Great Guns and not guns responsible for apathy

Kashmir Times. Dated: 12/19/2013 9:32:45 PM

Dear Editor,
The Chief Minister of the state has misjudged guns to have disfigured Kashmir. It is not the guns but the Great Guns that have thrown the state in the vortex of depression and dejection. One million dollar question for my friends is who are the greatest criminals? Those who prepare instruments of death or who sell them or who buy them or those who use them? If man seeks for greatness he should forget greatness and instead seek and work for truth and he will find both. Honesty of mind and thought is the only great weapon with a man provided he understands that life is but an empty dream. Wild animals never kill for sport. It is man the only one who tortures not only animals but kills his fellow beings on one pretext or the other. We purchase, order and use death instruments in killing fellow beings.
In the prevailing web of crises, prudence demands to evolve confidence building measure and shun to wield wave of guns. It becomes incumbent upon all of us in particular top echelons to meet, convince and prepare all anti elements for dialogue to treat the ailment that has ruined the rich cultural heritage of the state.
May Good sense prevail on of us all.
129 Surya Vihar, Bohri, Jammu.



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