Modi's magic wand..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 3/25/2014 12:14:29 PM

India is about to reach the realms of fame, money and power!
In a few months India knows Modi will wave his magic wand and mighty miracles will take place: Corruption will disappear! The country will be catapulted economically in front of China! Rolls Royces, BMWs and Mercs will be driven even by the poor and the world will gasp at the Modi Magic!
But in a room in Gujarat a man with a white beard looks with uncertainty at the stick that lies in his hand; his magic wand. "You won't let me down will you?" says the man who changes his designer kurtas every day. The magic wand remains silent, after all sticks don't speak, but who are we to tell this to the great man who with a wave of this wand will transform an area of darkness into the light of the world!
"You won't let me down will you?" asks the man with the white beard and designer kurta beseechingly. The stick is quiet as the man hears shouts outside his window; the shouts of a nation waiting for miracles with a wave of the magic wand.
The man with the white beard looks dejectedly at his stick as his PA enters his room, "Sir, the people are waiting for you to speak to them. There are thousands outside!"
"What do they want to hear?" he whispers wearily looking at the dead stick.
"How you will change India with a wave of your wand! How we will become the most powerful nation in the world…"
"How our poor will drive Mercs?"
"Mercs, and even private planes!"
"What do I have to do?"
"Sir, just show them the magic wand! Let them know what power you have just waiting to be used!"
The man with the white beard looks at the dead piece of wood and sobs, "This stick cannot do anything! It's just a dead piece of wood! I have promised too much and will not be able to deliver. How will I push the bureaucracy to work? They have never worked in their lives! How will I make ministers responsible when all they want is a share of loot?"
The man with the white beard and designer kurta looks at the dead piece of wood then watches with surprise as his PA picks it up. "This magic wand has served you well sir! When you faced trouble in your state twelve years ago, you used this stick to push the minorities into a corner. When you needed to get the whole chunk of the majority vote you gave them this stick to kill, rape and bludgeon the minorities. This is your magic wand, show it to the people. Let them dream it will create Mercs and BMWs…"
"Yes," said the man with a white beard with a smile, "It worked for me in Gujarat, it will work for me in India."
The PA smiles as the magic wand is picked up, twirled and brandished, poked and thrust like a blood thirsty sword..!



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