Saturday, June 25, 2016
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Monsoons bring flood of problems
Dear Editor, With the scorching heat this summer, the temperatures rising up to 42 degree Celsius, people await monsoons. Monsoon is perhaps the most awaited season in our country, not only because of the heat but also because rains are the main source of irrigation for the 3/4th of the population of our country that is involved in agricultural sector. However, monsoon itself comes with a lot of problems. Due to heavy rainfall sometimes road are blocked and jammed and there is heavy traffic and people find it very difficult to go to work or school or carry on with their regular working lives, causing a lot of inconvenience. In cities like Delhi, more often people are stuck in traffic jams for hours and hours, not being able to commute to their world place. The most common feature of t...
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Ban on silver leaves
Dear Editor, Welcome move to ban silver-leaves (vark) made by hammering thin sheets of silver in the middle of sheets made of a bull’s intestines It refers to Union Health Ministry considering banning conventional unhygienic process of manufacturing thin silver leaves (vark) by hammering thin sheets of silver in the middle of sheets made of a bull’s intestines. Process is unhygienic where at times traces of bull’s intestines remain with silver leaves (vark), this being the reason many people mainly from minority Jain community avoid using food-items (sweets etc) decorated with silver leaves (vark) because their religion does not allow non-vegetarian food or items made through slaughtering animals. Process also is cruelty on animals where intestines of bull are immediately removed after ...
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High Courts still named after old city-names?
Dear Editor, There was a move from Central government sometime in January 2015 for renaming Bombay High Court and Madras High Court after long years of renaming these cities as Mumbai and Chennai. But till now change is not affected. Even Calcutta High Court is to be renamed as Kolkatta High Court. It is significant that except for these three High Courts at Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata respectively, all other High Courts are named after states of their jurisdiction. An RTI response had revealed that while all the High Courts constituted after independence were named after respective main states of jurisdiction, these three High Courts constituted by British regime in pre-independence era continue to be named as per British legacy on basis of cities of their existence even after 70 long ...
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No taxable Income
Dear Editor, As per reports it is claimed allegedly that a very low percentage of population file their ITR .It is not because they are evading taxes but in fact such a percentage of population is very low who have taxable incomes –since our economy is basically agriculturist –major population still lives in villages and small towns having no taxable income, on the contrary they find difficult to meet both ends to survive. Statistics lies, is proved here. The base of calculation of percentage should be based on Metro and big towns' population wherein also a good percentage –workers / employees have no taxable income. The basic thinking of government that most citizens having taxable incomes and not filing their income tax returns is wrong –it proves that there is no trust on citizens b...
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Postal-orders should be payable at all post-offices
Dear Editor In present era of multi-city clearing of instruments, it is senseless in requiring users of postal-orders to specifically mention of post-office of payment in postal-orders. Provision should be to make postal-orders payable at par at all post-offices throughout the country on payment of printed prescribed commission. With value of money going down and considering high cost of handling postal-orders (which was rupees 37.45 for the year 2011-12 as per an RTI response), minimum denomination of postal-order should be rupees fifty. New higher denominations of rupees 200 and 500 for postal-orders should be added. But eliminating lower denominations of rupees ten and twenty of postal-orders can only be possible when newly formed committee to consider issue of special and exclusive ...
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Postal-stamps on ‘Surya Namaskar’
Dear Editor, Postal-department has on 20.06.2016 on eve of second International Yoga Day (21st June) issued a beautiful and attractive set of twelve postal-stamps, six each in denominations of rupees five and twenty-five, with different yoga-poses of ‘Surya Namaskar’. But big question is if these stamps will ever be available to commoners mostly not going to select post-offices where these may be available? Series of commemorative stamps should be released in most commonly used denominations that too after rationalising postal-tariffs in multiples of rupees ten except in case of subsidised services like sponsored meghdoot post-cards, registered newspapers etc where tariff can be rupee one abolishing any tariffs in paises. Ordinary mail can have a tariff of rupees ten per 50 gms or part ...
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Banning dumping debries in rivers is must
Dear Editor, The National Green Tribunal (N.G.T.) has banned indiscriminate dumping of debries in rivers Chenab and Tawi. This unhealthy practice of dumping of garbage and other harmful waste in water bodies have resulting into polluting dangerously the water bodies which have turned into nallahs. It is the duty of every law abiding persons to keep their surroundings neat and green and keep nearby water bodies free from the pollutants. NDA government with great fanfare launched Swatch Baharat Abhiyan when every VIP held broom in their hand and was shown sweeping the places in the news media. There are attempts being made by the authorities to remove pollutants from the holey rivers Ganga and Yamuna which too have become garbage dumping places by the factories and Industries located in ad...
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Political parties and the J&K OBCs
Dear Editor, With the Implementation of the Indian Constitution on 26th of 1950; it was expected that the religious ruling would be got replaced by the constitutional ruling. But it could not happen. Rreservation for SCs and STs started with 15% and 7 ½ % respecting according to their population. But the OBCs in the country were promised by Pt. Nehru to grant their due share according to their population after their identification for which a provision under Art 340 of Indian constitution was kept. Pt. Nehru set up Kaka Kalelkar Commission which put its report in 1953 but was not implemented by Pt. Nehru the first PM of the country because of treacherous policy who always emphasised over secularism to befool the common people. However Late V.P. Singh, the former Prime Minister of Indi...
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Vanishing Congress
Dear Editor, At a time when country needs strong national parties, it is indeed unfortunate that country’s presently second largest political party Congress having ruled the country for almost six out of seven decades after independence, is showing signs of fast vanishing with its supported candidate for Rajya Sabha elections from Haryana lost because of alleged ‘deliberate’ invalid voting by party MPLAs. It is mainly due to the fact that party has by practice been dependent on dynastic politics of Nehru-Gandhi family except for brief spell of Sitaram Kesri as party-President and PV Narsimharao as Prime Minister. Instead of projecting next generation from Nehru-Gandhi family as the only possible political heirs to take command of the party, Congress instead should experiment for altoget...
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The advent of social media
Dear Editor , Due to the increase of social media and its importance in our lives we have forgotten how to actually be in touch with one another and properly establish a good human contact. Rather we just end up spending all our time on the sites commenting and liking pictures. Youngsters begin to judge themselves and their worth on the basis of the number of followers or likes and friends that they have. Many blogs have turned into rumor mills, spreading misinformation that people tend to believe just because it’s on the web. Rumors about hurricane Sandy and gunfights in other countries like Mexico have been picked up by reliable news services, and this misinformation has been shared without the proper vetting of the sources providing the information. Social media platforms like Faceboo...
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Misuse of RTI Act should be prevented
Dear Editor, There are reports of filing fake RTI petitions in names of others by certain mischievous persons, at times even from different cities but with postal-orders enclosed as RTI fees purchased from the same post-office at one time and even mailed by Speed or Registered Post from where postal-orders were purchased. However format of RTI petition and signatures on all RTI petitions with addresses of different cities lead to doubts that all these petitions are signed/sent by same person. Such mischievous activities cause unwanted embarrassment to those whose name/address is misused for sending such fake RTI petitions. There are also cases where RTI response is received back to public-authority with postal-remarks “No such person/address exists”, but surprisingly first appeal on ...
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Central government should regulate on-line selling
Dear Editor, It refers to several top-ranking e-commerce companies going for a drastic cut in period for return or exchange of goods marketed by them through on-line selling. Even presently some companies have return/sale period provided to consumers of just two days. Also e-commerce companies in India do not provide return/exchange facility at their retail outlets. It is also reported that business of e-commerce companies in India has witnessed a steep fall thereby establishing consumers being highly dissatisfied with their bad experience of on-line shopping. E-commerce companies are also going to increase their commission-margin from coming 20.06.2016 because of their increasing losses. Developed companies like USA have consumer-friendly regulations for on-line shopping providing 30-4...
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People yet to cover under NFSA
Dear Editor National Food Security Act (NFSA) was promulgated in 2013 on the plea for providing food security for all. This Act was implemented in J&K State last year and put into practice for the month of February 2016. The Ration Card holders were asked to fill the forms prescribed under NFSA so that new Ration Cards are issued to them. It caused lot of confusion among the rationees as majority of them were not enlisted in the lists prepared by the revenue deptt. on the basis of the forms filled by the rationees. The left out ones were seen moving from pillar to post for a proper guidance which was to made available to them by either the Revenue or CAPD authorities. One fail to understand the criteria for celegorisation when the Chief Security, a minister or MLA are reportedly showns B...
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Minimum postal-tariff should be Rupee one
Dear Editor, Postal Department should make a consolidated assessment of all its loss-making services, and should either abolish these or raise minimum tariff to at least rupee one. Data reveals continuous and sharp decline in use of ‘Inland Letter Cards’ and ‘Post Cards’, tariffs of which are highly subsidised. Useless subsidies have to be compensated by either additional taxes or budgetary deficits both resulting in price-rise. While ‘Inland Letter Cards’ have totally lost their utility, ‘Post Cards’ are being grossly misused for commercial activities and fun. There are reports that highly subsidised ‘Post Cards’ presently priced at just 50 paise (25 paise in case of sponsored Meghdoot category) are largely used by chit-fund companies. Many people get rubber-stamps of multiple names pu...
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Mathura incident
Dear Editor, It is the saddest moment that 27 people were dead, including a Superintendent of Police, after violence in Mathura in getting land clear from encroachment-illegal occupants. Almost all over India many people including so called poor people have illegally occupied government land. There are cases of unauthorized construction on government land by especially poor people –strangely cases have come into notice where historical buildings/monuments are too occupied by some citizens. Government Land grabbers whether poor or rich both are equally law breakers and must be evacuated and punished. One reason for such a failure cases is that land grabbers either ignored or kept unreported etc whatever may be the reasons no single citizen has a right to occupy government –public land. L...
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