Monday, July 25, 2016
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Recalling Mandela
Dear Editor, The world will be celebrating Nelson Mandela International Day on July 18 — Mandela’s birth anniversary. Mandela Day is a global call to action for citizens of the world to take up the challenge and follow in the formidable footsteps of Madiba, a man who transformed his life, served his country and freed his people. Its objective is to inspire individuals to take action to help change the world for the better and in so doing, to build a global movement for good. A day not only to honour the man himself, but also a chance for us to join the global movement to make the world a better place. He was a champion for rights of all humans. He showed to the world that all souls are created equal without any string attached. He was a leader with a difference. A real leader accordi...
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Rahul clicked with closed eyes
Dear Editor, It refers to several leaders from rival political parties of Congress passing strictures and comments on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi caught on camera with cloPsed eyes during Lok Sabha proceedings. Rahul Gandhi is also a human being who can have such sudden drowsiness often happened with normal human-beings especially in afternoon hours. It was like making mountain out of a molehill to give so much importance to a normal human behaviour at times happening with everyone that even some TV channels had a prime-time panel-discussion on the petty matter even though undoubtedly Lok Sabha discussion was on an important matter. —Madhu Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba, Delhi....
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Non performing assets of Banks
Dear Editor, The problem of non-performing assets of Banks is growing bigger and bigger day by day despite the fact that several steps have been taken by the successive Central governments to tame it. According to an estimate revealed by Joginder Singh former Director of C.B.I the dead losses or NPAs stand at Rs.122 lakh crores apart from unknown figures since independence, which may be hundred of times. The NPAs may be non-performing assets for banks but in real term are negative performing assets. The common man, salaried classes and poor people deposit their hard earned savings in Banks for safety and security of their savings. The majority of big businessmen in convince with the certain politicians, bureaucrats, do not pay back the same which ultimately become NPAs. The rules a...
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Govt. expense should be in national attire
Dear Editor, It refers to media-reports about BJP Parliamentarian Sunil Gaikwad wearing a Jodhpuri bandgala coat at a global conference in Chile for a pure Indian look following advice of Rajya Sabha member Subramanian Swamy. It reminds of the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri having sent a set of dhoti-kurta to the then veteran Parliamentarian Prakashvir Shastri on eve of latter’s foreign trip as a token to remind him to be in Indian attire. Rule should be that all those travelling at government-expense to foreign countries may be in specified national attire only while attending official events/functions/conferences etc. also to be easily recognised for their being proud Indian. —Madhu Agrawal, 1775 Kucha Lattushah Dariba Delhi....
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Sachin Tendulkar should surrender ‘Bharat Ratna’
Dear Editor, It refers to objections including from Janta Dal (U) Parliamentarian KC Tyagi raised on Rajya Sabha’s nominated member Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar taking too much interest in disputed construction in a prime property of his friend at Mussorie, when the former cricketer established contact with Union Defence Minister in the matter where Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) had objected to the construction in the said property because of security aspects. Sachin Tendulkar’s extra ordinary interest in the matter was also evident because he reportedly even cut short his Australia trip for meeting Union Defence Minister in this regard. It is a matter of great satisfaction that Union Defence Minister firmly rejected demand for intervention in the matter. Objection...
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Contractual employees to be paid salary equivalent to government-staff
Dea Editor, It refers to welcome news-item about contractual workers to get equal pay with that of regular government employees also indicating that preference will be given to absorb contractual employees in government-service rather than making new recruitments. These rules should be applicable to 96 contractual staffers at Central Information Commission (CIC) where presently staff at CIC always fears of some hanging sword of removal. Doubts become even more significant because of reported decision at CIC to take services of outsourcing agencies for various tasks. Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) and Chief Information Commissioner should ensure that proposed rules for contractual government employees should be for CIC-staffers also, which are now facing yet other hanging swo...
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Need to amend RTI rules in Maharashtra
Dear Editor, It refers to media-reports about Maharashtra government considering change in RTI rules reportedly on advice of General Administration Department (GAD). One proposed change is that an applicant would not be given details that "involve fresh collection of non-available data" or "compilation of existing data", other being not to give information on queries that seek "justification". But the proposed change in rules is not at all necessary because RTI Act in itself has already such provisions. Fear is that the move may be aimed at some jugglery of words in name of clarifications about the transparency Act may tend to dilute spirit of RTI Act. Sections 27 and 28 of RTI Act are often misused by state-governments and competent authorities respectively by making rules which at tim...
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Thinking beyond Nehru-Gandhi family
Dear Editor, The Congress Party by not thinking beyond Nehru Gandhi family damaged it beyond repair! In 2014 rightly P Chidambaram said that someday a non-Nehru-Gandhi family member can be Congress president. When Shashi Tharoor praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan he was shunted out of party post. Also Sheila Dixit had praised in 2014 for Modi. Have we ever heard even once something good / or good work of Modi government by Sonia or Rahul? Modi government is proving one man show -though some good work is done by Modi government but it needs a check by strong opposition for true democratic set up and chances of becoming real one man government in the long run. The Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is a liability for the Congress. Under the present leadership o...
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Bring all sports bodies under RTI Act
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome Supreme Court decision requiring Board for control of cricket in India to implement RM Lodha committee report. But at the same time the Apex Court should have taken a final call to bring BCCI under purview of RTI Act rather than leaving the matter at central government or Law Commission. However it is welcome that Union Sports Minister has expressed willingness for transparency in working of sports’ bodies. However during earlier UPA regime, there was no value of views of Sports Ministers on aspect of bringing BCCI under purview of RTI Act, and views of other senior Union Ministers having directly related with BCCI always prevailed. When Hockey India is under purview of RTI Act, there is no reason why other sports-bodies mainly including super-rich BC...
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Cash retention limit will sent economy in doldrums
Dear Editor, The Special Investigating Team has suggested Banning cash transactions above Rs. 3 Lakh and the Panel on black money also wants cash holdings capped at Rs. 15 Lakh. Both these suggestions shall do more harm to the economy without any benefit of any kind. Such an idea is unconstitutional against citizens’ right to deal in cash and keep it with him. Also Banking has its own problems. Sometime dealings with banks by a common man give feeling to abandon banking accounts and keep cash at home only. Both these suggestions are impractical too. To curb black money best is to abolish income tax. Theoretical life cannot be lead by anyone, same way one has to be practical in day to day life and business too. The country’s economy will go in doldrums if such an absurd idea is given pra...
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Political consensus on Kashmir
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome political consensus cutting across party-lines witnessed in Parliament on Kashmir affairs. Such political consensus will give a much-desired strong signal across border to Pakistan rulers and military to be cautious before being offensive towards India. It may be noted that political parties in countries like Israel while having bitter-most political differences, always are united in matters involving foreign affairs and national security. Central government should now more vigorously take strict short and long term measures measures including every possible step to check source of funding to militants in Kashmir and elsewhere in India. Clippings of some TV channels telecast on 18.07.2016 can be helpful for government for an affective check on funding t...
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Abolition of post of Governors?
Dear Editor, It refers to renewed demands including by Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for abolition of ‘useless’ posts of state-Governors after recent episodes in Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh when reports of respective state Governors subsequent to Supreme Court verdicts became a cause of big embarrassment for central government and even President of India. It is a bitter reality that posts of state-Governors have been often misused at behest of political rulers having appointed them. At times, raaj-bhawans are seen working as party-headquarters of the ruling party at the centre. Governors in states are usually considered like ‘white elephants’ with huge burden on public-exchequers with practically no role other than to appoint Chief Ministers, which can be done by Chief Justice...
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RS should be retained
Dear Editor, It refers to Parliamentarian Pappu Yadav demanding abolition of Rajya Sabha and state Legislative Councils (Vidhaan Parishads). It is not proper to abolish Rajya Sabha which remains an effective check on legislative system especially in cases when some party/alliance gets majority in Lok Sabha mainly because of anti-incumbency factor of outgoing party/alliance in power at the centre. But stricter rules regarding attendance, continuous absence from the House and medical fitness, together with re-introducing secret vote to check use of money-power in Rajya Sabha elections should be formulated to avoid making it a club of billionaires and celebrities. Persons having lost any direct election must not be allowed to become Rajya Sabha members for next six years. However Vidhaan Pa...
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Woeful Tale of Pre-2006 Pensioners
Dear Editor, The PDP/BJP Coalition government has taken some positive steps to provide some relief to the employées and Pensioners of the State which has raised hope among them that their other grievances will also be addressed and redressed in the same spirit of understanding and concern. It may be brought into the notice of concerned authorities that pre-2006 Pensioners hâve not been paid 6% DA arrears pertaining to the period from January to June 2009 which were held back till the Sate Govt. devise the mode for Payment of 6th Central Pay Commission’s Pay/Pension revision arrears. Subsequently govt. orders were issued to pay 6th Pay commission arrears in five annual installments and the same alongwith held back D.A arrears hâve been paid to the employées and post 2006 pensioners as we...
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Voluntary Declaration scheme
Dear Editor, ‘Income Declaration Scheme’ (IDS) terminating on September 30,2016 with 45-percent disclosure-tax is not likely to get much support for running unaccountable incomes in a tax-regime with highest tax-slab of just 30-percent. However those having invested their unaccounted income in purchase of property in last some years for which assessment may be pending, may avail benefit of ISD scheme by declaring part of unaccounted investment to get rid of scrutiny etc. However once time-limit for declarations under IDS is over, central government should consider a permanent Voluntary Declaration Scheme (VDS) whereby anyone desiring to disclose undisclosed income for any year may be able to do so by incorporating special provision for such incomes in Income Tax returns. It will automa...
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