Renzushah inaugurates National Sports News Service 24×7

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 3/11/2020 12:33:24 PM

JAMMU, Mar 10: Khawaja Farooq Renzushah on Tuesday inaugurating the National sports News Service in Kashmir, emphasised for promotion of Kashmir talent. He formally inaugurated at jam packed press conference the News service which will run 24×7 headed by Nazir Makhdoomi, Mir Arshad and Zahoor Zarger.
He implored to media to project precious talent of Kashmir which has remained dormant, Suppressed and ignored due to less attention during last 7 decades of confusion and turmoil. He said Kashmir is name of 5k years old proud civilization.
It is abode of Great Sufi leaders like Hazrat Syed Bulbulshah, Hazrat Syed Sader ud din, Hazrat Syed Amir e Kabir, Hazrat Sheikh ul Aalam and Hazrat Mahboob ul Aalam RA. He said in each nook and corner intellectual fields and fraternities are available in abundance but previous regimes played ugly role to destroy them. He said that all fields of Kashmir culture, sports, music, and Art witnessed devastation and deprivation for scoring political gains.
He said for General youth sports or spiritual atmosphere was not allowed to exist. He referred the devastation made to holy Sufi shrines by converting entire area opposite to SKICC stretched to thousands of kanals of land by creating useless Golf field.
He said for this purpose entire population of Theed was displaced to boost luxurious activities of few people. Even Govt acknowledge now that Royal spring Golf course is only meant for less than 100 VVIPs for which billions of money was wasted without any gain to general youth. He said that in order to restore confidence in youth, this Golf spring may be opened for entire youth of Kashmir to allow women's Basket ball matches, Martial Arts and Scouts activities and other similar kinds of sports activities in Royal Golf spring.
He said that in Kashmir Spiritual Martial Art started in 13/14th century during Bulbulshsh and Amir Kabir era which has again become popular and fetched gold medals for country may be started again.
He hoped that the Shrine of Hazrat Azam Bab in Golf spring where restrictions to entries to general devotees have been imposed since 1990 will be opened for all to enter and all other demolished holy graves will be restored.
While replying to questions of Change of names in Kashmir, he said that the names of all area's and all landmark structures be named in the name of Sufi Awaliya's Sufi saints which suits to our Spiritual history .
He said that as director information he ensured through media to restore name of down town as Shahr e khas and as DC Budgam named Sheikh ul Aalam Airport. Even Bemina Bridge was named Bulbushah Bridge. He said if any politician’s name of any landmark is named it will be fair to change name of Hari Singh High street and SMHS hospital also.
Nazir Makhdoomi and Mir Arshad sahib also while addressing press assured that they will point out all problems faced by youth in Kashmir and work for development of sports activities. Mr. Zahoor Zargar in his vote of thanks expressed his gratitude to all who participated in this prestigious press conference exclusively for promotion of Sports activities in Kashmir. He assured that National Sports News service will play it's assigned role in promotion of all activities as enumerated by Renzushah in the press conference. The inaugural programme was anchored by distinguished anchor Shaheena Jee who has been assigned to be chief correspondent of NSNS.



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