If any criminals in AAP, put them behind bars: Sisodia to BJP over induction of Shoaib Iqbal

Kashmir Times. Dated: 1/11/2020 12:10:15 PM

NEW DELHI, Jan 10(Agenies): If there are any criminals in the AAP, then put them behind bars, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Friday said, responding to the criticism from the BJP over induction of five-time MLA Shoaib Iqbal into the party fold.
In response to a question, Sisodia said Delhi Police has been under the Centre for the past six years and if Iqbal has committed any crime then he should be arrested and put in jail.
"If any AAP leader or anyone joining the party is a murder accused, then the BJP should be ashamed that he is free and outside jail. For six years, Delhi Police has been under you (BJP). Arrest him and put him in jail. If you can't run Delhi Police, then leave it. We will run it and show," he said.
"And if there is any murderer in our party or your party, we will put him behind bars," Sisodia said.
Sisodia was responding to BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra's allegations that Iqbal has been convicted in several cases already and there is an unending list of grave offences under his names.
Iqbal on Thursday joined the Aam Aadmi Party in presence of Chief Minister and AAP's national convenor Arvind Kejriwal.
Iran says rumours missile caused plane crash make 'no sense'
Iran, Jan 10(Agencies): Iran on Thursday ruled out a missile strike as the cause of a Ukrainian passenger plane crash near Tehran, saying such a scenario made "no sense".
The plane crashed shortly after take off Wednesday, killing all 176 people on board, shortly after Iran fired a volley of missiles against military bases in Iraq housing US personnel.
"Several internal and international flights were flying at the same time in Iranian airspace at the same altitude of 8,000 feet (2,440 metres)," Iran's transport ministry said.
"This story of a missile striking a plane cannot be correct at all," it said in a statement.
"Such rumours make no sense," Ali Abedzadeh, head of Iran's civil aviation organisation and deputy transport minister, said in the statement.
Abedzadeh was reacting to rumours on social networks that the Boeing 737 was hit by a missile fired by Iran's Revolutionary Guards.
He said Iran and Ukraine were in the process of "downloading information" from black boxes retrieved from the crash site.
"But if more specialised work is required to extract and analyse the data, we can do it in France or another country," he added.
On Wednesday, Iran's Mehr news agency -- close to ultraconservatives -- quoted Abedzadeh as saying Iran "would not give the black boxes to the Americans".
But the minister's statement on Thursday rejected "rumours of Iran's resistance to delivering the black boxes... To the US".
Iran is not obliged to have the black boxes analysed in the US, but America is one of only a few countries -- including France and Germany -- capable of carrying out such work.
Iranian authorities say initial indications showed the plane had turned back after suffering a problem.
A team of Ukrainian experts flew in and joined the investigation on the ground Thursday.
Kiev said it was studying several scenarios, including an in-flight collision, a rocket strike, an engine explosion caused by a technical problem, and an onboard blast.



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