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Kashmir Times. Dated: 7/8/2020 1:52:33 AM

Dear Editor,
After the tragic death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput and ateenage TikTok star, an 18-year-old Delhi University girl, who too had a big fan following on the video platform TikTok died by suicide a day back. It has been speculated that the girl took the extreme step after the reported TikTok ban. It is a very sorrowful news indeed. The trend of rising suicides is a big worry and brings back the focus onto mental health. Suicide tags along with a lot of symptoms which many times go unnoticed because of lack of awareness. Bur there are a lot of cues which can reveal what might be going on in a victim's mind and should never be ignored easy. A person is said to be at the risk for developing suicidal thoughts or behaviour if any of these signs are spotted: Having a drug, alcohol or other substance abuse problem, undergoing a mental illness, prolonged stress, reclusive and agitative behaviour, a family history of suicide, access to lethal measures which can cause problems, withdrawal from society, excess sadness or negativity, recent trauma or undergoing a crisis and being exposed to someone else's suicide etc. If anyone from mentioned above is felt with anybody, we should grieve him or her and guide him or her to the appropriate ways.
--B O Changa Murshidabad WB



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