Futile cosmetic measures

Kashmir Times. Dated: 11/1/2012 11:30:13 PM

Dear Editor,
This refers to a recent news report about a seminar on girl child, on this front I strongly feel that merely organizing seminars or celebrating International Girl Child Day, a desired change in present scenario cannot occur.
Such events are good for a short or temporary mind shifts but no miracle can be expected from them. Every year such occasions are held and in-spite of any fall in female foeticide the toll is rapidly increasing. So, I would like to appeal to the concerned authorities to get active and stop this sin. Increase punishment amount and years so that a sense of fear gets evoked in the criminals. Ensure free schooling and health facilities for women and take measures to make women economically independent so that they may get the power to take decisions good for themselves and their families.
--Neha Khajuria,
Bikram Chowk,



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