesel is also passed on to the common man who have to travel almost daily. The government reportedly started an exercise to work out modalities for reducing transport fare a...
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A step in reverse direction
Dear Editor, At a time when steps should have been taken for making banking on all the seven days of the week, Central government has taken step in reverse direction by making second and fourth Saturdays as banking-holidays. Logic is beyond understanding and seems to be a forced compromise when banks will be open on first and third Saturdays unlike government-system where offices are closed on all Saturdays under five-day week system. Bank-employees should rather be given two holidays per week to be at par with government-employees. But it can be done by having banking on all the seven days of the week including even Sundays apart from Saturdays by giving rotational two weekly holidays to bank-employees by making banks open on every Saturday and Sunday but with essential banking-service...
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Double standards-a mockery
Dear Editor, The union ministry of Parliamentary Affairs has proposed to set up three member Independent Emolument Commission to recommend revision of salary & allowances of members of parliament afresh. Such revision reportedly took place in 2010 which means after five years salary and allowance will be revised whileas on the other hand the salary and perks of employees and pensioners are revised after ten years as such revision took place in 1986,1996 and then in 2006. Moreover employees trade unions urged that salary & perks for employees need to be fixed on the basis of Need Based Minimum Age as adopted in 15th Indian Labour Conference held in 1957 under the chairmanship of the then Prime Minister of India . There are three types of wages viz Fair wage, living wage and minimum wage b...
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Annual scarcity of onion in Delhi
Dear Editor, Capital city of Delhi is not a full state, and as such Central government with a full-fledged infrastructure of procurement and distribution for distribution of onions through its controlled cooperatives and other companies like National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Limited (NAFED) and Mother Dairy should devise a permanent scheme of procuring onions in season when price is low, and put for sale in days of scarcity. Such and other public-sector undertakings can also be entrusted for production marketing of onion-paste which can be used in days of scarcity of onions. Scope of Mother Dairy in Delhi should be widened by establishing a fruit-vegetable depot compulsorily with every milk-booth of Mother Dairy. Even white elephant of Delhi Milk Scheme (DM...
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Useless celebration of car-free day
Dear Editor, Car-free day was celebrated this year on 22.09.2015 in parts of some Indian cities also like Gurgaon, but without any success or practical use. Even National Green Tribunal (NGT) required Haryana government to inform about impact of such celebration on environment. There is need to take some practical initiatives to effectively check ever-increasing number and use of cars in cities. People are forced to use cars because of inadequate public-transport facilities. Otherwise it is rather a big headache to use self-driven cars because of heavy traffic-congestion and costly parking-charges that too not easily available. With public-buses and metro-rail services already running to their full capacity, only and best remedy is to issue licenses for auto-rickshaws on demand without ...
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RBI should ensure benefit of cut in repo-rate for existing loan-takers
Dear Editor, It refers to recent cut in repo-rate by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) by 50-percent aimed to give relief to loan-takers. But it is quite usual than banks and Non-Banking-Financial-Companies (NBFCs) do not pass benefit of repo-rate cut to existing loan-takers. Significantly in case of hike in repo-rate by RBI, banks instantly burden existing loan-takers through increased interest-rates. RBI should ensure that benefit of repo-rate cut may be immediately passed to existing loan-takers without being asked for by loan-takers. There are huge bargains in case of loan-takers by banks. Such bargains can and should be stopped by formulating same rates of interest on loans which may be different for different types of loans both for existing and new loans. Presently banks lure new loan-...
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