Deadlock over transport charges takes toll on students

MAJID NABI. Dated: 12/2/2019 12:43:20 AM

SRINAGAR, Nov 30: The ongoing stalemate between the administration and private schools over transport charges has taken toll on students whose academic year has almost ‘shattered’ after the government ordered closure of schools in August.
While as the administration has categorically asked schools not to receive transport charges for closed months, private school owners have decided to suspend bus service to students in case the administration do not revisit its decision or agree on 50 percent concession.
“Our children suffer badly and no one seems to be bothered, private schools cannot pressurize parents for transport charges because schools were closed so were their vehicles. How could they flout the orders and threaten to suspend transport to students,” said Shabir Ahmad whose daughter studies at a private school in Srinagar.
He said the government should crack a whip on private schools for ruining the academic career of thousands of students for their personal benefits.
On the other hand government after issuing order some two weeks ago has miserably failed to make private schools to implement the same on ground in letter and spirit without issuing threats.
Pertinent to mention here that government in view of the law and order closed all educational institutions in Kashmir ahead of centers decision to repeal special status of erstwhile state under Article 370 of Indian constitution on August 5.
Parents on their own arrange transport for their wards as most of the schools which reopened after more than four months have suspended bus service to students. Parents are asked to either clear outstanding transport charges for closed months or arrange on their own transport for their children.
“This is too much, most of the private schools have suspended transport service to students after the administration ordered them not to receive any charges other then monthly tuition fee for closed months. I use my scooter to pick and drop my daughter every day amidst bone chilling cold and shutdown. Government should take a serious note and resolve the issue at earliest,” Lateef Ahmad another parent said.



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