Wednesday, September 2, 2015
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Welcome Supreme Court stay on ‘Santhara’
Dear Editor, It is a matter of satisfaction that Supreme Court has stayed division-bench verdict of Rajasthan High Court on imposing a ban on religious aspect of ‘Santhara’ (Jainism). It is absolutely wrong and unjustified to equate ‘Santhara’ with attempt to suicide or suicide. While suicide is committed out of mental depression and other such aspects done through anti-human instant procedures like poisoning, jumping from high-rise buildings or before moving trains etc, ‘Santhara’ is purely done for attaining spirituality by a leaving consumption of everything water, food and medicines. Suicides are also named by some mischievous ones murdering others, while ‘Santhara’ has no such aspect. Courts should not intervene in personal religious matters till such matters harm others. For insta...
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Law Commission report on death-penalty
Dear Editor, Recommendation of Law Commission abolishing death-penalty except in cases of terrorism and anti-national activities if implemented is likely to increase crime-rate. Death-penalty is awarded in rarest of rare cases, and rather must be enforced strictly as a deterrent against wrong-doings like murder after rape. However it remains a bitter practical fact that rich and influential usually escape death-penalty because of their capacity to engage super-costly lawyers. While on the other hand there is an unusual case of insane poor person Ramchandra@raoji whose mercy-petition was decided in record minimum period of just six days with hanging done in less than three years of murdering of his complete family crossing all stages of trial in trial-court, High Court, Supreme court and ...
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Celebrating Sanskrit week
Dear Editor, It refers to celebration of Sanskrit Week in the country from 26.08.2015 to 01.09.2015. It is satisfying that present government has taken some steps to revive world’s most treasure-filled but fast dyeing language Sanskrit. But these steps are not at all enough when just about 14000 people in a country of 125 crores have declared Sanskrit as their spoken language, a figure further sharp declined to earlier data. Need is to revive Sanskrit in a manner like Israel did for its national language Hebrew, which also had a fate similar to that of Sanskrit about seven decades ago. Indian government should seek assistance from Israel in reviving Sanskrit as some main spoken language. NASA (USA) has launched Mission-Sanskrit programme so that world’s ancient language which is full of...
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Reservation should be clubbed with family-planning
Dear Editor, Vote-bank politics and muscle-tactics adopted in agitations demanding reservation makes Union and state governments usually succumbing for reservation of certain communities even though these communities might not deserve such inclusion in reserved categories. Complete policy of ‘Reservation’ is in itself a big failure when it could not homogeneously mix people of reserved-categories in the society in stipulated 15 years initially fixed by constitution-makers and now for about seven decades after independence. In present era, policy of reservation is itself responsible for alienating persons of reserved categories from normal society by making them identified separately. If reservation is to be continued indefinitely, all reserved categories like SC, ST or OBC should be mer...
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Welcome decision to change name of Aurangzeb Road
Dear Editor, It refers to welcome unanimous decision by New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) with representation of ruling parties at both the Central and Delhi governments wherein a great irregularity in naming a prominent road of Leyton’s zone of New Delhi after an admittedly cruel erstwhile ruler Aurangzeb has after long been corrected by renaming the road after India’s great son Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. Opposing the name-change by some fundamentalist elements exposes their real intention when NDMC took a practical decision by renaming the road after Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. It is noteworthy that the then regime once even considered naming a new Air India Boeing 747-337 combi plane in October 1988 after the cruel emperor Aurangzeb, which could not be implemented because of stiff resistance from ...
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Rapidly rising prices destablising common masses
Dear Editor, The continuous spurt in prices of almost a essential commodities of daily consumption are causing untold miseries and hardships for the salaried classes as well as toiling masses. The prices of pulses have shot up by 30% in a short period. Moreover, Onion is slipped out of the kitchen as one has to think twice before buying Onion at an exhorbitant prices of Rs. 80 or so per kilogram and it is reported that the crisis is likely to persist for a long time as its price may shoot-up more than Rs. 100 a Kg. Potatoes which are reportedly procured from the growers at a lower cost of Rs. 4 to 6 per kg are being sold to the consumers at the cost of Rs. 20 and more whileas Tomatoes are procured at Rs. 9/- per Kg are also sold to the consumers at exorbitant price-vegetable prices too a...
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Declare Raksha Bandhan as public holiday
Dear Editor, In response to an RTI petition transferred under section 6(3) of the RTI Act to hundreds of offices of Delhi Government, interesting data emerged that more than eighty-percent government-employees avail Raksha Bandhan as one of the two restricted holidays allowed to them. Similar data can emerge if a study is made about employees of Central government and public-sector undertakings (including banks) availing Raksha Bandhan as one of the two availed restricted holidays. Most private establishments observe Raksha Bandhan as holiday, and obviously attendance in government-offices situated in Delhi area is very thin making it a virtual holiday for all practical purposes. It can also be established from the fact that DTC buses and Metro Rail in Delhi have record earnings on Raksh...
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Sheena murder
Dear Editor, Unfortunately super-elite section of society in India is fast adopting western culture where spouses are so frequently and regularly changed like clothes. Sheena murder is a horrible by-product of such changing trend of the society where spouses are not sincere, loyal or faithful to each other. Even death of Sunanda Pushkar was perhaps result of such changing trust and spouses between married couples which according to all Indian religions should have been life-time partners. It is time that central government may take some sincere steps to restore ancient Indian traditions in a manner so that ‘rightists’ at times funded by foreign powers to destroy Indian culture, may not be able to resist any such government-steps. Lessons in text-books of schools and colleges quoting als...
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Mission Parthenium
Dear Editor One can easily understand its alarming increase in plant population given its hardy nature and capacity to propagate all through year. It is believed that seeds of this weed reached India from USA with PL480 Wheat in early seventies. With a tremendous survival and propagation potential, it has become serious threat to the farm and pastureland in wider areas of Jammu region. With its known adverse effects on humans and animals, this grass has taken alarming proportions Trans Satwari area. These efforts by the Mission Parthenium team are being joined by numerous volunteers with each passing day and are contributing through all possible means to aware the masses about the ill effects of this curse and are making no stone unturned in an endeavour to eradicate this weed from our...
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Amendment to Lokayukt Bill in UP
Dear Editor, It refers to ruling party in Uttasr Pradesh misusing majority-power in amending Lokayukt Bill despite strong opposition of all other opposition parties including Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP), Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Congress in a bid to appoint Lokayukt of choice of ruling party in the state. It is totally unjustified that because of Chief Justice of state opposing the name suggested by ruling party, his role in selection-procedure is trying to be abolished through the amendment. How far is it proper and justified that ruling party may select a Lokayukt of its own choice, a post requiring utmost impartiality? UP governor having taken the strict view rightly requiring consent of Chief Justice of state on selection of Lokayukt, should not give consent to the bill pro...
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Mushrooming Dental Colleges
Dear Editor, Reports reveal unplanned rapid rise in number of dental colleges in country which may create problems for new passing-out youngsters to find proper professional placements in future. Undoubtedly people need better medical facilities with adequate number of specialists in different fields of profession. But care must also be taken that fresh graduates in dental surgery must not be frustrated to remain unemployed after spending so much mind and money on their studies. Permission to open private Dental colleges has become a lucrative business with students paying money in tune of millions for admission. Politicians play big role in managing permission for new dental-colleges which have mandatory requirement of approval by Dental Council. But it is shocking to know that many pr...
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Clear indication of Gujarat Model failure
Dear Editor The widespread agitation in Gujarat for reservation for Pattidars is a clear indication of the failure of the so-called Gujarat model of development. It has led to lack of employment opportunities, agrarian crisis and low social development indicators. Unless there is balanced development with equity, large sections of the people will remain outside the ambit of social and economic development. The demand for reservation should not be used to pit one community against another. Those who are entitled to reservation should not be targeted for the failure of the government to render jobs and equitable development. The manner in which the police and the administration handled the aftermath of the August 25 rally organized by the Pattidar organizations contributed to the erupt...
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Growing incident of wild animals attacking men, women & children
Dear Editor, A 12 year old boy was reportedly attacked by leopard near his house in a village in Udhyanpur belt in Doda District. Almost daily the news are pouring in from all over the stages that leopards bears and other wild animals are strayed into the village and are seen roaming in populated areas attacking men, women and children thus killing them or causing gracious injuries. Earlier such kinds of incidence were occurring only when the people who venture into the forests to collect fire wood to answer the call of nature or for hunting etc. Now when the forest areas ,the natural habitats of wild animals, are shrinking due to unmindful daredevil encroachments by the politicians, bureaucrats and others, the wild animals are forced to move towards populated areas and when they are con...
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Bring eunuchs in main streamline
Dear Editor, Union government should arrange a census of eunuchs in the country by listing them in a separate gender as per Supreme Court order. National Eunuch Commission should be constituted. Union government should announce unrestricted admission to any educational institution (private or public) for free education to eunuchs without needing any reserved quota. Government should be duty-bound to make eunuchs join mainstream with parents of new-born eunuch child neither allowed nor necessitated to deject their eunuch-child to be handed over to isolated society of old eunuchs for begging, dancing or resorting to some anti-social activities. Rather criminal action should be taken against those parents who may disown transgender-child. Eunuchs forcing parents to part away with transgend...
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NSA level talks row
Dear Editor, Perhaps India has presently most capable National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval who has all types of practical experience including even of having lived seven long years in undercover in Pakistan. His working-style of having offensive defence will prove to be most suitable in case of need in time to come. India should be thankful to Pakistani media who projected all qualities of India’s NSA Ajit Doval projecting a pity picture of their totally inexperienced NSA Sartaz Ajij, who had left with no other option than to run away from NSA-level talks between the two countries. It is now clear that political rulers of Pakistan are simply valueless even in international commitments when Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could not fulfil recent Ufa-declaration when he could n...
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