Elementary school of KCPS celebrates Sports Day

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 12/13/2019 12:45:11 PM

JAMMU, Dec 12 Elementary wing of KC Public School celebrated Sports Day on December 10 and 11 on the Sports arena of the junior wing.
The entire school was abuzz with fun and excitement. Principal Amarendra Kumar Mishra flagged off the event on Dec 10 with opening of fun races.
The idea behind the event was to teach children about Sportsman spirit, discipline, team work, cooperation, coordination and the joy of the outdoors. The event included hurdle race, lemon race, shoe race, relay race, frog race, balloon race, flag race, bag race, group cheer chants and several other activities. Training period before this event taught them life skills which were incorporated with Round Square ideals and tenets.
The parents present appreciated and applauded the efforts of the children who are growing up in an educational environment that aims at shaping them into individuals of high calibre.
The headmistress Sofia Rana congratulated and awarded appreciation certificates to each and every child present. She applauded the efforts of teachers and thanked the parents present for their cooperation and support.



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