`Self-rule within Indian constitution’

Anubhav Misri. Dated: 6/23/2013 11:46:04 PM

POONCH, Jun 22: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mufti Mohammed Sayeed today stated that his party believed in Indian constitution, also accepted the special status to J&K under Article 370 of Indian Constitution and it wanted self rule within Indian Constitution.
He also announced to review the new recruitment policy of state government if PDP came into power.
Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Mohammed Sayeed today said PDP had come into the field with sincerity of purpose and over the years it evolved a practical and achievable agenda for political resolution and economic development of the state.
He said that PDP’s vision was gaining acceptability as the party did not indulge in hollow rhetoric and its credibility was borne out of its performance both in government and in opposition. The political resolution and economic development of the state had to go hand in hand and neither could be achieved in isolation, he said.
Mufti added, “That’s why I believe that J&K will become a gateway of South Asia and will emerge as Economic free zone like Europe.”
Mufti said the emergence of a decisive voice from Jammu & Kashmir would go a long way in determining the course of future progress on political front. “With a decisive mandate it is reasonable to hope that PDP with the support of people and other stakeholders would be able to push for an amicable settlement of outstanding issues that could lead to a peaceful resolution,” PDP patron said.
Mufti said the state was facing tremendous challenges and problems which had partly been inherited from the past but severely accentuated by the incompetence, inefficiency and mis-governance of the present dispensation. “These problems are not of such nature as could not be solved,” Mufti said, adding, “the rich natural and human resources could be utilized for welfare of people and development of infrastructure.”
He said the power crisis, lack of employment opportunities, corruption and a pathetic deficit in health and education sectors were the issues that needed to be addressed seriously.
“Any delay could push the state further into chaos and unrest and PDP will focus on these issues to make Jammu & Kashmir a state with distinction. We believe in Indian Constitution and also accept the special status to J&K under Article 370 of Indian Constitution. We want self rule with in Indian Constitution,” he said.
Ridiculing the new recruitment policy of state government, he said this policy was totally a flop show and if PDP came to power it would review this policy.
Earlier addressing the gathering MLC Yashpal Sharma said even after six and a half decades of independence, Poonch district had the worst condition vis-à-vis road connectivity.



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