Main focus on Covid-19, patients with other medical conditions suffer

ESS AHMAD. Dated: 6/2/2020 12:51:21 AM

GMC Anantnag

ANANTNAG, June 1: Mehraj Ahmad's mother was operated appendicites at government medical college (GMC) Anantnag two months before the lock down imposed in Jammu and Kashmir to contain the spread of virus.
Soon after the lockdown started she developed a hard mass near the stiched spot.
Though the mass is painless but have left her son worried. Mehraj has spoken to many surgeons after finding their contact numbers on social media but all the doctors have told him that the patient needs to be examined physically.
"Every doctor told me that they cannot say anything unless they see the patient.
But due to the closure of the OPD at GMC i have not been able to consult any surgeon. I am worried if the appearance of the mass near the surgery wound is not any serious issue," Mehraj told Kashmir Times.
He said that the authorities seem to be focussing only on the covid 19 cases with the result the people with other medical conditions are helplessly suffering at their homes for want of treatment.
"How long i can wait for the consultation of my mother. Even as the experts have said that the virus is going to stay for a long and does not mean people with other serious medical conditions should be left to die at their homes," Mehraj rued.
There are scores of patients with heart, kidney, Ortho, Neuro and Respiratory problems who are suffering for want of treatment as the OPDs at major hospitals remain shut.
"My father is suffering from severe cardiology problem and is under the treatment of a cardiogist from Srinagar. Since it is not possible to take him to Srinagar in the prevailing situation GMC Anantnag was the better option to get him examined at least fortnightly but OPD continues to be shut there. The shutting of OPD at the major healthcare facility of south Kashmir is only worsening the situation," said Farooq Ahmad.
Though some at sub-district hospitals and PHCs the OPDs are open but they dont serve any purpose for the people with serious medical conditions as they remain devoid of facilities and specilialists.
A resident of Anantnag, Atif Hassan expressed dismay over the shifting of focus by the authorities to covid and ignoring the people suffering from various other life threatening illnesses.
"Most of the surgeons posted at GMC are practising at private clinics are conducting surgeries without bothering about getting infected. If nursing homes are safe for them why not the government hospital. Authorities must work out on how to open OPD so that patients other than covid cases dont suffer," Hassan said.
A source at GMC said that only medicine department dealing with covid cases is finctioning at GMC while as rest of the sections are shut.
Principal , GMC , Anantnag, Dr Showkat Jeelani admitted that patients with various medical issues are suffering due to closure of OPD but added that authorities are working out to re-open the same.
"I hope OPD at GMC will reopen soon as top authorities are very much concerned about the people with other medical conditions not getting treatment due to lockdown. We are planning to register the patients for OPD consultations telephonically not only telling them about the exact timing of arrival but also advising them about the do's and dont's while visiting the hospital," Principal said.



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