Mumbra Hospital's authorities should be punished

Kashmir Times. Dated: 6/2/2020 12:46:42 AM

Dear Editor,
It was heart-wrenching to hear that a 28-year-old woman, who was six months pregnant, died on Tuesday, May 26th, after several requests to various hospitals in Mumbra, when her husband took her to Mumbra Hospital after getting breathless, all three hospital officials refused to admit her and misbehaved her as well. Eventually, after much pleading and political pressure, Kalsekar Hospital agreed to admit her. Since TMC Health Officer RT Kendre declared that there is no rule that claims that emergency patient's admission will not be accepted in any private hospitals.
Patients must be admitted and treated in all hospital. If the private hospital makes a mistake, they will be severely punished. However according to Senior inspector Madhukar Kad of the Mumbra police station elucidated Mirror online on Sunday that an offense (case) has been registered against Bilal Hospital in Kausa , Prime Criticare in Kausa and Universal Hospital at Kadar place in Mumbra. Besides there have been several cases where doctors have refused to admit pregnant women. In addition, many women were forced to give birth on the roadside.
The wave of births and consequences, especially in our most vulnerable populations, requires the government to prevent covid-19 rattled crisis. Ensuring institusnal must be the first responsibility of every State government. And the govt should take severe action against all three hospitals' authorities, so that such fatal incident should not take place in future
--Asim suhail, Jogeshwari (west) Mumbai



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