Law keepers as law breakers..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 11/15/2013 12:43:25 PM

The other day I saw an engineer from the Mumbai Municipal Corporation standing outside his imposing three storied house in the heart of the city. Most people knew he had grown up in a single room in a small chawl in an area called Matunga and how a government engineer could rise from tiny room to a mansion reveals much of the rot and corruption that exists in our country.
But that is not why I have mentioned him here.
Cheating and corruption are like a disease and greed makes you want even more: Not only did the engineer own this three storied mansion, but one fine day, he decided this was not enough, that he would encroach on the common area of the colony he lived in. Now this BMC official, is actually in charge of seeing there are no building violations in the city, but very blatantly violated the law, extending his mansion by hundreds of square feet which in this Financial Capital, is worth millions.
As I watch this sad state of our country, it makes me think that many cock a snook at the world and say, "Nobody can catch me!" This is what the present government and it's coalition partners thought and today like a lame duck they wait to get to the finishing line with little hopes of a come back.
Today with technology and the RTI there is very little chance if a complaint is made and followed up, that the person will escape the law.
Greed like rape makes men forget the consequences of their actions; they are so incensed over the scent of a woman or the craving for money or property that they are blinded to its final outcome.
I have seen photographs of officials being arrested: There is s look of sheer surprise and confusion on their faces; 'how did I get caught?' they seem to be asking as they are either led away in disgrace by the police, their hands in handcuffs, suspended or dismissed.
Yes how did they gat caught?
They got caught because quite a few of them are senior in both age and position, and do not know that whistle-blowing is now a lot easier. The Internet broadcasts illegal actions at the speed of light, a sting operation is seen by millions in a few days, and the government has no alternative but to press charges.
I watch the municipal engineer and know his days are numbered; it is just a matter of time before his name appears in the newspapers, a massive enquiry is launched and the law breaker gets jailed for not being a law keeper..!



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