"Let Vamika grow in her own way"

By Bipin Dani. Dated: 1/28/2022 6:26:04 PM

MUMBAI, Jan 27: Indian sociologists have come in support of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, who have requested the fans not to circulate their daughter Vamika's photo on social media.
Cameras were zoomed in on Anushka holding the baby in the arm when former captain Kohli reached 50 in the 3rd and final ODI against South Africa on Sunday.
"Any post made public is bound to have repercussions, and if you are celebrities, like Virat and Anushka, it will be followed by a large number of people reacting to it. Requesting them to social media to respect their privacy and not click, share or upload the pics of their little daughter was fine and totally their personal matter", Prof. Abha Chauhan, President, Indian Sociological Society (ISS), says.
Adding further, she says, "Beyond that it should be just a normal way of leading life, even cheering at the match, or being clicked at times, could be a usual way of growing up for a child of the two celebrities".
"The couple didn’t need to justify or sound apologetic about not being aware of the camera on them during the one-day international match between India and South Africa. The comments and counter-comments, now and before, from their fans and others, many of them making fun and some demeaning, were not in a good spirit".

"Socialization of a child is a contextual process, it depends on where and to whom you are born. There are thousands of children in our country who need care and attention, but are completely ignored by the media. Why make some children more special than others, by either protecting them too much or exposing them a lot? Either way, the children of the celebrities will be susceptible to focus and remain the center of attraction. Just let them be…and just let them enjoy the status which they have inherited, normally and naturally!

"If they don't want to bring the photos and other personal details of their daughter on social media, as an ethically and morally responsible persons, we should refrain from posting their personal details. It will provide a better chance, free from the dazzling lives of celebrities, of growing up and socialization to the daughter of Virat and Anushka",

However, it is to be noted here that ex-captain Dhoni and his wife Sakshi have also portrayed their daughter Ziva in public domain.

Prof. Manish K. Verma, the secretary of the Association says, "No matter other celebrities have 'chosen' to make their personal life public by showcasing the photographs and other details of their spouse and children on social media, it is strictly the decision of Virat and Anushka that what they want with regard to their daughter and how they want to groom her", the sociologist adds.



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