Ramped up Corona tests show highest 22,774 infected

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 7/5/2020 12:32:40 AM

NEW DELHI, July 4: The Coronavirus tests are being ramped in India every day and they are throwing up an increase in the infected persons day after day.
In the past 24 hours since 9 AM on Friday, as many as 2.42 lakh tests were carried out across the country as against 2.30 lakh on Thursday and 2.42 lakh on Friday. Those found infected on Saturday totalled 22,744 as against 18,653 on Thursday and 20,903 on Friday.
The total tests carried out since March reached 95.40 lakh on Saturday and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) expects them to reach one crore in the next two, three days, maybe by Monday. The test numbers are too less, not even 1% as compared to India's population of over 130 crore.
Those found infected till todate are 6.48 lakh and 3.94 lakh of them have recovered while 18655 died, 442 in the past 24 hours. As many as 14,335 recovered in the past 24 hours while 2.35 lakh are still hospitalised. The recovery percentage improved to 60.80% of total infection cases while deaths accounted for 2.9%.



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