Health authorities in Anantnag don't give damn to director health

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 1/28/2020 11:55:29 PM

Use of gas Bukharies in Anantnag nursing homes

ANANTNAG, Jan 28: On January 23 when this correspondent reported about the use of gas heaters in post operative rooms by nursing homes in Anantnag, director health services Kashmir had assured an immediate action.
Director had said that he has already passed directions to the district health officers to inspect these nursing homes and take action against those putting the lives of patients at risk by using gas bukhari's.
However five days have passed, district health authorities in Anantnag have not given a damn to the directions of their boss.
Sources in health department informed Kashmir Times that even after the assuarance of the director, health department authorities in Anantnag have not taken any action against the nursing homes risking the lives of the patients.
"On Tuesday morning I visited at least four nursing homes of the town and found the gas heaters being used everywhere in post operative rooms. I saw an attendant in one of the nursing homes sitting outside the room where his wife and newborn baby were under post operative observation as he complained of irritation in eyes and headache due to the use of gas bukhari," said a source in the health department.
District health authorities, he said, did not bother to carry out inspection of a single nursing home after the grave issue was highlighted by the Kashmir Times quoting director health.
Another source in health department, however, said that the chief medical officer on Tuesday issued a letter to all the nursing homes asking them to install central heating system in post operative wards.
In the letter, the copy of which was also sent to the director health services Kashmir for information, the source said, CMO asked the nursing homes not to use gas bukharis and fix the central heating system within fifteen days.
"District health authorities woke up from the slumber four days after the issue was highlighted by the press. And instead of inspecting the nursing homes and seizing gas cylinders there they issued a letter to them," the source said.
Director health, Dr Sameer Matoo when contacted blamed the chief medical officer (CMO) concerned for failing to keep check on these nursing homes.
"It is the duty of CMO to check the facilities being provided to the patients at these nursing homes. I will right now talk to him again. Be assured I will personally look into the issue now," director said.



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