The Missing Link..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 6/1/2020 12:42:43 AM

Nobody had seen the boy before.
“He must have come in from the forest,” the villagers said.
“He is not the Mowgli type,” the wise headman said, looking at him. “Let’s take him to the city, they will know!”
“He’s the missing link,” said the man at the city university. “See his teeth are shaped out while ours are shaped in.” The villagers tried to peer into the boy’s mouth and marveled at the way his teeth were shaped.
“Does he have a tail?” asked the man from the university.
“No,” said the headman.
“He must have had one, wild animals must have eaten it up.”
“He didn’t have a tail,” said the village headman.
“I am calling for a world conference to study this animal.” Said the university man.
“He is just a boy,” said the village headman.
“This is the Missing Link,” explained the university man to the illiterate headman.
“Is that an animal species?” asked another villager.
“It is the link, linking us to animals,” said the university man. “we evolved from apes! He is the proof !””
“You must be joking,” said the headman. “God made man.”
“You are a fool,” said the man from the university, “but now with this missing link, fools like you will soon be convinced.”
There was a commotion behind and the boy ran towards two strange looking people who had come to the city square. The boy hugged the man and woman.
“The missing link is escaping,” shouted the university man.
“The boy has found his parents,” said the headman quietly. “They are tribals living in the caves. He is one of them.”
The university man looked dejected as he watched the boy and his parents walk away. “My road to fame has been destroyed,” he said sadly. The headman sat down next to him and lit a hand made pipe. “You are a fool,” he said. “Instead of looking for missing links, look for a moment at yourself.”
“Myself?” asked the learned man.
“Look at your hands which obey your brain, your body with its muscle, flesh and blood. Feel your heart that keeps you alive. Look at your head which has a mind that can think and make decisions, your face which no one else in the whole world has. Do you really think this miracle called ‘you’ evolved?”
The university man stared at the headman.
“Your missing link is the Creator,” said the wise headman. “Start thanking Him for creating such a marvelous body, such a beautiful , start worshipping him my friend, instead of looking for tails on human beings and frogs that lived with dinosaurs. When you can’t even fight a small Covid-19 virus, with all your learning, stop looking to see how you evolved all by yourself, to realizing there was a God who made you and Mr Scientist, once you’ve LINKED up with your Creator, there’ll be NOTHING MISSING in your life..!



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