Wednesday, September 3, 2014
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Food wastage can cripple nation's economy
Dear Editor, Food wastage cripples a country's economy to an extent that many of us are unaware of. In India, where we have considered ourselves as a developing nation for the last 60 years, food wastage cripples us a lot more. It is estimated that about 20% of what we buy in urban India ends up being thrown away. It is also estimated that the actual worth of money per year in India from food wastage comes to a whopping Rs 58,000 crores. According to a survey by Bhook (an organisation working towards reducing hunger) more than 20 crore Indians sleep hungry at any given night and about 7 million children died in 2012-13 because of hunger and malnutrition. The urban India is increasingly wasting more food over the years and recently contributing to about 35% of all food wasted in India. In...
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More media-reporting about PM's alleged control on his ministers
Dear Editor, After Prime Minister's Office (PMO) denying all media-reports about a family-member of Union Home Minister, there is a flood of more such media-reportings about Prime Minister controlling his ministerial colleagues including like asking to change dress on foreign-trips and mid-way call while dining with industrialists in costly restaurants. Such reports were otherwise quite common amongst members of public much before now being published and aired in both print and electronic media. There is no harm, if PM is really making sincere efforts to change political culture which had made ministers masters of people rather than servants of people. Rather such cleaning efforts of Prime Minister should be publically publicised to make highly-posted persons realise themselves as serva...
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Clarifications needed on Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna to avoid misuse
Dear Editor, 'Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna' providing zero-balance bank-accounts opened liberally and user-friendly manner in just a couple of minutes with multiple facilities like Ru-pay debit-card linked insurance-cover of rupees one lakh (plus thirty thousand for accounts opened till 26.01.2015) and a clean overdraft-facility after six months of operation of bank-accounts, needs some proper checks and balances to avoid misuse. There are possibilities that a person may open a number of bank-accounts under the scheme for availing clean overdraft facility from all the bank-accounts, thus creating problems later in recovery of loan-amounts. It is a known fact that bank-managers are first assigned targets for liberal disbursal of loans under various populist schemes, and later pulled up ...
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Age-limit for politicians
Dear Editor, Prominent Congress leaders Janardan Dwivedi and Digvijaysingh have rightly advocated for imposing an age-limit for being in politics, a view on their own party disassociated itself. Prime Minister Narender Modi has also tried to have a sort of age-restriction in formation of his cabinet despite dissent amongst some of party veterans. When there is age-limit for all others like in bureaucracy and judiciary, there is no reason that an upper age-limit may be fixed for being in politics. An upper-age limit for being in politics will tend to end dynastic politics, a harmful aspect which has turned politics as a profession or family-business for many in politics. Since any such age-restriction cannot be imposed in political parties through legislation, at least law can be amende...
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Truce needed on borders
Dear Editor, Modi government’s decision to invite Nawaz to his swearing-in ceremony three months ago was very welcome. That was the high point, however, things went downhill swiftly afterwards. There was no policy to follow that goodwill gesture. Both countries are to blame for fresh round of fierceness. Ceasefire violations have now become a daily occurrence. Times are such that it hardly matters who shot first; enough casualties on both sides indicate that even if one side started it, the other most emphatically ended it. Both countries have legitimate grievances against each other. Pakistan has yet to grant Indian the MFN status. Prime Minister Modi’s actions have not helped either. Modi went to Kargil and accused Pakistan of waging a ‘proxy war of terrorism’ which is not a move con...
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Crisis in Pakistan
Dear Editor, With Pakistan caught once again in a major political crisis with Imran Khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri unrelenting and targeting Nawaz Sharif at the cost of making the army more powerful, democracy is once again threatened in the country. The fragility of democracy in Pakistan has everything to do with the military establishment which ironically may have to step in due to the current street protests by PAT and PTI. 67 years after independence, the fact is that Pakistan has a sham democracy where parliament is not the supreme authority. Democracy is just a front to show the rest of the world that a civilian government is ruling Pakistan when the sad fact is that the very same civilian government does not have any control on security, foreign affairs or perhaps even the economy. Zard...
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Excessive militarisation
Dear Editor, To oppose any notion of demilitarization it is very easy to blame militancy. Militancy in Kashmir has been on the decline but still the troops presence has never come down. Besides, ,militancy is a problem and somewhere a manifestation of anger. And, with anger increasing in Kashmir, this militancy can assume a full blown form. Violence cannot be justified in no form at all - not from the side of the militants and at the same time moreso from the state which is entrusted to safeguard its citizens. The citizens must feel a sense of belonging and be confident about the state. That is the only way to win people over. —Irshad Wani, Bijbehara...
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Encourage polymer-packs
Dear Editor, Many manufacturers of consumer-products like toiletries, cosmetic, syrups and medicines etc still use breakable glass containers and inconvenient tin-tubes for packing. Glass containers cause loss of commodity on being accidently broken and much of the product packed in tin-tubes is left unused at the end while product can be easily squeezed completely from tubes made of squeezable polymer compound. Also glass and tin containers often cause cuts in body-parts. Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs should ensure compulsory replacement of glass and tin containers by packs made of suitable polymer compound. Exemption may be granted in case a product is liable to be reacted if packed in polymer packing. —MADHU AGRAWAL, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba Delhi....
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Strengthening RTI Act
Dear Editor, The RTI Act , which was once hailed as the ultimate weapon in the hands of the citizens to fight for probity in public life, has now lost its sheen. The bureaucracy has effectively nullified this Act by its calculated tactics. The Information Commissioners who are supposed to ensure the implementation of the RTI Act in letter and spirit are really the employed tools to sabotage the RTI Act. They are the carefully chosen ex bureaucrats or those with political and official patronage, who are put on the job to defeat the letter and spirit of the RTI Act and frustrate the RTI Activists. Now, the ground reality is that most of the letters seeking information under RTI Act are not acknowledged at all or a reply is sent at the end of 30 days stating that the l...
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Supreme Court verdict on ministers with criminal charges
Dear Editor, Supreme Court verdict giving authority to Prime Minister and Chief Ministers for selecting ministers by their wisdom on basis of their criminal records leaves chances of tainted ones holding ministerial charge. With persons like Madhu Koda having reached to the top post of Chief Minister in present political system, larger national and public interest demanded that Supreme Court would have fixed proper guidelines for persons to be appointed as ministers. —SUBHASH CHANDRA AGRAWAL 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba, Chandni Chowk Delhi. ...
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Toilet facilities and manual scavenging
Dear Editor, Lack of modern toilets is also a public health issue that has recently come to the forefront of political debate in India. A World Health Organization report in May this year said that more than a half-billion Indian citizens still defecate in the open. Using fields, rivers and abandoned lots as toilets exposes people to diseases such as polio, hepatitis A and diarrhea. One in every 10 deaths in India, the World Bank said, is due to poor sanitation, a total of around 768,000 deaths a year. India's new prime minister, Narendra Modi, highlighted the importance of modernizing the country's sanitation system during his election campaign earlier this year, saying that building toilets was more important than building temples. There may be a vast gap between what is being said he...
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Major fire in Old Delhi
Dear Editor, It refers to a major fire on 26.08.2014 in capital's one of the most busy and congested markets Kinari Bazar in Chandni Chowk. Heavy business in narrow lane of Kinari Bazar has unauthorisedly built multi-storeyed commercial buildings with shops having market-values much-much costlier than the main Chandni Chowk itself! A similar fire on 13.12.2012 completely gutted several buildings in similar commercial hub of Bhagirath Palace at Chandni Chowk. Fire-tenders found much difficulty in getting approach-ways to these two congested streets of Kinari Bazar and Chandni Chowk, root cause of which are mushrooming unauthorised multi-storey buildings especially in PIN-code zone of Old Delhi-110006 which in last some decades changed its colour from earlier purely residential to now tota...
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