Saint Kabir’s teachings highlighted

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 8/20/2012 12:15:20 AM

JAMMU, Aug 19: Bhagat Mahasabha today held a function at village Deyichak block Marh to spread teachings of Sadguru Kabir among Megh Samaj.
A large number of people gathered from the surrounding areas to listen Satsang and Kirtan by Swami Milkhi Ram Bhagat who told the masses about teachings of saint Kabir and advised them to walk on the path shown by great saint of Bhakti movement.
He cautioned Megh Samaj to remain vigilant from divisive forces trying to divide the community. He appealed to Megh Samaj to stay away from bad habits of drinking alcohol, smoking, dowry etc. After the religious sermons, speeches were delievered by various leaders of the community who raised various demands of Megh Samaj.
Mahasabha also announced that similar religious congregations would be held at every block to create awareness among aware the community.
A Langar was also served to the people after the programme.
Prominent among them were Girdhari Lal Bhagat, Dr Rajesh Bhagat, Sanjay Bhagat, Dr.Jaswant Bhagat, Jai Bhagat, Kuldeep Bhagat, Kala Ram Bhagat and Dev Raj Bhagat.



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