Wednesday, August 31, 2016
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Necessity of organic farming
Dear Editor, It is unfortunate that while most advanced countries like United States of America (USA) are fast realizing importance of products produced through organic farming, India which was pioneer in this field in our golden ancient past, is fast losing products produced from organic farming. In countries like USA, food-grains produced from organic farming and fertilizers made from dung are sold as premium items. Even fabric woven from cotton produced by organic farming is sold as premium products with even dyes and chemicals used for processing being manufactured from products produced through organic farming. Garments and other textile-products made from fabric woven and processed by organic cotton and dyes/chemicals are taken as good for skin to avoid skin-related diseases. In...
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Abolish Platform tickets
Dear Editor, At any moment long queues are seen for a platform ticket at Railway stations. Even senior citizens and women are required to stand up in the same one queue. Like GST, abolish Platform tickets and merge it with ticket cost –increase all kind of tickets by say Re. one or two to offset revenue loss on such abolition. In fact, Railway would earn much more than its loss on this account by such a measure. Railway’s cost of printing and managing it by employing employees for it shall be reduced too to zero also. It shall save time of persons who come to see off or come at platforms to pick passengers –relatives and friends etc from trains .No person unnecessarily comes to railway station and by abolition of platform tickets rush at platforms shall not be increased as such what for...
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Statuary warning necessary on sweet-packs
Dear Editor, Diabetics is unfortunately spreading fast because of present-days’ life-style full of tensions and unease. It has become a fashion to distribute costly packs of sweets on occasions like marriages and festivals. At times especially in marriage-seasons, there is dumping of sweets resulting in over-consumption. Moreover there always remain chances of spurious khoya and synthetic milk being present in sweets. It is significant that during Deepawali, consumption of khoya is far more than usual production of milk thereby establishing bitter reality of spurious khoya being used in sweets in the festive-season. It is in interest of society itself if distribution of sweets on ‘sweet’ occasions may be replaced by salty items (namkeens). Rather central government should consider idea o...
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GST’s motives & purposes: Applauded by big business lobby
Dear Editor, The Goods & Services Tax (GST) is projected to set a new dimension in taxes through a supposed uniform sate across the country. Large industries particularly the MNCs lobbied for GST for the “Ease business” to subsume all other taxes. India is reportedly virtually adopting a dual GST, in other words, GST would be charged by both central and state governments and moreover, basic custom duty will continue to be charged even after introduction of GST. Besides, other indirect taxes such as stamp duties etc too shall continue. Many states have entry tax which too may continue. The GST is reportedly a destination based tax, not the origin one. Moreover, this would be difficult to, in case of services, because it is not easy to identify where the service is provided. The exclusion ...
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Remove encroachments at approach-way to Chandni Chowk metro-station in Delhi
Dear Editor, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) should take urgent steps to make complete approach-way to Chandni Chowk metro-station right from Dr HC Sen Marg along Shani temple to station entry-gate. These encroachments by hawkers and vendors were once removed by filing RTI petitions, but re-emerged after some time. Problem has now been even more vigorous when a permanent stall selling garments with even electricity-meter fixed on encroached land along car-parking wall near Shani temple. Enquiry should be made about an encroacher provided even an electricity-connection. Such heavy encroachment results in incidents like pick-pocketing and chain-snatching. DMRC should co-ordinate with Delhi Police and North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) for ensuring approach-way completely and alwa...
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Development without employment
Dear Editor, The politicians belonging to the exploiting ruling classes dish out promises and dreams of Ache Din in order to grab power by winning elections. The people are lured to take part in the parliamentary democratic process. After coming to power, the politicians forget all promises and instead of addressing and redressing their basic problems like employment rising prices, regional and communal harmony the process of appeasement of the benefactors, the privileged sections of society is put in practice while the common people are left high and dry. This is happening from the very beginning since independence for alien yolk like an old saying “Asman se girey khajoor pe atkey”. The informative people like shivaji sarkar think that without employment, the economy is likely to remai...
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Increase scope of RTI Act
Dear Editor, It is quite often that bodies/institutions declared public-authorities by Central Information Commission (CIC) often challenge CIC-verdicts in courts and get stay-order against CIC-verdicts. There are bodies like IFFCO which despite involved in heavy dose of subsidy could not somehow be declared public-authority by CIC. It is time that either central government declares categories like public-private-partnerships (PPP), co-operative societies, all sports-bodies (including BCCI and its affiliated units) and all those getting any direct or indirect government-funding in any form may be automatically covered under RTI Act. Central government favouring political parties for not complying with CIC-verdict holding them under RTI Act, should snatch all direct/indirect funding incl...
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RBI ‘closes’ submissions made against concept of ‘Asset Reconstruction Company’
Dear Editor, New Governor of Reserve bank of India (RBI) should look into Banking Policy Division of RBI ‘closing’ submissions made against concept of ‘Asset Reconstruction Company’ (ARC) designed to hide ‘Non Performing Assets’ (NPAs) of banks at heavy loss to banks including public-sector ones. Since ARC concept brings smile to both ARCs and loan-defaulters at big loss to banks, it is a direct loss to hard-earned tax-payers’ money. Every tax-payer thus has a right to complain against the big malpractice which must not be closed by considering these merely as suggestions. ARCs purchase NPAs at very low price thus being able to bargain with loan-defaulters at much lower than the loan-amount, leave apart interest and other expenses, with banks being the big losers just to make their bala...
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Computerisation in medical profession
Dear Editor, It should be made mandatory for new-age medical practitioners to issue prescriptions direct from the computer after storing patients’ medical history in their computers. Many medical practitioners especially in lower-income localities give their own-prepared medicinal syrups and powder-capsules without letting patients know about the medicines being administered to them. In emergency-era of 1975-1977, such unhealthy practice was effectively checked by making all medical practitioners to compulsorily maintain record of each patient visiting them and also binding every medical practitioner to compulsorily give a copy of prescription of administered or prescribed medicines even though given by the medical practitioner himself/herself. Such medical discipline should be restored ...
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V K Singh RS, must apologise
Dear Editor, Minister for state for External Affairs Mr. V K Singh mislead the nation by making a statement in the Rajya Sabha in the first week of May by saying, “as per bilateral agreement in May 2008, India-Pakistan Joint Judicial Committee consisting of retired judges of superior judiciary from two countries are meeting every six months and visiting jails to ameliorate the conditions, ensure humane treatment and expeditious release of prisoners.” Mr. V K Singh’s lie came into light in a RTI reply given to Jatin Desai by the Deputy Secretary (Pak) in the Ministry of External Affairs via letter dated 8th August. The reply says: it is stated that the last meeting of India-Pakistan Judicial Committee on Prisoners was held in 2013. There is no information on records as to the next meeti...
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Fails to comply with CIC-verdict for point-wise response
Dear Editor, It refers to justification provided by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) in allowing dual-edged sword of tax-exemptions for contribution made-to/received-by political parties subsequent to a CIC-verdict directing working-sheets on processing of submissions made in this regard. CBDT has failed to provide a consolidated point-wise response to other points of RTI petition despite CIC-verdict. CBDT has failed to take note of a large number of mushrooming registered political parties now swelling to about 2000 only to whiten black money, where only about 50 of these political parties being recognised as state or national level political parties and about 400 having contested Lok Sabha elections in the year 2014. Since our political parties are extra rich to afford without tax...
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Hats off daughters of India
Dear Editor, Two daughters of India out of nearly 170 players who took part in Rio Olympics 2016 saved the honour of India by winning a Silver and a Bronze Medals in Badminton and wrestling while third one became fourth ranking in gymnastics by a thin margin otherwise she too would have earned bronze medal as well. It was gave humiliating for 2nd highly populated country after China in the world when even smaller countries earned many Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals there. India is, woefully placed 66th in Medal tally’s. Both P.V. Sandhu and Sakshi Malik created history in their own fields of sports by getting first ever Silver medal in Badminton and Bronze in Wrestling for the first time by any Indian women players in the World Olympic games. Hockey, which was once the national sport...
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