I told them sir..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 8/19/2013 11:57:16 PM

"…No visa for Modi, says US official…"

—Times of India, 17th Aug.
Did you get it?
No sir?
You told them I can give them lots of business?
I told them sir
That I can teach Obama a thing or two on good governance?
I told them sir
That all the business houses in India are backing me
I told them sir
You should have told them I might break all ties with them after I become PM.
I told them sir
That no Bollywood movies would be screened over there.
I told them sir
Did you tell them that we would stop speaking in English and they would never understand of what we were saying?
I told them sir!
That they would have to learn Gujarati to converse with me?
I told them sir
What did they say?
They laughed sir
They only laughed? They did not say anything?
They said nothing sir, but in their faces I saw a million questions: They wondered how a man who caused the death of thousands, who was party to rapes and riots, who will soon be found to have been involved in fake encounter killings, whose mouth spits communal venom, who is only filled with hatred, how this man is even allowed to enter other states, leave alone live in his own. Why the people of this country don't know how to reject you!"
Reject me?
Just the way they rejected your visa sir. And you know something sir?
They looked at me with disdain! And soon they will look at all of us in this country with same disdain, as they think we are cowards that we cannot prosecute you, condemn you for what you did in 2002!
Didn't you tell them who I am?
I told them sir!
And what did they say?



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