Mr 'Six Missed Balls'..!

By Robert Clements. Dated: 2/13/2020 2:41:39 PM

It was the funniest scene in cricket I'd seen in a long time: A batsman swinging his bat and missing all six balls bowled to him! No it was not the IPL, nor a Ranji Trophy match, but a tournament in a housing colony where cricket had become the bonding fevicol of the people, bringing father and mother, son and daughter onto the field and into the game: But I chuckled as I saw the six missed balls.
The batsman at the crease; the one who'd missed all six balls didn't!
He went home an angry man. Knowing him well, I imagined what he must have said at home:
"I will start my own tournament!" he must have told his three cronies who had also not done too well on the field, "And we will get a chance to bat and bowl!"
His three cronies looked at each other and were pleased, "Can we become captains in the new tournament?" they asked the 'six missed balls', their leader.
"Of course!" said, Mr Six Missed Balls, "Of course! I will be putting the money for the tournament so we will frame a new set of rules! No fast bowlers! No hitting batsmen!"
"Excellent!" shouted his three cronies together. "That way we can score centuries!"
"Right! So next Sunday I will bat and will pick not just those bowlers who's balls I can play, only those bowlers who's balls I can hit for a four or a six!"
"Brilliant!" said the crony with a paunch.
"Sir, you are a genius!" stammered the other.
"How do you get such ideas?" asked the third one, looking at 'Six missed balls' with admiration.
"Why I practice them all day in my company!" said Mr Six Missed Balls. "It's simple strategy: If somebody is better than me, I get rid of them!"
His cronies watched as Mr Six Missed Balls walked to his Mercedes to drive to his company which had stated posting huge losses after 'Mr Six Missed Balls' had implemented his policies.
The new captains clapped each other on the back, "Aren't we lucky he missed all six balls!" said the one who looked like a football, "Now we all have a chance to play..!"
Even as you chuckle at this story, let us take a look at ourselves: We all face this in life; the opportunity of learning to bat better or the destructive attitude of destroying the tournament; our company, family or society to keep our ego batting!
Are you a builder of yourself to become better at what you do, or are you 'Mr Six Missed Balls'?



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