Rahul: Don't repeat mistakes when 3rd covid wave hits India

Kashmir Times. Dated: 6/23/2021 12:45:46 AM

NEW DELHI, Jun 22: The Congress on Tuesday came out with a 150-page white paper on the Covid-19 mismanagement that was released by its former president Rahul Gandhi, saying it to caution the government in not repeating the mistakes when the third wave hits the country and be fully prepared with the needed infrastructure.

He told a press conference that the Congress document is a blueprint for the government on how to react to the third wave since its management during the second wave proved to be disastrous.

Rahul, however, stressed that it is not for finger pointing but to highlight want went wrong during the second wave to let the government correct the mistakes in future. Asked about fudging of official data on the Covid-19 deaths, he regretted that the government was hiding the deaths that must be five to six times the official figures, adding that the discussion should not be on the dead but on what next.

Should he not accept the Prime Minister's assurance with tears in eyes in timely solving the Oxygen shortage? Rahul said there were two kind of deaths, one needless where life could have been saved and second difficult to save. He said doctors told him that 90% of deaths fell in the first category because of the Oxygen limitations despite the fact that there is no Oxygen shortage in India.

"The Prime Minister's tears won't wipe out the tears of the families whose dear ones could have been saved by Oxygen supply," he said, noting that the Prime Minister did not take it seriously since his focus then was on the Bengal elections.

He repeatedly laid stress on fully vaccinating all possible people as 50% or 70% won't solve the problem since the virus will keep mutating and transform into many more waves after the third one.

On the government again marketing Prime Minister Modi in the renewed vaccination since Monday with a directive to put his photo on posters thanking him for the new vaccination drive, Rahul said India is the only country where vaccination is done by the private hospitals on payments.

He said this was not for the first time that the Prime Minister is resorting to marketing instead of focusing on the task as he did so in beating "thali," switching on mobile lights, claim of defeating Covid and vaccines sent all over the world. Lakhs have seen the results. Rahul's advice is to celebrate after a year of defeating the virus when it has really gone.

Asked about the gap between two doses of Covishield increased from 28 days to 84 days by the government, Rahul said it may be because there was a vaccine shortage, but his stress is deploy as many reliable vaccines as possible on the war footing and test them dynamically as the strategy should be to change if some do not give good results.

In reply to another question, Rahul said he is 100% for compensation to the families who lost their bread-earners to Covid-19. He said the government can't make an alibi of not having funds since it is getting money every day in terms of taxes on petrol and diesel to cite just an example.

As regards hesitancy of many in taking the vaccines, he suggested effective camps in the mission mode to clarify to the people that the vaccination is the only way to defeat the dreaded virus.



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