Ignorance of rules or power gone to head?

Kashmir Times. Dated: 8/19/2012 11:07:12 PM

Dear Editor,
Yesterday, a gruesome accident occurred in the Bantalab area whereby a hapless woman was done to death, courtesy the negligence on the part of SP’s daughter. The young woman was said to be driving rashly the government vehicle which belonged to her father. How come the government machinery is misused in such a brazen manner is the first question which can be asked by any layman? In the backdrop of this accident, this assumes more sinister proportions, as the woman in question happens to be daughter of the officials’ in the state administration, who is being shielded because of her father’s influence.
Perhaps, the perils of power go to the head of those who posses it and if that wouldn’t have been the case, the driver would have taken every precaution to avoid the mishap. What needs to be probed is the actual age of the girl and the fact whether she was in a correct frame of mind while driving. The sad part of the whole story is that a family has been berefted of the shade of a mother who is priceless. Any amount of pacifying the genuine tempers amounts to nothing, because of the loss of an individual who is the bedrock of her family!
—Rachna Malhotra, Top Sherkhanian, Jammu



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