ANC urges political parties to join hands to fight ongoing challenges to the state

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 6/16/2019 11:04:26 PM

JAMMU, June 16: On the directions of party president Begum Khalida Shah, senior vice president Awami National Conference (ANC) Muzzafar Shah has sent letters to heads of state political parties urging them to forge a united platform to confront the challenges that the state is faced Vis-a-Vis its special status, Article 35-A, Article 370, Delimitation and tenure of the state assemble.
In the letter addressed to President NC, PDP, Congress, AIP, DPN, PDF, BSP, SP, JD(U), CPIM, LJP, PC and JKPM, Begum Khalida Shah, President J&K Awami National conference told that ,
i am writing the following few lines for your immediate consideration. You are well
aware that all the organizations , be it political, social, civil society, intellectuals,
lawyers and others always claim wide support & representation of the people of J&K state. If so, we cannot remain aloof from the economic, political or constitutional responsibilities and close our eyes to the unconstitutional steps being taken in the state under the garb of the Governors rule.
Since the imposition of Governors rule, violations of our constitutional rights in the absence of a state legislature and an elected government are calling upon us to chalk out a joint strategy or be swallowed in the whirlpool of destruction craftily woven around us. Every soul today is questioning those claiming to be the representatives of the people for their criminal silence on the onslaught being perpetuated on the special status of the state guaranteed by the Forefathers of Modern India & by its Constitution. The talks of trifurcation of the state on the basis of region & religion with attempts of reviving the delimitation process without an elected legislature are sending a clear message across the state on the divisive plans being readied for execution.
While the Article 370 & Article 35-A were being debated in the Supreme Court a few months ago, kindly recall that it was the Civil society & our party JKANC that appealed every political party with a representation in the legislature, particularly the PDP & the National Conference, to shun their political baggage & egos & step forward to form an interim government. This would halt the nefarious designs attempted to weaken & finally scrapping Article 35A & Article 370 by using the Judicial route in absence of an elected state government. Unfortunately not a single party came forward. Had they joined hands to safeguard our constitutional rights, the situation today would not have come to this pass where Article 35 A, Article 370, delimitation exercise, restricting the state assembly tenure to five years, is under direct attack.
Generations have gone by since the fight against the autocratic rule was launched in the early 30’s & most of those who took part in the Quit Kashmir movement are no longer with us. The present generations are mostly unaware about the historic background of that movement & also about their history prior to 1947. They live in a state of confusion & mistrust. Today we are faced with a new breed of selfish politicians & individuals who have cropped up & are driven by their vested interests, allying them to the powers that be, to carry out the nefarious designs on Kashmir. Through them New Delhi is working towards abrogation of Article 370, 35-A and now the delimitation process. All this at a very hefty price.
Conflicting statements are being made to create a situation of uncertainty in the valley to ensure that the situation remains chaotic. Jammu & Kashmir cannot be divided on the basis of Region & Religion. If we do not take a joint stand now, the future generations will never forgive us for throwing them into an inferno. The pluralistic character of the state, its constitution & its secular credentials need protection. We have already lost three generations & cannot afford to lose even one more life, be it our children ora jawan.
In such a dire situation with the state economy in ruins, tourism at its lowest, hundreds languishing in jails without proven cases, it is time for us all to join heads and formulate a strategy to save our future generations from oppression and exploitations perpetrated on them. Dialogue is the only way out, firstly amongst ourselves & then with the central government at all concerned levels. Power politics, Vote bank politics & Political egos need a goodbye for some time.
If you agree on this grave scenario unfolding before our eyes, then it is time for a formal meeting to be set up for threadbare discussions for safeguarding our basic rights & principles with mutual consent. I hope this appeal from our President Begum Khalida Shah, an experienced hand & witness to the troubled history of Jammu & Kashmir will be taken note of without any delay. We expect a positive response from your side to move forward in this noble cause.



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