Thursday, January 19, 2017
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Votes in the name of religion
Dear Editor, This refers to your editorial “Votes in the name of religion” (KT- Jan 16). The Supreme Court has rightly outlawed seeking votes in the name of religion, caste, race, community or language, a potentially far-reaching verdict ahead of assembly elections in five states where faith and caste have traditionally driven voting. India is officially secular but political parties have traditionally used religion and caste as the main criteria to select candidates and to appeal to voters. The SC has rightly pointed out that “Election is a secular exercise and therefore a process should be followed… The relationship between man and God is an individual choice and state should keep this in mind.” It is a blow for parties which have been fighting elections on the development plank. Relig...
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Mulayam Singh Yadav ‘loses’ to Akhilesh
Dear Editor, So-called defeat of father Mulayasingh Yadav at hands of son Akhilesh Yadav has in fact been most relaxing for Mulayamsingh Yadav where he exhibited his skill to end war in his family, and at the same time projecting his Akhilesh Yadav as a hero in forthcoming elections to state-assembly in UP. It seems that step-mother of Akhilesh Yadav who happens to be second wife of Mulayamsingh Yadav might not be happy with step-son monopolizing political legacy of her husband. Best way to ease out of the peculiar family-problem for Mulayamsingh Yadav was to contest loose before the Election Commission to get an order against him and then plead in the family that he was helpless before order of the Election Commission favouring Akhilesh Yadav! —Subhash Chandra Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lat...
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Travellers’ Cheques & Credit Cards
Dear Editor, Instead of concentrating more for cashless transaction for small and petty amounts, central government should devise system so that every transaction of rupees 10000 and above may be compulsorily cashless, abolishing all incentives presently provided for petty cashless payments. Annual and processing charges for new credit cards should be completely waived off by public-sector banks towards their social responsibility even though banks may have to suffer losses. Rather study may also be made for abolition of transaction-charges on use of credit-cards. Losses suffered by banks will be largely covered by reduced expenses on currency-printing. Travellers Cheques payable at all branches of issuing banks in single denomination of rupees 10000 bearing name/address/account-number ...
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2000-plus daily hits on public-griviance portal of PM
Dear Editor, Welcome public-griviance portal /pmocitizen/ Grievancepmo. aspx has been incorporated on website of Prime Minister of India is becoming popular day by day with daily hits crossing more than 2000. It is noteworthy that a similar portal www.helpline. has just 40 hits per day even though the same has been operative for last about eight years or so. Special feature of the portal put on Prime Minister’s website is that it has also an option for ‘Suggestions’ while this option is removed from But otherwise system of handling remains just the same as is for which is far from being satisfactory with quality of disposal totally unsatisfactory that too with final disposals not auto e-mailed directly to those having ...
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AIR should revise time -schedule
Dear Editor, All India Radio (AIR) should revise time-scheduled of its news bulletins to be audience-friendly. Main evening Hindi news-bulletin should be at 8 pm instead of present 8.45 pm to give ‘Samayaki’ an important time-place at 8.15 pm just after the main news-bulletin in a manner ‘Spotlight’ is placed after main English news-bulletin of 9 pm. Other programmes presented by AIR News Services Division like ‘Today in Parliament’/ ‘Sansad Sameeksha’, ‘Radio Newsreel’/ ‘Samachar Darshan’ etc can be between 8.30 pm and 9 pm. This time-slot can be utilized to revive weekly ‘News-Sameeksha’ on Sundays to get feedback from listeners. Morning main news-bulletins can be at 7.45 am in Hindi and 8 am in English of 10-minutes duration each to be followed by comments from newspapers of 5-minut...
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Encroachments in old Delhi roads
Dear Editor, Complete stretch of the prominent Netaji Subhash Marg of old Delhi opposite Red Fort right from Delhi Gate to Presentation Convent School was looking like heaven from evening of 04.01.2017 till noon of 05.01.2017 because all six-layer encroachments occupying footpaths, service roads and even a major part of the main road were removed as a security-measure for visit of BJP national President Amit Shah to Gurudwara Sisganj in Chandni Chowk on the pious occasion of 350th Prakash Utsav of Guru Govindsingh ji. Even connecting roads of Shyama Prasad Mukherji Marg and Pt Ram Chandra Dehlvi Marg were also cleared of encroachments for the limited duration. Such cleaning operation is also there on Republic Day and Independence Day. Large scale encroachments on roads and footpaths of ...
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Service tax levied on premium postal-services
Dear Editor While ordinary postal-services are exempted from levy of service-tax, postal-department has to pay service-tax on some select premium services like Speed Post (including Speed Post Gold) and Express Parcel Post. Charging service-tax from Department of Posts that too only on some select postal-services by Department of Revenue is like transferring money from one pocket to other of the central government resulting in unnecessary paper-work and procedural aspects involving huge man-hours. Imposition of service-tax on premium postal-services also results in irrational postal-tariffs like rupees 17 or rupees 39 which deprives users of premium postal-services using attractive commemorative stamps which are normally issued in denominations multiples of rupees five. Use of attractiv...
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Corrupt practices in Armed forces
Dear Editor, It is very sad & painful to see the videos shared by BSF jawan The Bahadir Yadav that describes how our national heroes are badly treated, while doing their duty, by none other than the administration. The videos expose the dismal state of affairs in the Armed forces and the hardships our soldiers face everyday due to the “corrupt practices” of their own officers. It's shame on us to say that Jawan treated like this. It's sad to see this happening with our jawans who are sacrificing so much to protect this country of evil government & officials who don't even bother to look or care for their soldiers fighting on the border & risking their lives for nothing. One can imagine what must be going through in the minds of jawans while being served such a distasteful meal. It is s...
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Disposals of submissions made at PG-portal
Dear Editor, It is usual practice that those having posted their submissions at Public-Griviance-Portal ( maintained by Department of Administrative Reforms (Government of India) are informed through SMS and e-mail that their submissions are disposed off advising to visit the website for seeing details of disposal. But it is quite often that website does not provide sought details because of some web-error. Department of Administrative Reforms should direct all listed public-authorities to compulsorily send copy of disposal through e-mail provided by those having submitted submissions at the portal. Usually public-authorities close the matter by revealing that “subject-matter does not relate to it”. It is work-assignment for Department of Administrative Reforms to fo...
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Presentation of union budget
Dear Editor, The opposition is demanding postponement of Budget as there are Elections in 5 States and it may lure the voters. There is nothing wrong in such a budget as most of the budget provisions’ impact on few classes of voters is that of more burdens on their finances. By presenting a luring budget for such voters –that way these voters shall get some benefits at least! It is pertinent that voters now are intelligent they can understand the real intentions of the budget provisions and country’s benefits too. This is proved by demonetization step by the government to eradicate black cash money hoardings. Such people are a very low percentage but majority suffered the harassment of standing queues and learnt to live with lesser cash .Majority proved that they are most tolerant peo...
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Act on consumer-interest
Dear Editor, Department of Consumer Affairs (Government of India) has played soft with hotels and restaurants by not imposing a complete ban on ‘service-charge’ levied by hotels and restaurants, and rather advising them not to press customers for paying ‘service-charge’ in case they are dissatisfied with their service. Earlier Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) on 03.05.2016 pictorially revealed through newspaper-advertisements that effective service-tax inclusive of cess on food served in air-conditioned restaurants is just 5.8 percent while restaurants are levying ten-percent additional as service-charge. People go to hotels and restaurants for entertainment and relaxation, and not for arguing against levying of service-charge in case of dissatisfactory service. Most people do n...
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Adieu, Om Puri
Dear Editor, The news of death of Om Puri, actor is shocking as he was just 66 years old. I recall seeing him at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi for the premiere of one of his films. Even though he was standing very close to me, I did not approach him, because I believe in appreciating art and celebrities from a distance. One can never forget his onscreen persona. Every role that he played was powerful. His honesty reflected well from his statements, like the one he made in 2012 where he said that he has returned to theatre because he has no work in films. He has worked in lot of art cinema along with other mix of genres. Om Puri was one of the finest actors in the Bollywood. He was very talented as it is proved in the film “East is East”- a British film, Ardh Satya, Aakrosh and Jaane Bhi Do Ya...
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How safe are our girls?
Dear Editor, The mass molestation incident that took place in Bengaluru has saddened, hurt and shocked everyone. Bangalore was once termed the safest city for women in the country but now, it could well earn the sobriquet of the most unsafe city. As the city grows rapidly, people are becoming socially more isolated where nobody cares what is happening to the person next door. Women were silently suffering earlier but due to presence of media and sensitization of police, they are now coming forward to speak against all types of crime. Violence against the weaker sex brings out the manly demeanor of our society where oppression of women is deemed as a custom. While serious law reform is the need of the hour, it also should be taken into consideration that the planners, administrators, and...
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Post-free RTI petitions
Dear Editor, Indian postal-department deserves all compliments for providing unique facility of accepting RTI petitions addressed to central public-authorities without requiring any postal-charges. But presently this facility is available at just about 4500 post-offices out of a total of about 160000 post-offices in the country. Department of Posts should make this facility available at all about 160000 post-offices in the country. There should be no operational problem in extending this service at all post-offices of the country, because every posts-office, however small it may be, sends a post-bag in the evening to the head post-office. This post-bag apart from other items and currency also contains articles booked through registered and speed post etc. This post-bag sent from each po...
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