An Open Letter to Guv

Kashmir Times. Dated: 12/7/2018 12:53:41 PM

As a migrant, I want to submit that even after persuing my case since 2011, I am still homeless, despite hundreds of people having been accommodated since then.
I want to submit that like any other migrant I had applied for government flats under file number 432-C. However that was lost and no flat was allotted. I applied for the same through the office of the Relief Commission in 2014 which was cleared by Tehsildar, but file was again lost in 2015, new file submitted but same was lost again.
However, not losing hope, I again submitted my request through file number 1330 in March 2017. The Commissioner marked the file asked about the vacant flats in Jagti and Buta Nagar, which was furnished by the Tehsildar. I was promised that I will be allotted one flat as per norms but again to my dismay some other migrants were allotted the flats. I am living in a rented accommodation and no member of my family is having a government job.
I request the Governor to kindly look into the migrant cases and do justice.
--Anoop Kumar Koul
A/P H.No: 52-B Pamposh Colony Janipur, Jammu



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