Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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Is India racist?
By Poonam I Kaushish
What does hamara Hindustan think of foreigners especially those from Africa, 'woh kale log'? What to speak of our 'chinky' brethren from the North-East? You mean those people with mongoloid features and slit eyes. Are they really Indians? They look like the Chinese. These answers say it all. Agonisingly, last week's attack on a Tanzanian women student on the outskirts of Bangalore seems to have opened the Pandora's Box on allegations of racism. All over a Tanzanian woman being assaulted and allegedly stripped by a mob. The story starts with a drunken Sudanese in a speeding car killing a woman and injuring her accomplice. Infuriated locals assault the driver but the police rescue him. The locals then pounce on another car with the Tanzanian and her friends. Although there is no connec...
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In the Company of Fools..!
By Robert Clements
Spent a delightful evening, last night in the company of people from different walks of life, but achievers all of them, one a banker, businessman, a politician and a chartered accountant. As I listened to their stories and the evening grew on us, I realized there was positive energy around. How different from being in the company of those who have given up on life, or others not willing to battle it out. Here's a view by Jim Mathis in which he touches the same point: "Homer's Coffee House, the local gathering place where I have worked countless hours over the past six years, hosts an open microphone jam session every Monday night during the summer. This is a time designed to give new or first-time performers a chance to perform. At the same time it gives more established performers an ...
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Rohith Vemula's Death
A Noose Around The BJP's Neck
By Anand Teltumbde
The BJP wants dalits to accomplish its hindutva agenda but not radical dalits that could spoil its broth. Memorializing Ambedkar or going gaga over observation of his 125th birth anniversary, it hopes, would fool gullible dalit masses into voting for it. But a few radicalized Rohiths could topple its applecart. It is unfortunate; the dalits do not understand that Ambedkar wanted prabuddha (enlightened) dalits to emerge from his followers and not the hymn singing devotees. By Anand Teltumbde Rohitha Vemula's dream of becoming Carl Sagan to write science abruptly ended at the altar of caste but in death it is metamorphosed into a peoples' dream to end the circumstances that caused it. Rohith dropped out from the process of his likely anointment by the casteist establishment as the doctor ...
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Who's afraid of the long partition
Spectre of 1947 still looms large
By Garga Chatterjee
The specter of Partition continues to loom large in the politics of the subcontinent. How one imagines the Partition and how it came about is also intricately tied with how one imagines one self - this being particularly true for those born late enough to have no direct access to any first-hand pre-Partition lived experience and consciousness. Present residents of certain urban centres of the subcontinent would probably find it hard to imagine a contemporary Karachi as a Hindu Sindhi dominated city or a Dhaka as a Hindu Bengali dominated metropolis or a Delhi whose dominant public urban culture is Islamicate in a Persian influenced manner or a Kolkata whose Muslim Bengali population rivals and even surpasses its Muslim non-Bengali population in power, prestige, cultural and economic influ...
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Victoria 377..!
By Robert Clements
She brushed the dirt from his gandhi cap, straightened his modi jacket, quietly admiring his sheer white chappals, while stretching out from her bed. "Are you for or against section 377?" she asked demurely. "Man is made for women and women for men!" he said sternly. "These are laws we framed after much thought! You know I voted against repealing it!" "You are so strong in your convictions!" she whispered. "Of course darling! Marriage was created for a man and his wife. It is holy. One has to guard against unnatural unions that break our sacred Indian traditions," he said, suddenly jumping with trepidation as his phone rang and he peered fearfully at the number, "It's the wife," he whispered, then spoke into the phone, "I'm at a meeting dear, will be home for lunch, love you!" At a...
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Girls get the power to refuse child marriage
By Saadia Azim
When Anu Nayak turned 16 she knew that her life was going to change - and not for the better. Like her elder sister she too would be expected to drop out of school and perhaps like her she too would be eventually have to be okay with an early marriage. Nayak was acutely aware of the fact that her misfortunes were directly linked to her family's dismal financial situation. Her father, a municipal sweeper, in Midnapore town of Paschim Medinipur district in Bengal, would slog all day on the streets but come nightfall he'd squander his earnings on alcohol. Consequently, there was hardly any money left to keep the kitchen fires burning let alone fulfil any other need. Being the daughter of a sanitation worker, who belongs to one of the most backward and outcast communities, depravation and d...
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Without Aligarh, India wouldn't be same again
By Aijaz Zaka Syed
Aligarh has never stopped fighting its battle for survival, defying adversity at every stage of its existence. However, what it faces today in the gauntlet thrown down by the Modi government, challenging its raison d'etre, the very purpose of existence, in the Supreme Court, is perhaps the greatest threat to its identity as India's - perhaps world's -- first modern, world-class educational institution founded by Muslims. It is said that in his quest to establish a world-class university for Muslims, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan would stop at nothing. Like all men possessed, he lived, talked and thought about his dream until he realized it. Having invested everything he had in his life mission, he went around with a begging bowl to raise funds for the Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental College, later, the...
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Gen Rao's place in the history of Kashmir
By Firdaus Ahmed
The second of two back-to-back obituaries of military leaders lately, with that of 'Jake' Jacob being the first, has been of Gen Krishna Rao. Clearly, obituaries of both were effusive and with good reason. The military careers of both registered a high watermark in the liberation of Bangladesh and both went on to serve the country further in uniform and when out of it in a gubernatorial capacity. Of the two, interest of readers of this publication is in Gen Krishna Rao's significant presence in the recent history of Kashmir. What is well known is his tenure at the Raj Bhawan and its continuing ramifications. What is less well known is how the situation came to such as pass in Kashmir in first place. But first, what is rather well known. Rao was there at the beginning. The political situ...
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Love without measure..!
By Robert Clements
The other day I watched a wife look after her disabled husband. He was a surly, grumpy sort who did not have the will or inclination to do something to get his limbs moving again through physiotherapy. All he did throughout the day was sit at home, filled with self pity. "How?" I asked myself "did she love this fellow who seemed such a loser?" Freda Bright says, "Only in opera do people die of love." It's true. You really can't love somebody to death. I've known people to die from no love, but I've never known anyone to be loved to death. We just can't love one another enough. A heart-warming story tells of a woman who finally decided to ask her boss for a raise in salary. All day she felt nervous and apprehensive. Late in the afternoon she summoned the courage to approach her emplo...
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Need New Economic Movement
Will farmers get justice?
By Moin Qazi
The agricultural sector is still India's largest employer as 58 per cent rural households depend on it for their livelihood. And yet, since the early 1990s the country has seen a spate of farmers' committing suicides, nearly 300,000 have taken their own lives until 2014. Shockingly, over 14,000 killed themselves in 2011alone, 47 per cent higher than the national average of all deaths caused by suicides. Stories from across semi-arid rural India, be it Rajasthan, Maharashtra or Andhra Pradesh reflect a now-recurring narrative of an agrarian crisis replete with crop failure, topped by people moving out of farming due to increasing systemic vulnerability to climatic and non-climatic risks. Only farmers with irrigation infrastructure, access to wells, engines to pump water and pipes to chan...
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Breaking The Jinx..!
By Robert Clements
"How could you make an eighty year old aunt on a wheel chair wait outside the airport for you?" asked my wife yesterday, "especially after you were there much before her flight came in?" "I don't know," I said miserably putting my head down. Somehow me, and picking up people from railway stations, bus stands and airports don't go together. It's not that this syndrome started yesterday; I was born with it. "There ma, there!" I would wave excitedly to somebody in a white sari resembling an aunt and as mother and little me would scramble to get to what I'd seen, the real aunt, not dressed in anything resembling a sari slipped past and would be making calls home to ask where her sister who was supposed to meet her at the station was. Maybe mother gave up or father felt I was old enough to...
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China's Road to the Middle East
By Vijay Prashad
The emerging China-Iran relationship, in other words, could make China's current reliance upon Saudi Arabia - for oil - and Egypt - for transportation - less important. Chinese diplomats say privately that the pro-Western orientation of the Gulf Arab states is a hindrance for Chinese planners. China's President Xi Jinping has been on a tour of the Middle East, straddling the politics of the region - a stop in Saudi Arabia was balanced by a stop in Iran. Xi's most dramatic statements came at the Arab League, where he reaffirmed openly - for the first time in decades - China's commitment to the Palestinian people. "China supports the peaceful process in the Middle East," he said, and it supports "the establishment of a Palestinian state with its capital being eastern Jerusalem"....
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Trumping Trump..!
By Robert Clements
As I hear Trump's deriding statements to the lady journalist, and his condescending attitude to women in general, I believe it stems from an insecurity deep within. A couple of years ago, a certain shopping mall, decided to install kissing mannequins inside their store, with a placard around their necks saying, 'Kiss me please.' Men, both young and not so young, accompanied by wives and girl friends visited the store to see how good a kisser they were. A kisso-meter was installed that was able to gauge the intensity of the kiss, and as the kissers kissed, they were lustily cheered by their women! As I recall those pictures of pot bellied men kissing pretty plastic pouted lips with their loyal women cheering them on, a mischievous thought comes to my mind: I wonder what the reaction wo...
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