Cong: Roll back hike in fare of festival trains

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 10/22/2020 1:05:13 AM

NEW DELHI, Oct 21: The Congress on Wednesday urged the Railway Ministry to roll back the increase of the train fare to the tune of 25 to 30 per cent in the 302 pair of special festival trains put into service from October 20 to November 30 to clear the festival rush. It pointed out that this is over and above the fares of the special trains, which are already higher than the fares during pre-Covid period.
Its spokesman Prof. Gourav Vallabh told a Press conference here that the Modi government is denting the festive spirit of the common man with the fare increase which is rather steep in case of the second class sleeper used by the common man as compared to the fare in the second AC class. The Railways had already increased fare in the special trains and hence he sees no logic in further increase in the festival trains.
He said the sleeper class fare between Patna and Mumbai used to be Rs 510, but it has been hiked to Rs 650 in the so-called festival trains while the fare between Patna and Mumbai is Rs 920 instead of Rs 670 in the normal times and it is Rs 1,095 between Patna and Bengaluru instead of Rs 910.
Vallabh said there is increase also in the third AC but comparatively only 23% more in case of the second AC. He wanted the government to disclose why it is levying higher fare at a time when the people hit by Coronavirus and lockdowns as well as from the retrenchments are hard put with the money. He said Railways has always been symbolic of the common man since it has the potential to help the common man travel without a deep burden to his pockets.
He expressed disgust that with millions of people having lost jobs in the last few months, the government instead of providing festival stimulus has decided to further pull the common man down.
Releasing a chart of fares between Patna and various locations, he said the festival special's fare for third AC is Rs 1710 instead of Rs 1300 for Patna-Delhi, Rs 2600 instead of Rs 2315 for Patna-Mumbai while for the Second AC, it is Rs 2320 instead of Rs 1910 for Patna-Delhi and Rs 3225 instead of Rs 2600 for Patna-Mumbai.



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