Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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Mass promotions
Dear Editor, The decision by previous government to rule out mass promotions for students is a decision that is more political and less judicious. It is not understandable as to why the ousted government made it a prestige issue instead of healing the wounds of the flood victims in which most of the people lost their houses and valuables. On one hand the government is not in favour of making any detention from class1st to 9th class then why not to give mass promotion. This is definitely embarrassing for the students and their parents who are apprehensive of psychological problem and mental health disorders. The session is almost stretching to 16 months and when and how the new academic session will start, is hard to predict and needs to be given serious thought The academic side of the...
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Why not eliminate root cause of tax exemption
Dear Editor, It refers to inaugural speech by Chief Election Commissioner Hari Shanker Brahma at 11th annual conference of Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) at Kolkata on 21.03.2015 wherein he desired an effective check on mushrooming registered political parties now about 1600 which are mainly formed for getting benefits of Income Tax exemption. Hardly about 200 of these parties are contesting elections either at national, state or other level. First step should be to de-register any political party which might not have contested any election in last five years. It may be compulsory for a political party to participate in elections within say one year of getting ad-hoc registered, failing which it may lose its registration. But remedy lies in abolishing root-cause of all such nu...
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S&T advancements
India needs to have a concrete science and technology policy for advancement and progress of scientific community and talented persons
The manner in which the central government has gone ahead with transfers and postings of the senior scientists in the science and technology department at the national level, it appears that the people at the helm of affairs do not have any conception about the policy matters on this issue. It is all the more surprising that continuance of such politics guided by right wing policies have had a negative effect on the working of the institutions, which have been looking forward to progressive ideas and their implementation. No one would doubt that science and technology (S&T) are an intrinsic part of the socio-politico-economic fabric of the Indian society, yet the cold fact is that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance government has paid scant attention to science in...
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Abolishing ceiling on poll-expenditure
Dear Editor, It refers to former Central Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi at 11th annual conference of Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) at Kolkata on 21.03.2015 rightly suggesting abolition on ceiling on poll-expenditure to induce honesty in political system. It remains a bitter fact that almost all seriously contesting candidates spend much-much higher than the limit imposed for poll-expenditure, apart from that which is shown expenses made by their sponsoring political parties. Abolishing limit will also make politicians of rival parties challenging their expenditure-details whereas presently they have to remain silent because of their crossing such limits themselves. Many leading politicians including like late Gopinath Munde have made such public-confession of spendi...
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Removal of encroachments on pavements
Dear Sir, The JMC authorities have reportedly launched a drive for removal of encroachments on pavements in the areas at Rail Head Complex, Trikuta Nagar. The encroachments occur when JMC authorities shut their eyes and fail to perform their assigned duties several times in the past such excercises have been taken in hand but with no tangible results as the businessmen again resort to displaying their goods to attract customers under the very nose of JMC office in town hall. Every pavement is encroached especially in upper Gurnet, R.N Bazar, Kanak Mandi, City Chowk, Old Hospital Road, Shalamar Road, Link Road, Purani Mandi, Pacca Danga and several other densely populated areas due to which traffic Jam occur frequently and more over passers-by fined it quit difficult to move about freely....
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It’s Swamy Vs. Modi now
Dear Editor, Prime Minister Modi needs to be cautious. The loose canon Subramanium Swamy, who usually takes his fight to its logical conclusion, has decided to take up the cudgels against Modi this time. The man who was responsible in bringing down the Vajpyee government in 1998, who ensured that Jayalalithaa wears handcuffs, and who dragged Sonia Gandhi to the courts, was heard attacking Modi in Parliament. Swamy is extremely miffed with the PM for not fulfilling his wish of becoming a Rajya Sabha MP. Swamy had been one of the main protagonists of Modi and had worked hard to see the Modi-led BJP come to power. But once in government, the BJP leadership has not paid him in cash or kind. He was recently lobbying hard for a Rajya Sabha seat from Maharashtra where the BJP has formed the gov...
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End VVIP privileges
Dear Editor,  Office of the then (caretaker) Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee after NDA losing Lok Sabha elections in the year 2004 at a supersonic speed managed to get number of government-bungalow changed from 8 to 6A with files moving and signed by dozens of officials just within a couple of days perhaps due to belief in numerology. RTI response revealed that firstly it was desired to get bungalow-number to be changed to lucky 7. But when it was pointed out that bungalow-number 7 already existed on other side of the road as per practice of having odd and even numbered bungalow-numbers on two opposite sides of the road in Lutyen’s zone of New Delhi, an over-writing was done in communication from Prime Minister’s Office desiring this bungalow to be re-numbered as 6A and then allotted...
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How much useful private Toll plazas preventing corruption
Dear Editor, State govt. is stated to have decided to handover Lakhanpur toll plaza to private persons with a view to prevent corruption. Although the intentions appeared to be good that the menace of corruption in J&K state has resulted in categorising it as 2nd highly corrupt State in the country and by now it may have attained top position. But the Toll plazas handled by private persons are known for hiding the real income generated by them that mere 30% of it as per some news reports appeared in news media some time back is being shown as the income earned. Moreover, the people at several Toll plazas in Maharashtra, Bihar Haryana, U.P and some other states resorted to violently agitated against the high handedness of privately owned toll plazas as they felt that the people plying the...
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Pricing and packing of medicines
Dear Editor, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) should look into abnormally high printed ‘Maximum Retail Price’ (MRP) on generic-medicines which allows even upto 400-percent trade margins above their respective ex-factory prices. NPAA must fix some maximum trade-margin on generic medicines whereby there may be a reasonable difference between their ex-factory prices and MRPs. Thereafter generic medicines should be publicised giving comparative prices of popular brands of different companies with the generic medicines having same salt. This will make prices of branded medicines sharply reduced. NPAA should also look into pricing medicines in India where same salt is marketed by different companies in varying prices. Antibiotic ‘Ofloxacin’ has Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for...
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Don’t restrict creativity
Dear Editor, This refers to new controversy related to Censor Board banning some controversial words in films and documentaries. The move evoked strong reaction from the persons related to cinema world and other stakeholders of creative realm. Majority view is that that banning restricts creativity so it should be left to the viewers to accept or reject the movie or other creations of art. Yet other side says unrestricted freedom leads to chaos so a judicious check should be there. At the same time, curbs should not be allowed at the whims and fancies of those at the helm of affairs. Rationality demands where words or for that matter scenes even are integral to the soul of any creative venture should not be cut but where their purpose is related to commercial interests only, to tit...
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Mufti’s remarks
Dear Editor, Those in politics must be careful in making their comments public. J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed must have avoided untimely mention of militants and those across the border (Pakistan) for not disturbing peace during poll-process in Jammu & Kashmir. Any break of alliance-government because of such comments in future will harm PDP itself and not BJP because BJP has its solid vote-bank. But vote-bank of PDP will definitely become dicey because of PDP’s changing stands first in forming government with a party ideologically different from its usual stand, and then a (probable) break of alliance. Otherwise also every government has a collective responsibility and as such state Chief Minister of J&K must not make such disturbing comments without taking his Deputy Chief M...
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Poverty alleviation; a myth or reality?
Dear Editor, The exploiting ruling classes of our country, belonging to all hues and colours are pretending to take various steps to alleviate poverty strick in people so that they are able to live with some sort of dignity and honour. The limes of India, a national daily on 21st of March carried the statistics that 21.92 percent Indians are poor. It states further that there are, however, two ways to measure g poverty relative and absolute in developed and developing countries of the world. It revealed further that poverty estimates in advanced economies are based on the calculation of relative poverty with the average standard of living used as the reference point, people are counted as poor if they maintain this level. Whereas in India, poverty is estimated at absolute level as the mi...
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Welcome SC verdict striking down section 66A of I-T Act
Dear Editor Thank god India has a Supreme Court with distinguished judges like Justices J Chelameswar and R F Nariman which defends rights of its citizens against dictatorial approach of political rulers hurting freedom of speech and expression of citizens! It is indeed sad that even the present BJP-led Central government tried its level best for obstructing citizens’ right by continuing pleading for retaining section 66A of Information and Technology (I-T) Act even though this section 66A of I-T Act was misused in several states. Adequate compensation should be awarded to all those who had to face hardships including also imprisonment because of misuse of section 66A of I-T Act which has now been even held to be unconstitutional by the Apex Court. Rather those responsible for incorpor...
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Routine budgetary exercise
Dear Editor, Much was expected of the first Union budget of BJP-led Central Government to be a ‘budget with a difference’ for being realistic, simple with a systematic and realistic tax-regime in a manner to abolish additives like cess, surcharges etc. It was also hoped that abolition of such additives could be more than compensated by minimising undesired subsidies. But even most talked about abolition of subsidy on LPG cooking gas for affording ones was continued. Likewise not-much-used postal items like Post-Cards, Inland-Letter-Cards etc with extra-ordinary heavy subsidy were neither discontinued nor could subsidy be reduced on these. Dual rate of excise-duty according to length rather than ex-factory price still continues. Duty-structure for excise and custom should have been in sim...
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Criminal Justice needs thorough review
Dear Editor, The supreme court Judge R.M. Lodha, while inaugurating the Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre(ADRC) in Anantnag last year, had admitted that "Every institution is meant by individuals, and if individuals have no morality corruption will continue to happen". He was talking to the media over recent report of an NGO putting the judiciary on second rank in corruption after police. He admitted that Judicial system is time consuming and said that there is need to bring lot of change. The judge observed that besides Civil cases even minor criminal cases can be solved through ADRC through mediation. The people have expressed serious concern over pilingup of criminal cases in the courts day by day. The politicians in power, bureaucracy and other influential people as well as the ...
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Library at CIC: Where is it?
Dear Editor, Central Information Commission (CIC) spends huge funds on its own library with regular purchase of books with a duly recruited librarian. But no such library is visible at its main headquarters at August Kranti Bhawan (New Delhi) where main offices including of all administrative functionaries, registries and court-rooms of most of the Commissioners including Chief Information Commissioner and even the main court-room for holding full-bench hearings are situated. Registries and court-rooms of some of the Commissioners are situated at another location of Old JNU complex. But there are also there is no sign-board indicating presence of any CIC-library is visible. Otherwise also if CIC has to have its library, it should have been at the main premises at August Kranti Bhawan on...
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Black money invested in gold and jewellery
Dear Editor, All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation has demanded removal of provision of giving PAN number on purchase of gold jewellery worth rupees one lakh and above expressing doubts of increase in smuggled gold. It is indirect confession of use of black money in purchase of gold jewellery. Earlier also in the year 2012, the then Indian Finance Minister succumbed to political and other pressures while taking back measures of imposing excise-duty on gold jewellery from the Union Budget for 2012-13 which could effectively check use of black money in purchase of jewellery. Idea of re-introducing maximum 14-carat gold for jewellery rather could reduce demand of gold in India which happens to be biggest consumer of gold in the world with even Reserve Bank of India (RBI) felt worr...
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