Radio Pakistan's official website hacked, chink in security exposed

Kashmir Times. Dated: 9/8/2019 11:53:40 PM

NEW DELHI, Sep 8 (Agencies): In a major embarrassment to Pakistan Radio, the official website of the country's state broadcaster was hacked into on Sunday with a message that sarcastically commented on the cybersecurity that had been in place.
The official website of Pakistan Radio was hacked and shut down briefly by a group that named itself Crash Rulers. The message posted on the homepage read, "Hello Admin, you are very secured. Appreciated your security. We got an eye on you. Expect us. Pakistan zindabad."
There was also a Twitter handle - @The CrashHackers - posted with the message but it is not clear if those behind the cybercrime are the ones who operate that handle. While the website was restored and was back up shortly after the hack, the incident does expose the vulnerabilities of official state websites in Pakistan. The official website of Pakistan Cricket Board had been hacked in July when Pakistan was playing against Bangladesh in the World Cup. The website of Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Pakistan had also been hacked in the past.



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