Violence against Non-Gujaratis

Kashmir Times. Dated: 10/12/2018 1:09:53 PM

Dear Editor,
We all are Indian irrespective of Gujrati, Bihari or Uttar Pradeshi. But threatening and assaulting all those who belong to other states one the name of one person's wrong doing is look like this incident has been misused for emotional outbursts, fanning petty regionalism and fueling the regional embers. Over 50,000 labourers have left Gujarat and more are on their way out.
This conflict directly or indirectly can harm the state itself, because as Diwali nears, it is a peak business time in Gujarat, and also they form the mainstay of the workforce of a number of industries in the Gujarat. The state government is losing grip over the situation rather politicising by implicating and arresting Congress workers.
Congress is also accusing BJP of orchestrating the violence for political gain. But I think it should not be politicised, rather it is time to assure their safety and create the familiar environment for migrants. Because exodus will not go in favour of Gujrat rather it will affect Indian economy which is already declining because of weak strategy of the central government.
—Qeyamuddin, Mumbai.



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