Selective killings harmful for Kashmir's tourism, economy: Balbir

Kashmir Times. Dated: 10/30/2021 12:50:11 AM

JAMMU, Oct 28: The incidents related to the killing of innocent people, particularly non locals, in Kashmir, may badly effect the flow of tourists and thus prove to be harmful to the local economy. This aspect need to be understood by the people of Kashmir and they would have to come forward to defeat the nefarious designs of anti India forces.
Balbir Ram Rattan, Spokesperson, Jammu and Kashmir BJP, said this while speaking on the recent killings of non locals in Kashmir, adding that it will have very bad impact on the local economy as the tourists from outside may not plan to come to Valley in such a situation or cancel their scheduled programmes of coming there. He said that Kashmir is a world famous tourist destination and lakhs of people from abroad and others parts of the country visit this heaven on earth every year. The inflow of such a large number of outsiders as tourists adds to the local economy. The economy as well as employment avenues for theunemployed ones increases manifold.

Balbir Ram Rattan said that Kashmir attracts tourists almost around the year and their arrival also result in spurt in various services associated with tourism related facilities and activities like transport, hotel, houseboat, water, snow and adventure events, sale of handloom, handicraft items etc. All this do get spendings from the people enjoying these facilities and purchasings, which obviously promotes the economy.
Balbir further said that such killings also disturbs the social harmony and may create hatred among different communities and an atmosphere of mistrust, insecurity and fear. He said that the responsibility to strengthen the social brotherhood and induce a sense of oneness lies on the majority class in Kashmir and they must utilize their influence to provide a fearless society to the outsiders, besides cooperating with the administration in identifying and punishing the anti India, anti social elements.

He expressed hope that the operations launched by the security forces would help them in clearing the Valley from the menace of terrorism and make it a peaceful tourist destination.



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