Ravinder Sharma petitions Delimitation Commission, seeks assembly constituency for Sunderbani

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/9/2022 3:21:47 PM

JAMMU, Jan 08: Former MLC and Chief Spokesperson Jammu & Kashmir Pradesh Congress Ravinder Sharma has petitioned the Delimitatiom Commission seeking a fair deal for Sunderbani, Nowshera and Kalakote by carving out a third constituency for Sunderbani out and the existing two constituencies, with addition of adjoining areas, to fulfill population norms.
The senior congress leader referred to unconfirmed reports being discussed in public domain regarding proposed delimitation, whereby areas of sub division Sunderbani have been divided into two parts and clubbed with a part of Kalakote , by dividing and abolishing the existing constituency.
He said if these reports are true, kindly review the same time safeguard the territorial identity and status of Sunderbani, Nowshera and Kalakote by carving out a third constituency for Sunderbani, while maintaining the Kalakote and Nowshera as separate constituencies.
Full text of petition is as under-

The Hon'ble Chairperson,
Members of Delimitation commission for J&K UT,
New Delhi.

Dated- 08/01/2022

Subject- Petition seeking fair deal and safeguarding the interests and protecting the territorial identity and status of Sunderbani, Nowshera and Kalakote in the ongoing delimitation exercise of Assembly segments in district Rajouri, Jammu & Kashmir.

Hon'ble the commission,

On behalf of the inhabitants of the Tehsils Sunderbani, Siot and Beripattan falling under the jurisdiction of additional district/sub division,Sunderbani, presently forming part of,81-Nowshera assembly segment and Kalakote assembly segment,district Rajouri,
the undesigned seeks your urgent attention to the following facts, in connection with unconfirmed reports about the proposed bifurcations in the ongoing delimitation exercise.

There are reports of bifurcation/Delimitation of 81-Nowshera constituency, whereby areas under jurisdiction of additional district Sunderbani, are being reportedly divided into two parts , one part is being clubbed with tehsil kalakote,and tehsil Treyath while entire tehsil Beripattan is proposed to be attached with Nowshera proposed constituency.
This has led to confusion and resentment amongst people, as Sunderbani and kalakote would suffer a lot in the proposed exercise, since Kalakote is a separate assembly segment since 1996,whereas Sunderbani qualifies for a separate constituency by clubbing some adjoining areas, f
based on application of reasonable parameters, for meeting the required population norms.

There are three additional districts, one each at Nowshera, Sunderbani and kalakote. While Nowshera alongwith Sunderbani and Kalakote being already two separate constituencies, it was long desired to create/carve out a new constituency for Sunderbani with adjacent areas, while maintaing the two separate constituencies of Nowshera and kalakote. This is possible by addition and clubbing of some adjoining areas with them. However the proposed bifurcation and delimitation, if true, neither respects the genuine aspirations nor meets the settled norms of delimitation and would rather put the majority population of Sunderbani and kalakote to great inconvenience and jeopardize their interests .
Thus the proposed delimitation, as is in public circulation unofficially, is being strongly resented by the overwhelming majority ,who seek review of the same ,to respect the aspirations of the public and to adhere to norms of topography,geographical conditions, means of Connectivity and contiguity besides administrative convenience ,before putting it in public domain.

The people vehemently urge the hon'ble commission not to devide Sunderbani sub division and not to abolish Kalakote constituency for merger with the proposed constituency by clubbing of divided Sunderbani and kalakote, as is being heard in public domain.

We further appeal the hon'ble commission to maintain separate identity of Sunderbani area by creating a new constituency by clubbing adjoining areas, as required to fulfill long cherished desire of the people of the area and also keep intact the dentity and status of Kalakote constituency, as well as Nowshera constituency,in the interest of justice.
We hope and trust that the hon'ble commission would appreciate our demand and respect the urges and aspirations of people and ensure justice in the matter by carving out a third assembly constituency for Sunderbani alongwith the existing Kalakote and Nowshera, by adjustment of the areas ,as per topography, natural boundaries, administrative convenience and means of communications etc.

Yours sincerely,
Ravinder Sharma
Chief Spokesperson



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