Railway not sure if its water is packaged item

Kashmir Times. Dated: 10/12/2021 11:17:50 AM

NEW DELHI, Oct 11: It's now more than a year since the Indian Railways allowed the sale of only "packaged items" on its platforms vide its circular in August 2020 to meet the Covid protocols, but its babus are still not able to decide whether its very own branded bottled mineral water sold as "Rail Neer" is a "packaged article" or not.

The vendors, licensed trolleys and contract shops on the platforms are to sell only the "packaged items." All of India, "Rail Neer" was allowed to be sld with the packed food, but the Northern Railways, under which Delhi falls, opted to suspend the sale of "Rail Neer" and posted a query to the Railway Board whether it should be allowed under the packed articles or not.

The Railway Board has not been able to answer the query and so the Northern Railways and its catering arm IRCTC has left lakhs of daily passengers, authorised caterers and vendors in lurch across a score of stations, including Delhi. A Northern Railways official said the queries sent to the Railway Board in March and June remain unanswered.

Ravindra Gupta, president of the All India Railway Catering Licensees Welfare Association, said it is a sad commentary that the Railway authorities have taken so many months just to decide whether water they seat in their dedicated units are packaged water bottles or not. The decision is kept hanging since September last year.



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