Saturday, August 30, 2014
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Encourage polymer-packs
Dear Editor, Many manufacturers of consumer-products like toiletries, cosmetic, syrups and medicines etc still use breakable glass containers and inconvenient tin-tubes for packing. Glass containers cause loss of commodity on being accidently broken and much of the product packed in tin-tubes is left unused at the end while product can be easily squeezed completely from tubes made of squeezable polymer compound. Also glass and tin containers often cause cuts in body-parts. Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs should ensure compulsory replacement of glass and tin containers by packs made of suitable polymer compound. Exemption may be granted in case a product is liable to be reacted if packed in polymer packing. —MADHU AGRAWAL, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba Delhi....
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Strengthening RTI Act
Dear Editor, The RTI Act , which was once hailed as the ultimate weapon in the hands of the citizens to fight for probity in public life, has now lost its sheen. The bureaucracy has effectively nullified this Act by its calculated tactics. The Information Commissioners who are supposed to ensure the implementation of the RTI Act in letter and spirit are really the employed tools to sabotage the RTI Act. They are the carefully chosen ex bureaucrats or those with political and official patronage, who are put on the job to defeat the letter and spirit of the RTI Act and frustrate the RTI Activists. Now, the ground reality is that most of the letters seeking information under RTI Act are not acknowledged at all or a reply is sent at the end of 30 days stating that the l...
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Supreme Court verdict on ministers with criminal charges
Dear Editor, Supreme Court verdict giving authority to Prime Minister and Chief Ministers for selecting ministers by their wisdom on basis of their criminal records leaves chances of tainted ones holding ministerial charge. With persons like Madhu Koda having reached to the top post of Chief Minister in present political system, larger national and public interest demanded that Supreme Court would have fixed proper guidelines for persons to be appointed as ministers. —SUBHASH CHANDRA AGRAWAL 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba, Chandni Chowk Delhi. ...
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Toilet facilities and manual scavenging
Dear Editor, Lack of modern toilets is also a public health issue that has recently come to the forefront of political debate in India. A World Health Organization report in May this year said that more than a half-billion Indian citizens still defecate in the open. Using fields, rivers and abandoned lots as toilets exposes people to diseases such as polio, hepatitis A and diarrhea. One in every 10 deaths in India, the World Bank said, is due to poor sanitation, a total of around 768,000 deaths a year. India's new prime minister, Narendra Modi, highlighted the importance of modernizing the country's sanitation system during his election campaign earlier this year, saying that building toilets was more important than building temples. There may be a vast gap between what is being said he...
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Major fire in Old Delhi
Dear Editor, It refers to a major fire on 26.08.2014 in capital's one of the most busy and congested markets Kinari Bazar in Chandni Chowk. Heavy business in narrow lane of Kinari Bazar has unauthorisedly built multi-storeyed commercial buildings with shops having market-values much-much costlier than the main Chandni Chowk itself! A similar fire on 13.12.2012 completely gutted several buildings in similar commercial hub of Bhagirath Palace at Chandni Chowk. Fire-tenders found much difficulty in getting approach-ways to these two congested streets of Kinari Bazar and Chandni Chowk, root cause of which are mushrooming unauthorised multi-storey buildings especially in PIN-code zone of Old Delhi-110006 which in last some decades changed its colour from earlier purely residential to now tota...
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Free purified drinking-water
Dear Editor, It refers to reports that San Francisco after long deliberations for nine months has ultimately banned sale of packaged drinking water taking it as a right of citizen to get free a natural resource. There was a golden era in India when philanthropists and others used to set up free water-huts in every part of cities and road-sides. But with increasing commercialization and price-rise of land and shops, traders and others have discontinued the public-interest cause of setting water-huts and rather have converted old water-huts set up by their ancestors into commercial establishments. Irony is that while advanced countries are adopting golden ancient Indian tradition of assuring free supply of drinking water, Indian money is being drained out to multi-national companies for s...
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Poor road conditions cause accident
Dear Editor, Accidents are on rise across country, especially on hilly roads of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir including Chenab Valley areas of Bhaderwah, Kishtwar etc, causing many casualties and losing many precious lives of the passengers of the areas. Mostly poor roads infrastructure in these areas are one of the cause for these accidents. It is very unfortunate that even in 21st century our country is lagging far behind in proper road maintenance and network whereas country is losing many innocent lives at regular intervals on alarming rate in these areas. India is said to be the fastest developing country today only after China. Although India is doing well in field of education, industrialisation and fashion but the country is lagging far behind in road net...
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English is going to stay
Dear Editor, It was disheartening to learn that English has been unceremoniously forked out of the Civil Services preliminary examination, at a time when academia is moving heaven and earth to help students acquire better English language skills. It is time we realised that English is here to stay, even if like a bride from another community who has moved into her husband's home awaiting acceptance by his family. I met a research scholar from Poland and wondered how he had managed to collect data for his thesis from homes in Kerala. He said he did not face any problem: all those he met spoke English. In India, English is here to stay with us and amongst us, not as a migrant or friend, but as one of our own. It has survived in spite of political pressures and regional language loyaltie...
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Plea to PM on executions
Dear Editor, I would like to bring to your urgent attention my concerns about 7 persons, who are at risk of imminent execution after their mercy pleas were rejected: Surendra Koli was convicted and sentenced to death in 5 cases involving the abduction, rape and murder of girls in Nithari, Uttar Pradesh in 2005 and 2006. His death sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court in 2011. Renukabai and Seema were convicted of abducting and killing 5 children in Maharashtra between 1990 and 1996 and sentenced to death. The Supreme Court confirmed the death penalty in 2006. In India, it is rare for women to be sentenced to death. Rajendra Wasnik was convicted and given the death penalty for the rape and murder in Maharashtra in March 2007. The Supreme Court upheld the sentence in 2012. The Presid...
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Committee-reports to probe riots
Dear Editor, Reports of committees formed by political rulers have no authenticity because reports of such appointed political-committees are evidently according to their own political requirements, like is evident from report of Shivpal Yadav committee where the committee-head is himself a prominent leader of the ruling party. Political rulers even misuse ‘judicial panels/commissions’ headed by retired judges, when such appointed panels/commissions submit their reports according to requirements of political rulers having appointed these. Two seprate judicial commissions one appointed by Union Railway Ministry of UPA regime and the second appointed by BJP-led Gujarat government gave two different reports on the same matter. All enquiry-panels should be headed by retired judges nominate...
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Pathetic condition of Circular Road
Dear Editor, It is very surprising to see the pathetic plight of Circular Road in Jammu, right from below the DC office, upto the Chowk near Sidhra bridge. Slight rain and big stones, pebbles and eroded soil fill the road at many places and it becomes too dangerous for vehicles and bike drivers to drive on this strip of road. No doubt this strip is also a VVIP movement route but how astonishing is this that administration is silent on this issue. Many years back some portion of the hillock below old heritage Mubarak Mandi building was repaired but after that the work was halted for reasons best known to concerned agencies. The rest of the area is often prone to soil erosion from hillock side near Sidhra Chowk upto Sidhra bridge. It is worthwhile to mention here that as monsoon is in prog...
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Substandard eatables sale in canteen of educational institutions
Dear Sir, It is being brought into your kind notice that, eatables sold in the canteens of educational institutions whether Govt, or Pvt. Administered are of substandard quality which is a clear cut Violation of Food Safety and Standard Act of' 2006. the possibility of ill effect on the health of consumer, the children in particular can't be ruled out. I may have the Honour to recall you and ugly incident occurred same time back took place at Tali Morh Janipur where number of consumer fell in prey of Food poisoning after consuming the Ice Cream manufactured in the local area. It is also worthwhile to mention that administration learnt no lesson from such a big incident in which a good numbers were hospitalized. Before such incident is repeated, I intend to bring the awareness among the p...
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