Friday, November 24, 2017
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Carry bags
Dear Editor, One must Carry a bag wherever one goes that would help a plastic less future. Unfortunately, despite a ban on the production and use of plastic bags it has failed. A ban is required on the use of plastic for all the packing material etc. -as plastic is environmental hazard it chokes the drainage system and takes a long time to degrade which in turn leads to pollution. Many a times a carry bag is not possible to keep in a pocket or purse. For example, for heavy items of purchases or like shoes etc. When shop keepers charge extra for carry bag it pinches a lot. Even branded companies’ stores / retail outlets including MNC / foreign based stores in India charge separately for carry bags. It is suggested to make a law that MRP includes cost of packing material or carry bags to...
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Shortage of one rupee note
Dear Editor, New one-rupee notes were issued on 06.03.2015 at Nathdwara Temple (Rajasthan) by the then privileged Union Finance Secretary Rajiv Mahrishi having his signature printed on these notes re-issued after being discontinued two decades back because of low-life, high printing-cost and popular coins in same denomination. Even notes of rupees two and five were also discontinued later for the same reason. But only one-rupee notes (and not of rupees two and five) evidently because of bureaucratic craze of getting their signature printed on notes. It is significant that only one-rupee notes carry signature of a Secretary to Government of India, while notes of other denominations carry signature of Governor of Reserve Bank of India, this being the reason that our bureaucrats never moved...
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No fear of law
Dear Editor, It seems there is no fear of law and order action in the country otherwise how come criminal type of threats from vested interest are made in public on the belief that the film’s content are objectionable and it misrepresents India’s history. This kind of illogical news and not in the interest of the country should never get any footage in any media. Like most films the film Padmavati is also a work of fiction. Nowhere any film claims to be a true-life incident or represents true history. It may be based on some facts but always disclaimer is found with titles that it does not represent facts of any personal life / historical facts. Films are creative art pieces! It is for the Central Board of Film Certification to decide whether the film is fit for public viewing. The f...
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Renaming Dyal Singh College not proper
Dear Editor, It refers to certainly a wrong move in governing body of Dyal Singh College (Delhi) renaming the evening branch as Vande Matram Mahavidyalaya. The move though apparently looking nationalist, yet is anti-national and in total contradiction with the transfer-deed signed between Dyal Singh Trust and University of Delhi. Such a wrong decision can even tend to provoke communities with even BJP MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa rightly objecting to name-change. Enquiry is necessary in even mooting the proposal. Dyal Singh Majithia, a prominent banker (founder of Punjab National Bank) and founder of prominent English daily The Tribune was a known personality of pre-Independence united India, and must not be dishonoured in the manner governing body of Dyal Singh College did. It is beyond un...
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Central govt. mislead HC
Dear Editor, It refers to media-reports that Union Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) informing Delhi High Court that ownership of 7 Jantar-Mantar Road (New Delhi) as on 30.04. 1977 was in name of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Smarak Trust. But file-notings dated 15.05.2001 provided subsequent to CIC-verdict dated 30.04.2015 in appeal-number CIC/KY/A/2015/000810-YA in response to an earlier RTI application had clearly mentioned that “the fact that no lease has been executed with AICC it would appropriate not to accede to the request to transfer or execute a deed in favour of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Trust and the properly as on date vests with the Central Government be put to an alternate use.” Queries in CIC-verdict suggest that central government has not informed Delhi High Court correct...
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GST lowering rates no benefit in long term
Dear Editor, Most Businessmen / companies never pass on benefits on reduction of taxes on the plea of their increased cost and other lacunas in the laws like now Restaurant owners have increase their prices as they are now being deprived off input tax credit. Even if some branded companies / retail outfits etc. pass the benefit of tax cuts -it is to please the government for a short-term only. In the long term after some time they too increases their prices on the same plea of increased cost etc. The best course is not to tax or have moderate rates at first instance. The government should not indulge in levying of high rates and then lower on political grounds which never results in desired tax cut benefits to consumers. It is utmost important for the government to exempt all food it...
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Cleaning of Narmada an example to clean other rivers
Dear Editor, It refers to healthy news about Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board (MPPCB) giving -A- certificate to river Narmada in terms of cleanliness to the extent that its water can now be sipped for religious rituals even though it will have to further purified for drinking-purposes by making it bacteria-free. Report is submitted after talking random samples of river-water from 31 different places every month. Ambitious Narmada-clean project could be made successful only after tackling the big problem practically rather than just theoretically. Idol-immersion was prevented by making artificial tanks on various points of river-bank where devotees could immerse idols of gods and goddesses. Simple banning without providing some admissible option could not prevent idol-immersing. Li...
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Why special silver 100-rupee commemorative coins for selected VVIPs only?
Dear Editor, It is significant that ordinary members of public under present faulty system never get 100-rupees silver-alloy commemorative coins in normal sale, while some selected ones got attractive coins of metal-value much-much higher than face-value of 100-rupees free-of-cost in attractive packing. Silver-alloy coins should have face-value more than double the metal-value at time of issue of coins, and should be available for general public at face-value right from date of release of coins through all coin-issuing bank-branches. According to an RTI response, metal-cost of coins on Rabindranath Tagore with face-value of rupees 150 was rupees 971 at time of issue of coins. Cumbersome practice of selling higher-priced coin-sets through advance-booking much after issue of coins should...
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Costly wedding-cards, platters, cash-envelopes in marriages
Dear Editor, It has become a fashion and trend of people from upper-middle and higher income groups to spend heavily on fancy wedding-invitation cards made of wood and cardboard worth several thousands of rupees each which are practically of no use. Rather those getting such invitation-cards pull out necessary portion of programme-details, and start pressurising their minds about utility of such apparently costly but useless remnants. Also costly platters with imported items where Indian substitutes are better and cheaper and cash-envelopes from brides’ parents have become ‘necessity’ in marriage-celebrations for show of status. Interestingly ‘misusers’ of such trends in their elite gatherings themselves criticise such trend, but want some others to take initiative to stop such a practic...
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Onion prices again bring tears
Dear Editor, The price of onion has started rising sky high once again and as of now it has touched Rs. 50 per kg. Potato and other vegetables are not lagging behind, some vegetables are being sold at the rate of Rs. 100 per kg and even more. Especially after the advent of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in July 2017 the prices of almost all goods of daily consumption have shot up exorbitantly. Common man has thus become restive, uncomfortable because of which resentment is growing everywhere. Those who have launched GST call it good and simply tax but those who are feeling the pinch may call it gravely scary tax. The politicians in power appear to have shut their eyes and are looking unconcerned about the miserable plight of the poor people and even the middle classes. The GST and Note-Ba...
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Mobile Chargers
Dear Editor, There are too many companies marketing and manufacturing mobile-phones now-a-days. But all the companies have different specifications, shapes and sizes of sockets and plugs of mobile-chargers. There should standard shapes, sizes and specifications for mobile-chargers universally like exists system for electric sockets and plugs so that any mobile-charger may fit to any mobile-phone. Indian government can take initiative for having some global specification for mobile-chargers. All manufacturers of mobile-phones should be co-ordinated to have a common and uniform system of mobile-chargers in a manner that users may be able to use same charger for any handset of any make and model. It will be convenient for car-manufacturers to fix mobile-charger as original equipment in car...
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MHA not aware of annexures to NN Vohra committee report despite matter reached SC
Dear Editor, It refers to matter of annexures of NN Vohra Committee report having again reached to Central Information Commission after being earlier also decided by Central Information Commission in the year 2012 in petition-numbers CIC/SS/A/2012/000055 and CIC/SS/C/2012/000754 where in response to CIC-verdict dated 10.05.2012, Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) categorically stated that no annexures were submitted to the ministry by committee-chairperson NN Vohra who is presently governor of Jammu and Kashmir. NN Vohra committee submitted its report in 1993 in the wake of the Bombay blasts taking off all the available information about the activities of crime syndicates and mafia organizations which had developed links with and were being protected by governmentfunctionaries and pol...
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Dropping films from festivals
Dear Editor, Two films “Nude’ and ‘Sexy Durga vis a vis S Durga’ have been dropped from the screening list of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, though jury had recommended for their inclusion. The film S. Durga was certified with a U/A These films are dropped by Information & broadcasting Ministry merely because of their names. The producers claim that the content has nothing controversial; and S Durga has nothing to do with the goddess and ‘Nude’ is about a model girl’s story. The names are objectionable but allegedly not the contents. Why producers choose such objectionable titles? It is another matter that with changed times the words Sexy’ and ‘hot’ are freely used by both sexes and only sanskari (older generation or….) object to such a western language! It is...
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