Thursday, December 8, 2016
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Parsis should increase their population
Dear Editor, Articles 331 and 333 of Indian constitution provide two nominations in Lok Sabha for Anglo-Indian community which was about 8 lakh strong at time of independence of India. But now with majority of Anglo-Indian community having migrated to other commonwealth-nations, their number has gone down to just one lakh which is much-much less than normal population in each of the Lok Sabha constituency. Parsi community known to have world’s admittedly most intelligent persons in every field of life, is the only and fast decreasing population with just 57264 in numbers rather deserves more to have nomination in Lok Sabha. According to a reply in Lok Sabha on 06.12.2016, Parsi population in India has now reduced to just 57264 which is just half of 111791 in the year 1951. Every promine...
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Legacy of wealth of former TN Chief Minister J Jaylaitha
Dear Editor, Former Tamilnadu Chief Minister J Jaylalitha has left huge wealth which as per official declaration in the year 2015 was rupees 117.13 crore, with movable assets worth Rs. 45.04 crore and immovable assets worth Rs.72.09 crore. She has left no dependants. According to media-reports, she had no relations with her only nearest relation her niece Deepa who was not even allowed to enter Apollo Hospital (Chennai) during her last days. All her movable and immovable assets should now go to the state. Memorials can be built in her memory in immovable assets, while movable assets can be utilized for welfare of the poor for whom she had love and affection launching many welfare-schemes for them. It is a known fact that the poor lost their ‘amma’ in death of J Jaylalitha. —Subhash Cha...
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Logic of having size of 50-rupee note bigger than that of 500-rupees notes
Dear Editor, It refers to notification dated 04.12.2016 from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) mentioning about issue of new currency-notes of rupees 20 and 50 which will be equal in sizes and similar in design to earlier currency-notes of respective same denominations, except for some light colour of front portions of these notes due to change in print-procedure and signed by new RBI governor Urjit R Patel. Issuance of similar designed notes of rupees 20 and 50 will make new currency-note of rupees fifty being unusually bigger than new 500-rupees note. There was quite sufficient time for concerned ones at central government, RBI, subsidiary companies of RBI, and Security Printing & Minting Company Limited (SPMCIL) to design new currency-notes in denominations of rupees 20, 50, 100 and possib...
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Simpler opening of savings-accounts be encouraged
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome initiative of Central government for e-payment for all payments exceeding rupees 5000. But e-payment should also be encouraged for all government-honorariums, like has already been done at All India radio (AIR) for guests participating in its programmes. Same should be done by Doordarshan where such payment is presently made through cheques. Even Delhi Police, Delhi government and other government-agencies/departments (central and states) etc including all central and state Public-Sector-Undertakings (PSUs) should make such payments directly to the beneficiaries through e-payments in their respective bank-accounts. But such e-payments should be arranged maximum within one week of the programme, preferably on the very next working-day of the event. It wil...
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Playing of national anthem
Dear Editor, Eminent jurist and former Attorney General of India Soli Sorabji has rightly demanded Supreme Court to review its order on compulsory playing of national anthem with viewers standing in cinema halls before start of films, since the Apex Court order is per incuriam (an order that is passed in disregard of a binding authority). Supreme Court in its order also did not refer to its earlier verdict in Bijoe Emmanuel case where Apex Court ordered a school in Kerala to take back three children it had expelled for not singing the national anthem. Instead singing of national anthem at start of functioning of all courts and legislative bodies should be made mandatory apart from all public-functions (central or state). It may be recalled that BSP Parliamentarian Shafique-din Barq made...
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Hike in price of ration
Dear Editor This refers to the news items published in Kashmir Times regarding hike in ration prices which has affected the common masses. The PDP-BJP has promised to redress the problems of the public but has failed to maintain the price hike of ration. Without any intimation regarding the price hike has surprised the common man. The government shall contain the price hike as the common masses are badly affected and shall supply the standarded ration in time so the public may not suffer anymore. Consumers also resent over hike in the rates of rice and flour, saying this will hugely hit the poor across the state. Even as the people were grappling with ill-effects of demonetisation, the rise in prices of essentials has come yet another blow in the wake of cash starvation. The callous att...
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Banks did not follow RBI guidelines
Dear Editor, There are reports that most public-sector banks like including Punjab National Bank, Syndicate Bank, Canara Bank etc never followed RBI guidelines for exchanging/depositing pre-2005 currency-notes of denominations of rupees 500 and 1000, thus causing unnecessary harassment to members of public who wasted their time in standing in long queues returning disappointed when their turn came. While few others like Corporation Bank followed guidelines for exchange/deposit of demonetised pre-2005 currency-notes. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) should take serious view for banks not following its guidelines, and impose penalty on defaulting banks. Likewise petrol-pumps, Mother-dairy boots, Kendriya Bhandaar also refused to accept demonetised pree-2005 notes. Central government should ta...
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No photo-opportunity by big ones for standing in queues for exchange/deposit of demonetized notes!
Dear Editor, Politicians, celebrities, industrialists, cricketers and other VVIPs lined up for photo-opportunity for ‘Clean India’ movement to exhibit their solidarity with Prime Minister who himself started the movement by taking broom in his hand. But none of these big ones except for Congress Vice President was seen in queue to exchange or deposit demonetized notes of rupees 500 and 1000. It is indeed a big surprise and rather a matter of enquiry how these big people managed their household expenses without new currency. It is certain if Prime Minister would himself lined up symbolically in a queue for exchange of notes, all big ones would have invited media-persons for a photo-shoot of their standing in queues with commoners for exchange/deposit of old notes! Of course, Prime Minist...
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Discontinue further printing of 2000-rupee notes
Dear Editor, Internationally accepted system for minting coins and printing currency-notes in a series of 1-2-5 has unfortunately not been strictly followed in India either before or after demonetization of currency-notes on 08.11.2016, which has been an aspect of inconvenience to general public and even a significant factor for inflation. Gap between denominations of rupees 100 and rupees 500 is too large, and must be covered by issue of 200-rupees notes. Likewise since it has been finally decided that 1000-rupees notes will not be issued, there is no logic in further printing of 2000-rupees notes because of similar factor of a big gap between 500-rupees and 2000-rupees notes. It is significant that for same logic, 2-rupees coins was issued much later after India adopted metric system ...
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Check corruption
Dear Editor, Presently manufacturers deliberately leave a big gap between printed Maximum Retail Price (MRP) or list-price and actual ex-factory price of commodities mainly to be used as bribe for purchase-officers in offices including those in government and public-sector. Many a times, actual ex-factory price is just one fourth of printed Maximum Retail Price (MRP) or list price. Examples are generic medicines meant for making available drugs at prices much cheaper to branded medicines, which are available in wholesale market at just one-fourth of printed MRP. To overcome such bribes for purchase-officers and extra heavy margin to retailers especially in remote areas, Union government should impose excise-duty on basis of printed Maximum Retail Price (MRP) or list price rather than ex-...
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Excise-duty removed from branded gold-coins
Dear Editor, It refers to central government abolishing excise-duty of one-percent from branded gold coins. But round-shaped coins in gold and silver should be allowed to be minted and marketed only through government-agency Minerals & Metals Trading Corporation Limited (MMTC) to ensure availability of these coins in pure form at reasonable cost. Private dealers usually do not market unbranded coins of precious metals in pure form. Branded coins by reputed marketers are undoubtedly in pure form at times with guarantee certificates, but profit-margin is excessively high. Several private companies both Indian and foreign make huge profits by marketing gold and silver coins by selling these at exorbitant prices with photos of celebrities (like Sachin Tendulkar), Hindu gods and goddesses (l...
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Saving-schemes should be made more user-friendly
Dear Editor, After demonetisation of currency notes of high denominations, interest-rates in bank-deposits is likely to witness a sharp decline. Central government should take necessary safeguards for senior citizens where in most such cases, only income-source is from interest from various government-sponsored savings-schemes either through Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) or fixed-deposits in banks and post-offices. Central government should ensure that Jeevan-Akshay-VI policy of LIC should be continued with same annuity-plans because of its being the best pension-scheme for senior citizens. However age-limit for investment in the scheme may be restricted for investors in age group of 60 years and above. It is time to re-launch Varishth Nagric Pension Yojna which was started ...
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Highlighting private gesture of Union Minister
Dear Editor, It refers to a photo news-item highlighted in prominent newspapers and flashed even by country’s prominent-most news-agency about Union Minister Smiriti Irani sitting by side of a road-side cobbler and giving him hundred-rupee note against ten-rupee demand made by the cobbler for stitching her slippers. But was the ‘gesture’ really news-worthy when there are numerous such gestures observed in day-today life of commoners. Incident recalls an earlier photo news-item of Smriti Irani about her visit to an astrologer Pandit Nathulal Vyas in Karoi village of Bhilwara (Rajasthan) along with her husband Zubin Irani on a Sunday for a four-hour long meeting, where the astrologer was reported to have predicted Smriti Irani to become President of India in future! Astrologer had then cl...
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Waive off school tuition fees
Dear Editor, I wonder how the administration watched as a mute spectator when the private school association impressed upon all the parents to make payment of school tuition fees for the unrest period which otherwise is not due to be paid by any parent as a matter of justice. The private school heads or its association have no mandate or are not delegated to issue such instructions without consulting administration. It is the government to look in to the genuine demands of the parents and decide about the waiving off fees and not the "Private school association." Worst part of the issue is that the education department instead preferred a silent mode which creates doubts in the minds of the commoners. It has now been witnessed for the past many years that the departmental issues are alm...
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Mobile Chargers
Dear Editor, There are too many companies marketing and manufacturing mobile-phones now-a-days. But all the companies have different specifications, shapes and sizes of sockets and plugs of mobile-chargers. There should standard shapes, sizes and specifications for mobile-chargers universally like exists system for electric sockets and plugs so that any mobile-charger may fit to any mobile-phone. Indian government can take initiative for having some global specification for mobile-chargers. All manufacturers of mobile-phones should be co-ordinated to have a common and uniform system of mobile-chargers in a manner that users may be able to use same charger for any handset of any make and model. It will be convenient for car-manufacturers to fix mobile-charger as original equipment in car...
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