Farooq bats for political solution through talks

MAJID NABI. Dated: 7/12/2019 11:16:53 AM

SRINAGAR, July 11: National Conference (NC) president and Parliamentarian, Dr Farooq Abdullah today claimed that Kashmir issue is a ‘dispute’ between India and Pakistan and needs a political settlement through meaningful dialogue.
He said that the issue has to be resolved in a way that no party including India, Pakistan or the people of Jammu and Kashmir from either side feel “defeated’. He said that in order to reach to positive conclusion leaders of both countries have to engage people from both sides in the dialogue.
“Kashmir is a dispute between India and Pakistan, who says it is not. This issue is in the United States; the leaders of India and Pakistan have to engage people from both sides of the LoC in dialogue. While Pakistan authorities should initiate dialogue with people of Azad Kashmir and the leaders from this side will talk to the people of Kashmir,” said Abdullah addressing a gathering on 19th death anniversary of Begum Akbar Jehan at Dargah Hazratbal.
He said that after talks on leadership level, people from both sides of the divide should be given a chance to hold dialogue for better results.
The three times Chief Minister; Farooq Abdullah said the dialogue is the only way forward to resolve issues other than using power and pressure tactics.
“See pressure tactics and power will not yield results but deteriorate the situation further. So better a meaningful political dialogue should be initiated to resolve this issue,” Farooq added.
Citing Afghanistan peace talks which go alongside amid skirmishes between Taliban and the US forces, he said same strategy should be adopted vis-à-vis Kashmir.
“They said dialogue and terrorism cannot go together, you see the skirmishes between Taliban and US did not hinder Afghanistan peace talks, both go alongside and same strategy is needed for Kashmir.
Replying to a query that whether separatists who are stakeholders should be included in dialogue, he said “everyone, it needs a clean heart”. On highway restrictions Farooq said it’s unfortunate that highway was again banned for civilian movement.
Taking a dig at Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Baseer Khan for allegedly telling lie that there is no restriction for civilian traffic on national highway, Farooq said “I saw how vehicles are stopped. This is unfortunate that Div Com says there are no restrictions, he should change his statement as restricting people is wrong and this law should be changed.”



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