Ashish's vagueness led police to arrest him in Kheri killings

Kashmir Times. Dated: 10/12/2021 11:18:01 AM

NEW DELHI, Oct 11: Ashish Mishra, son of Union Minister of State for Home Ajay Mishra Teni, gave vague replies to the police in his 12 hours of interrogations on Saturday by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) led by DIG Upendra Agrawal. As many as 140 questions were fired at him in the interrogation video-recorded before Police decided to arrest him and take him on Police remand on Monday for three days for further interrogations.

Ten key questions he was asked again and again were:

Q. Where were you during the incident on Oct 3?

A. I was present in in my village in Bahvirpur for a wrestling competition (Dangal), in which UP deputy chief minister was the chief guest.

Q. After 2.36 PM when the violence broke out, where were you for the next 45 minutes?

A. I was present at the Dangal venue only.

Q. You are seen sitting in a SUS in the video footage of the cars.

A. I didn't go there at all. Some people had taken my vehicles for receiving the deputy CM. But I can't say definitely since the BJP workers left without informing me.

Q. What do you say about bullets recovered from the burnt SUS?

A. I don't know since I was not on the spot. Of course, I own a rifle.

Q. What is the proof that all the time you were present in the Dangal and did not go to the spot of violence? Whom did you call at that time and who called you? Surrender your mobile for checking.

A. Please have my mobile. I have hundreds of witnesses that I was present only at the dangal. You can look at the footage of the Dangal.

Q. When police had ordered route diversion, why the vehicles were sent through Tikonia village?

A. I did not have any knowledge of the route diversion, nor did I know which route our vehicles took.

Q. Who was driving your SUV and who all were sitting in it?

A. I have no knowledge. I can only say that the vehicle was taken by our party workers.

Q. For how much time you stayed at Dangal venue and for what time you were away from there?

A. I was all the time at the Dangal venue. I had to remain all the time there and so I didn't go anywhere else that day.

Q. Do you have a witness who can testify your present in Banvirpur village at the time of the incident at Tikonia village?

A. I was all the time there. There are any number of videos. Many people saw me. I got the information of the violence only after everything was over.

Q. What did you do after learning about the incident?

A. I got in contact with the party workers.



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