People set up veg, non-veg community kitchens for stranded truckers on NHW

ESS AHMAD. Dated: 2/10/2019 2:27:54 PM

For Kashmir villagers, humanity comes first

ANANTNAG, Jan 9: Setting an example of humanity, the people of several villages located along the Srinagar-Jammu national highway are out to lend a helping hand to the truckers stranded on the road from last many days.
Groups of locals mostly youth offering eatables , water and fire pots to the stranded truckers from outside states is a common sight all along the highway from Vessu to Lowermunda toll post.
While at several villages locals were seen carrying eatables including rotis (Bread), rice, cooked vegetables and boiled water on hand pulled carriers for the truckers but at other places the villagers have set up langars for these truckers.
At Wangund village ahead of Qazigund, locals have set up two community kitchens on roadside to provide food to these truckers.
"We have set up two community kitchens for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We cook the food here and ensure that no trucker goes without having lunch and dinner," a local, Nazir Ahmad told Kashmir Times.
Hundreds of truckers are at halt along the national highway on this side of the tunnel from last five days after the landslides and snow avalanches blocked the road at several places. Kashmir valley witnessed heaviest snowfall of the season on Wednesday night bringing the life at standstill across the valley.
"Though the snowfall brought hardships to us as well but braving all that we decided to help these stranded truckers. On seeing them shivering with cold and having nothing to eat we at village level collected rice and other eatables from each household and came up with langar for them," said another local villager of Wangund, Bashir Ahmad.
For Bashir, humanity is above all religions.
"No doubt most of these truckers come from other religions but humanity is above everything. If we cannot come to their help in this situation we cease to be humans," Bashir said.
At Lewdoora village, a group of youth was seen carrying the cooked rice and rotis on a hand pulled carrier and shouting 'Dal Chawal, Dal chawal'.
Soon a group of drivers rushed towards the carrier along with their plates to collect the rice.
"It is their struggle for survival of their families that they have been at halt here from last several days. So it is both our religious and moral obligation to come to their help," said a local Shahnawaz.
A Srinagar based journalist, Moazam Mohammad, who had gone to report the plight of stranded truckers shared many live videos on facebook showing how the local residents were helping the truckers with all the spirit.
"Though I had gone to talk to the drivers and file a report back home but seeing the element of humanity alive among the local youth I could not wait and on spot shared the videos on social media," Moazam told Kashmir Times.
He added the act shows two things- One is indomitable spirit of Kashmiris and the other that deepening chasm in mainland India and elsewhere hasn’t affected their mindset. Wangund villagers have set an example which is quite a rare thing in contemporary times.



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