Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Global warming
Dear Editor The earth till now is the only planet in the universe that supports life. But recently scientist have predicted that the future of the very life supporting planet is at stake owing to large number of factors and one them is the global warming. Global warming means that the more temperature of earth is increasing with every passing day. The earth has warmed by about 0.60c in the last century and the warming has increased in the last few decades. The ice shelves covering thousands of kilometers in Antartica have crumbled. In the Artic too, the story is the same. The incidents like forest fires and unprecedented cold in regions like Siberian are probably related to the change in climate at the global level. The ice sheets covering the water near North Pole are disappearing rap...
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Multiple pensions for parliamentarians
Dear Editor It refers to shocking news-reports on Rajya Sabha Secretariat responding that former Parliamentarians are entitled to receive pensions as ex-Parliamentarians even if they are getting pension as former members of state-legislators. It is not clear that retired bureaucrats/judges and others drawing pensions from public-exchequers can get pension for their later being Parliamentarians/state-legislators or not. There are many other posts at various Commissions and Tribunals where retired bureaucrats/judges get pension only equivalent to higher of the entitled two, and not complete pensions for both the posts together. Same should be system for those in legislature. Parliamentarians and members of state-legislators can be asked to file affidavits in regard to their getting pensio...
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Women empowerment
Dear Editor, India is still lagging behind as far as women empowerment is concerned. To truly understand what is women empowerment, there needs to be a sea-change in the mind-set of the people in the country. Not just the women themselves, but the men have to wake a world that is moving towards equality and equity. It is better that this is embraced earlier rather than later, for our own good. Swami Vivekananda once said “arise away and stop not until the goal is reached”. Thus our country should thus be catapulted into the horizon of empowerment of women and revel in its glory. We have a long way to go, but we will get there someday. We shall overcome. The United Nations Development Programme constituted eight Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for ensuring equity and peace across the ...
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Silver-alloy coins on Begum Akhtar
Dear Editor, Union government has issued commemorative coins of rupees 5 and 100 to celebrate birth-centenary of famous gazal and thumri singer late Begum Akhtar. But silver-alloy coins with face-value of rupees 100 having metal-value many times higher than the face-value, will be sold at a big premium as collectors’ set on booking through a cumbersome procedure that too much after release of these coins. Significantly those privileged to attend function for release of such commemorative coins get these free in attractive packing just on the day of release of coins. Earlier silver-alloy coins were also issued for general public also on face value, like was done on 02.10.1969 for celebrating birth-centenary of Mahatma Gandhi. But lately practice was discontinued perhaps because metal-val...
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Restore essential services
Ground reality of poor telecom and other services does not match the assurances
Inordinate delay in restoration of essential services like power, drinking water supply and telecommunications in Jammu and Kashmir after most parts of the state were ravaged by unprecedented floods last month has only added to the woes of the common masses. Telecommunication facilities despite repeated assurances are still out of order and the people are facing difficulties in connecting with their family members and loved ones across J&K. Not only the residents of J&K, but also people serving here from different parts of the country are facing similar problems in the absence of communication facilities. The central government has been holding out assurances for putting a large team of engineers and experts to restore the telecommunication facilities in J&K but has yet to translate its a...
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Calamities natural and man-made
Dear Editor, 8th October 2005, when earthquake shook Jammu and Kashmir including Pakistan Administered Kashmir and claimed lives of around one lakh people on both sides of Line of Control, was still fresh in our minds when another misery struck us on September 5 and 6, 2014. Jehlum turned violent and started to enter residential houses resulting in devastation and killings of innocents. The losses are more due to the unpreparedness of the authorities and lack of rescue material. Kashmirs have all along been the worst sufferers. The winters in the valley are fast approaching and the government is yet to submit a project report for receiving assistance from the centre for rehabilitation of those whose houses got damaged fully or partially. Unless the state government gives report to the ce...
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Creditability of CIBIL-ratings
Dear Editor, Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited is India’s first credit-rating agency which is most trusted by banks and Non-Banking-Financial-Companies (NBFCs) for testing credit-worthiness of loan-taking individuals. But its style of collecting data is largely defective because of wrong-doings of Direct Sales Associates (DSAs). These DSAs lodge loan-applications with too many banks and NBFCs without knowledge of loan-takers, thus adversely affecting credit-ratings of loan-takers. Even mobile-numbers and e-mail IDs of loan-seekers are wrong at times in CIBIL-reports, because these DSAs at times give mobile-numbers and e-mail IDs either of themselves or their employees so that loan-seeker may be in dark about DSAs lodging their loan-applications with too many banks and NBFCs at o...
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India-Pak relations
Dear Editor, The firing on the borders and the continuous ceasefire violations once again re-inforce the need to bring India and Pakistan to a negotiating table so that calm prevails. Sadly, despite renewing some optimism after the prime minister took oath and invited his Pakistani counterpart to India, nothing substantial was done to broker some peace and renew the composite dialogue process. In fact hawkishness on both sides even stalled the foreign secretary level talks. Some time back, journalist and political analyst Praful Bidwai had rightly observed about the troubled relations. He termed cancellation of the foreign secretary-level meeting with Pakistan as the Narendra Modi government’s first two big blunders of commission (the other being abolishing the Planning Commission at ho...
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Clean India campaign
Dear Editor, Prime minister Narendra Modi’s Clean India drive is much flawed. His government’s most glaring paradox: the inversely proportional relation between its ritualistic obsession with purity and its spectacularly ghastly uncleanliness for all the world to see and smell. ... So, nobody is clean as far as this institution of compelling one community to clean up everybody’s filth goes. Modi is not the only hypocrite in this. There is only one ultimate solution for the twin problems of ubiquitous filth in our habitats, and one people being laden with the task of cleaning it, based on their birth. That is, ensuring that the cleaning job is not unclean either in its process or the society’s perception of those involved in it. —Madhurima, New Delhi...
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Endless dates at courts
Dear Editor, It refers to Supreme Court’s welcome move to put a curb on unhealthy practice of frequent adjournments by making rules so that any lawyer seeking adjournment will have to file a consent-letter for adjournment from the opposite side to be submitted to the court-registry at least two days in advance of hearing-date. It will also save precious court-time by not listing such adjourned cases for hearing. Several Division benches of Supreme Court had earlier observed against frequent adjournments and liberal ex-party stay-orders, rather noting that parties getting ex-party stay-orders manage frequent adjournments even though at times ultimately losing the cases. Supreme Court should also devise some way whereby some provision to check liberal ex-party stay-orders also. One such w...
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Look beyond India-China relations
Dear Editor, China has assured to make massive investments in India. But is this good news? We need to look beyond the India-China negotiations to understand the larger game. China’s focus is certainly not India. China wants to keep India engaged but his prime aim is to encircle India either through the sea silk route or the Karakoram silk route, already in Chinese-Pakistani occupation. Those who say that China could be kept tied down by its large investments in India have to re-think. China knows that even without investing its dollars, it has not only been able to capture Indian markets but also erode its manufacturing base through silly exports of toys, mobiles, electronic goods and photo frames. China has no illusion. It has least interest in “making” in India. Its investments are...
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Elections without an issue
Dear Editor, Elections are fought on issues. But Maharashtra poll has turned into an issue-less election. Clearly, there is no defining issue that has emerged in the heat and dust of the election. The Congress and the NCP, which have misgoverned the State for 15 years have nothing to offer to the voters. BJP’s erstwhile ally Shiv Sena is running short of issues. This was clearly evident when Sena supremo Uddhav Thackeray compared BJP’s poll campaign in Maharashtra to Afzal Khan’s invasion of India. During the election campaign, Uddhav’s cousin and MNS supremo Raj Thackeray fumbled over his own party symbol and urged people to vote for ‘the bow and arrow’ – Shiv Sena’s symbol. In course of the election campaign, even senior BJP leader and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari sparked a row by ...
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Brutality in Iraq
Dear Editor, These medieval marauding brutes of Islamic State of Iraq need to be stopped in their tracks. Working through a Caliphate these brutes are spreading death and depredation in the areas under their control which they now call simply the Islamic State (IS), after removing the names Iraq and Levant from its earlier avatar. The State poses a threat to life and security in the Middle East and elsewhere and is poised to absorb more and more areas in the region under it. It has piled up human rights abuses against it and the Caliphate’s dealings with adversaries, civilians, women, children, journalists and religious minorities have been unspeakably inhuman, brutal, cruel and utterly uncivilised. —Suresh Singh...
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Mass copying in examinations
Dear Editor, Mass copying in examination has become a worldwide phenomenon today. No doubt people who resort to copying may pass the examination with high percentage of marks and get bundles of degrees, but there people always live in ignorance. The real intelligence and wisdom which one sets by reading writing and understanding remains far away from them and deserving people do not get the deserving place in society as prestigious positions are some times occupied by undeserving people who may have passed by cheating. The people who have got bundles of degrees and secured scores of marks though unfair means cannot perform their duties properly and the people working with them also suffer. It is not only the fault of students, somewhere the parents are also responsible for this evil enco...
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Message from polls
Dear Editor The BJP badly needs a morale booster after a near rout at the recent by polls in several states. It's only natural that once in power, no party or person wants to leave the throne for others and doesn't like allies partake of the spoils of power. And that is why it has abandoned or angered all its allies and decided to go it alone in both Maharashtra and Haryana. In the early nineties, Congress was in the same kind of delusion but realised later the futility of going solo in a changed scenario. Sense would, normally, prevail only after undesired experiences. Worse still, Modi wants voters to send his party to power not on the back of its ability or willingness to solve local issues but on his own achievements in four months at the centre. But since he has nothing to flaunt...
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