After Nankana Gurudwara attack, Sikh man shot dead in Peshawar; MEA condemns act

Kashmir Times. Dated: 1/6/2020 1:09:53 AM

ISLAMABAD, Jan 5 (Agencies): Days after the stone-pelting incident at Nankana Gurdwara in Pakistan, a 25-year-old Sikh youth was shot dead in Peshawar on Saturday (January 4).
The victim has been identified as Ravinder Singh who is the brother of well-known news anchor Harmeet Singh. Two days earlier, the Nankana Sahib Gurdwara was attacked by a mob while Sikh devotees were inside the shrine.
The victim's brother Harmeet Singh told reporters, ''For how long will the minorities continue to suffer in the state. The Pakistan government should take quick action and bring out the names of people who killed my brother.'' He appealed the media to support him in the matter so that they can get justice.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of External Affairs condemned the killing on Sunday, it issued a statement to this effect saying: ''India strongly condemns the targeted killing of minority Sikh community member in Peshawar that follows the recent despicable vandalism and desecration of the holy Gurdwara Sri Janam Asthan at Nankana Sahib and the unresolved case of abduction, forced conversion and marriage of a Sikh girl Jagjit Kaur.'' The statement also demanded the Government of Pakistan to "stop prevaricating and to take immediate action to apprehend and give exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of these heinous acts." The statement urged the Imran Khan-led government to defend the rights of their minorities. ''The Government of Pakistan should act in defence of their own minorities instead of preaching sermons about it to other countries.'' This is the second statement issued by the MEA in the last three days in relation to the situation faced by Sikhs in Pakistan, following the statement on Nankana Sahib Gurudwara incident where it strongly condemned the act of vandalism and stone-pelting at the Nankanan Gurudwara in Pakistan. Earlier in the day, Imran Khan condemned the Nankana Sahib Gurdwara attack and targeted the Indian government over minority protection issue. Khan said, "The major difference between the condemnable Nankana incident and the ongoing attacks across India on Muslims and other minorities is this: the former is against my vision and will find zero tolerance and protection from the government including police and judiciary..."
He added, ''In contrast, Modi's RSS vision supports minorities oppression and the targeted attacks against Muslims are part of this agenda. RSS goons conducting public lynchings, Muslims being violated by mobs are all not only supported by Modi Govt but Indian police lead the anti-Muslim attack.''
Hundreds of protesters took to the streets near the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi demanding that Islamabad provide adequate security to Sikh shrines and community members there.



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