Transfer of 7 HC judges notified

Kashmir Times. Dated: 10/12/2021 11:17:09 AM

NEW DELHI, Oct 11: The Central Government on Monday notified transfers of seven High Court judges, including five recommended by the Supreme Court collegium on September 16 and again reiterated on September 21.

Since the government had reservation in case of transfer of five judges, the collegium insisted on it again on September 21.

They are Justice Sanjeev Prakash Sharma from Rajasthan to Patna, Justice Subhash Chand from Allahabad to Jharkhand, Justice T Amarnath Goud from Telangana to Tripura, Justice Ranjan Gupta from Punjab & Haryana to Patna and Justice P B Bajanthri from Karnataka to Patna.

The recommendation for Justice T S Sivagnanam from Madras to Calcutta was made on September 16 and that of Justice Sureshwar Thakur from Himachal Pradesh to Punjab & Haryana was made by the collegium on September 21.

In a separate notification, the Centre on Monday elevated three advocates and two judicial officers in the secnd set of new appointments as the judges of the Rajasthan High Court. They are advocates Farjand Ali, Anoop Kumar Dhand and Sudesh Bansal and judicial officers Vinod Kumar Bharwani and Madan Gopal Vyas.

Transfer of seven judges in the morning was the second tranche of transfers of the High Court judges, as 15 judges of 11 High Courts were transferred on October 5. All transfers were on the recommendations last month by the Supreme Court collegium.



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