A Victorious Loser..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 4/20/2019 11:41:51 PM

Did you ever realize that Good Friday, we celebrate today, and our Elections have something in common? Was thinking of both these momentous days and wondered whether there's some coincidence in both falling around the same time.
Pondered over this and saw huge similarities!
Both events, be it Good Friday, or Voting Day, apart from electing, are about rejecting!
"We don't like you! Goodbye!"
The night before he was killed, Jesus was taken before Pilate the Governor of Judea, and Pilate turning to the people asked 'What shall I do with this man?" Which is exactly what the voting booth asks you when you go into the secret chamber to cast your vote!
And the people cried out to Pilate, "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!"
Most of the people who shouted had seen Jesus doing miraculous things: They had witnessed him giving sight to blind men, making the lame walk again and even seen him raise a man from the grave, someone who had been given up as dead.
And yet they shouted, "Crucify him!"
Likewise, many candidates in today's hustings all over the country are going to look with disbelief at the final results, as they find they have been rejected outright despite projects they have completed, in spite of lifting their constituency out of poverty and even after having worked hard for their people.
They stare with disbelief as the results come in. They realize with horror, they have lost.
…the similarity ends there, because Jesus was triumphant through his death.
As you read books of history or religious texts, you may ask what triumph is this we speak off? How can a holy man dragged down the streets of Jerusalem, flogged by Roman soldiers, spat at by the public, even as he carried a heavy wooden cross, be called triumphant and victorious?
How could a man whose hands and legs were pierced with nails onto the cross, be called a winner?
Therein lies the truth: That only through his death could he be the liberator of you and me. That because he died taking on himself the punishment for all my mischief, wrong doing and sinning ways, today I have direct access to God.
He died to liberate me from the power of evil, and gave me instead, direct access to God's power.
His death was victory, unlike the elections where a loser bows out. In this case on a Good Friday over two thousand years ago, He was a Victorious loser..!



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