Dare to ask..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 12/7/2018 12:53:54 PM

All the change for the better that's happened in our world, is because people dared to ask.
Why am I a slave, and not free like the white man? Cried the blacks in America, even as they were made aware of a constitution stating, all men were equal, even as they saw people walking into church every Sunday, to hear a message of compassion, and a few hours later seeing those same members of the congregation using a whip on their backs!
Why? They asked.
And when the asking of those questions became known to others, those same others also joined them in the asking.
But it had to start with one person asking to galvanize a group, inspire a leader like Lincoln, and become a law for the nation.
Why are we not given equal voting rights? Cried the women of America not even a hundred years ago. For centuries women were thought of as ones not equipped to understand politics, not equipped with a brain equal to men, and so at the voting booth, only their husbands and fathers voted, while they stayed back at home, and sewed, or cooked or all the things men felt they were equipped to do, till one bold woman cried, "Why?"
Why can't we vote?
Not only did they, after much intense argument and debate get their right to vote, but from that one asking, they got the right to lead, and innumerable nations over the last few decades have been led by courageous and extremely capable women.
But somebody had to ask.
Why don't ships fall of the edge of the earth? Asked Copernicus and Galileo, and proved that the earth was flat.
Why can't we fly? Asked the Wright brothers and airplanes today have made the world a hundred nay a thousand times smaller, with the speed of getting from one place to another.
What would have happened if we had never asked? Well, the wheel wouldn't have been invented, nor the quill, nor writing and you wouldn't be here asking such a question, because remember, asking doesn't exist and most probably language.
Asking for what you feel is right, has kept the world moving and also balanced. But to ask, isn't easy. To ask, requires courage to face ridicule, anger, and brutal action to suppress dissent from those in authority.
And that will always be the case, whether it is government, religious heads or any head. They hate to be asked, because asking means the beginning of change, and those in authority hate change.
But if you want to move forward, ask.
If you want justice, ask.
If you want to win, ask.
Whatever it be, just dare to ask..!



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