MIAN BASHIER: Spiritual and mass leader of subcontinent

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Who made Gujjar community proud with his address in U.N.O.

By Ch Rashid Azam Inqlabi
On the epoch of 15th, Aug 2021 the valley swamp with vehicles as people were moving to Wangeth (Kangan) popularly known as 'Lar Sharief', for the last glimpse of their religious and spiritual saint. The great Mian Bashier Ahmed Larvi" Sahib, who belonged to Naqshbandi order of Sufi tradition. Mian Bashir Sahib left this world for his heavenly abode on the evenfall of 14th of august around 8.40 PM and Nimaz-e-janaza scheduled to be held on 15th of August, 2021 at Wangeth their home town. The nimaz-e-janaza of Mian Sahib also held in absentia in many other parts across the Valley and Border too.

Address in UNO
Mian Bashier Sahib was the only Gujjar from sub-continent who has the privilege /honour to address the United Nations where Mian Sahib presented the case of India in UNO and described Mulk- e- Hind (India) as the epitome of peace, diversity and communal Harmony. Mian Bashier sb stressed the need to create an environment of friendly and cordial relations with other countries. Mian sahib described India and Pakistan as two brothers and advocated the phrase of harmony. He consistently strived to establish strong bond of communal harmony and co-existence across the country. The speech of Mian Bashir Ahmed larvi sb impacts many hearts and Minds’ across both the countries india and Pakistan.
The grandfather of Mian Sahib Abaid Ullah Larvi (RA) migrated from Province of "Hazara" Pakistan to "Wangeth" Kashmir India in 19th century on the decree of his religious saint/Peer known as "Mian Nizam din Kiyanvi" and settled in the lap of hills and green jungles at Wangeth, (Kashmir) in about 1860.
Mian Bashir Larvi sb who is popularly known as "Baba Sahab" in Kashmir believed in a spiritual vision of life and he always stood by his vision. He promoted such values throughout his life among his immediate disciples, general followers and his well-wishers. He relentlessly strived for social equality among the masses in general. Mian Sahib was a multi-dimensional personality who led the Gujjar and bakerwals community of J&K in particular, in social, spiritual, religious, economic and political realms. His philosophy, teachings and life will continue to inspire the people across the sub-continent

Mianji was born in 1921, at Pehalnar, Ganderbal to Mian Nizam-ud-Din Larvi (RA). Mian Sahib wasn’t able to take his mother feed at the time of his birth one ‘Kaloo’ brought the Mian Sahib before Hazarat Abaid Ullah Larvi sahib who touched his tongue with pious mouth of Mian Bashier Sahib as a result of this healing touch he started taking mother feed properly. Mian Sahib received his early education locally from Molvi Abdullah Sahib and Molvi Ibrahim Chatergulli. After receiving the elementary lessons in Urdu, Arabic and Persian, at home. Once Mian Bashier Ahmed Sahib at the age of about 3 years fell seriously ill. Then Hazrat Mian Abaid Ullah Larvi RA (grandfather) took him in chilla Kothri (prayer room) and prayed and chanted this verse
"lam lakh kramatan hure pechha… pehle dian asderi var peera" after few hours Mian Bashier Sahib recovered and was as healthy as ever. That was the time of his enlightenment.

Mian Sahib was elected to Legislative Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir (MLA) in 1967, 1972, 1977 from Kangan (Kashmir province) and 1983 from Darhal assembly constituency in Rajouri District of Jammu province. Mian Bashier Sahib was only leader from Jammu and Kashmir, who won all the elections which he has contested with huge majority, further he is only leader who has contested the elections from both the provinces of Kashmir and Jammu and was elected. Mian Bashier also served as Minister in Sheikh Abdullah's Cabinet in 1971, 1977 to 1980. In 1980, he resigned from Sheikh Mohd Abdullah's cabinet for his resentment for not providing due share in Cabinet and joined Congress party. In 1984, Mian sahib contested assembly election from Darhal-Buddhal constituency in Jammu province and declared elected with huge majority.
Mian Bashir Ahmad was the most influential religious Gujjar leader of Jammu and Kashmir. He will be remembered in history of sub-continent as, religious and social leader and leader of Gujjar and Bakerwal tribe who have great follower in both the part of divided Jammu and Kashmir. He remained associated with top leaders of the country including Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Giani Zal Singh, R Venkataraman. Mrs Indira Gandhi visited the Shrine of Baba ji Sahib at Wangeth during her visit of Kashmir. Mian sahib was invited by Mrs Indira Gandhi to campaign for her in Rai Bareilly during the parliamentary election, because Mian Sahib has good number of followers among the Gujjars of Rai Bareilly. Mrs Indira Gandhi won the election with huge majority at that time.
In Jammu and Kashmir, he was closely associated with prominent leaders of Jammu and Kashmir, like Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, Syed Mir Qasam and Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad, Girdhari Lal Dogra, Pt Trilochan Dutt. Mangat Ram Sharma, Abdul Ghani Lone, Lala Shiv Charan Gupta, Sonam Wangchuk, D D Thakur, Babu Parma Nand. The audience cried like anything when Mian Sahib start addressing the audience. Once Home minister Y.B. Chavan visited Rajouri when Mian Sahib stood up for addressing the people they raised the slogan Mian Sahib Zindabad, Mian Sahib Zindabad and cheers in response to Mian Sahib, speech and Home minister S V Chavan said in his address that the love of people for Mian Sahib is unique and Mian sahib lives in the hearts of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

In late nineties Mian Sahib left the active politics and solely devoted himself to his spiritual role, preaching hadith, tafsir and other branches of religious education. The people often approached the Mian sahib to settle the dispute(kachari) among the Gujjar community, and Mian sahib settled the issue in very fair manner. In the kachari/jirga. People accepted the verdict given by Mian Sahib with open arms due to which people save their time and money. Disputes among Gujjar and Bakerwal resolved amicably.
Once an American Lady approached the Mian sahib for help to trace her husband (American tourist) who was gone missing between Wadwan and Kargil, and I acted as interpreter between Mian sahib and American lady. Mian sb helped her and later she thanked him for his immence wisdom and helpful nature.

Felicitated with Padama Bhushan Award
In 2008 Mian Bashir Larvi was conferred with the third highest civilian award "Padam Bhushan" by Government of India, for his outstanding contribution and service towards the society particularly the Gujjar Bakerwal and other downtrodden groups of society. During 1947, 1965 and 1971 India-Pak wars, Mian Sahib had proactively worked for peace in Jammu and Kashmir and had helped in rehabilitating thousands of people in the border area of jammu, Nowshera, Rajouri, Poonch and Baramulla.
People of Jammu and Kashmir celebrated conferment of third highest civilian award “Padam Bhushan" to great saint and veteran Gujjar Leader Mian Bashir Ahmed. When news of conferring of "Padam Bhushan” Award to Mian Ji was flashed thousands of followers of Mian sahib from Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, particularly Gujjar Bakerwal, Pahari and Rajput congratulated the Mian sahib for great attainment.
While speaking on a function organized by Gujjar Officer Association at Press Club Jammu in 2008 Mian Sahib said that Padam Bhushan Award is not only for Gujjars and Bakerwals of Jammu and Kashmir but it goes to crores of Gujjars living in Twelve States of India and crore of my followers who belongs to Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh religion also and assured that he will continue to work for social justice, human rights, peace and prosperity of the State. He further added that he will continue to be the part of great struggle for upliftment of downtrodden and weaker section of societies.
Stressing the need that people of India and Pakistan have to work as a bridge in order to create an environment of friendship and cordial relations between the two countries, Prominent saint has urged the need to have positively so that the environment of hatred and suspicions comes to an end and two countries of south Asia will create an example of peace and mutual brotherhood. And I was privileged to be the part of this function as Stage secretary.
The Jammu and Kashmir has lost a great and visionary spiritual leader, his legacy in terms of his contribution and teachings will continue to inspire and guide his hundered thousands of followers and the young generations. Mian Altaf Ahmad, former Minister and renowned Gujjar leader, is the new Gaddi Nisheen as per the will of Mian Bashier sahib.
Dr Farooq Abdullha, Omar Farooq, Mehboba Mufti, Gulam Nabi Azad former chief ministers of jammu and Kashmir and all the social, political, and religious personalties of J&K pay rich homage to Mian Bashier sahib. The best way to remember the Mian Bashier sahib is that we may practice their way of life in our daily day to day life and we shall work for the upliftment of downtrodden and poor.

*The author is former Director school education Jammu. Feedback can be given at rainqlabi@gmail.com)



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