People face difficulty to get essentials due to restrictions

MAJID NABI. Dated: 3/31/2020 12:58:01 AM

SRINAGAR, Mar 30: As the authorities are intensifying their efforts to contain COVID-19 by making masses to confine within the four walls of their houses, people alleged that no measures are being taken by the administration to mitigate their problems they face in the wake of continuous lockdown and restrictions in the valley.
People complained that they are not being allowed to move out to buy essentials as the administration has ordered for total lockdown as a measure to stop spread of the deadly pandemic.
“We don’t oppose authorities or the measures being taken to contain this deadly epidemic, we have been inside since 12 days and we will obey orders in future as well. What makes us to feel irritated is that government has not fixed any particular time for the shops to open and close so that people are able to stock essentials,” said Nisar Ahmad a businessmen.
He said the government has never been criticized or slammed for any of the measures it has taken so far to save people from falling prey to deadly disease; however lack of essentials t home makes people restless.
In Srinagar, people say they face difficulty to get milk as the supplies hardly reach Srinagar following orders to ban entry of transport from other districts of the valley in capital city.
“Milk supply has taken a hit ever since the authorities ordered ban on entry of vehicles from other districts of the valley. Let milk supplies reach smoothly, we don’t ask government to rollback order but the difficulties people face should not be overlooked,” said Arif Mohammad.
People in many areas of the Srinagar said the supply of essentials has taken a hit as police allegedly don’t allow them move. They appealed the government to fix a time as to when people can buy essentials and when shops should be closed.
“We appeal the government to issue a detailed graph when people should out to buy essentials. We have been abiding by the orders and will continue to comply with any of the orders in future as well,” they added.



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