Mudasir's satirical twist on his father's arrest

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 2/24/2019 12:26:41 AM

‘I’m filled with love for army……’

SRINAGAR, Feb 23: Mohammad Amin Wani of Devar Tral is among the over 150 people arrested by security forces and police in raids last night as part of a major crack-down against Jamaat-e-Islami leaders and activists and others.
His story, however, becomes exceptional because of the post his son put up on facebook after his arrest. The post has caught the attention of many facebookers and social media users. It has been appreciated by many for its ability to offer insight into the anger of Kashmiri youth and the increasing distance between Kashmiris and New Delhi.
Written with a tinge of subtle sarcasm, Mudasir Wani wrote about his father’s arrest narrating the sequence of events.
The post reads:
"It gives me immense pleasure to share the news that my 64 year old father M Amin Wani has been picked up by SOG and Army in a nocturnal visit to our house. Around 12:30 am, they entered our lawn by climbing the walls and knocked at the windows of the house. In this chilling cold night they requested my father to accompany them to the camp. We pleaded that he will come to the army camp in the morning himself. The person in command argued ‘meri bhi naukri hai’."
The post added, "However, he suggested him to wear warm clothes and I added to take along medicine of diabetes, hypertension, heart and thyroid. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find medicine for heart. Then they left, before leaving my father hugged me. I accompanied them till the main gate of the house. They vanished in the pitch darkness of the night and I came back to hold my shivering mother.
Tonight my heart is filled with tonnes of love for Indian army and India. Feel proud to be part of Indian citizenry. This happiness has made me insomniac.
23 February
Mudasir Wani
Dever, Tral."



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