Sunday Market disallowed

KT NEWS SERVICE. Dated: 2/17/2020 11:14:45 AM

SRINAGAR, Feb 16: The authorities did not allow the vendors to set up their stalls in Sunday Market here today.
While no reason was given to vendors for it but some officials said it was done due to some security concerns.
Every Sunday large number of vendors set up their stalls in the Sunday Market from TRC Cross to Lal Chowk. The vendors not only set up the stalls on footpath of Residency Road but also occupied some portion of the main road. This made the vehicular traffic movement very difficult on the road.
Thousands of customers from different corners of the city and elsewhere thronged the Sunday Market for purchasing items of their choice.
Today also large number of customers arrived but were disappointed on seeing no vendors and stalls there. Most of them returned to their homes immediately, some others preferred to spend some time at the adjoining Pratap Mark amid sunshine.
A grenade attack had occurred inside the Pratap Park on Februray 2 when large number of people were busy in purchasing in Sunday Market. Two security men and five civilians were injured in the blast and were discharged from hospital after initial treatment.
Later, police claimed to have solved the grenade attack case and made arrests including that of a student from south Kashmir, who was here for tuition. Subsequently, the security was beefed up at Residency Road and Lal Chowk areas with setting up of additional security check points. The check points were extended to some other parts of the city also, where vehicles were being stopped for searches.
On February 9, also a Sunday, there was no Sunday Market because of the shut down on the death anniversary of Mohammad Afzal Guru. On that day shops and other business establishments were mostly closed and public transport also mostly off the roads. However, there was some movement of private transport.



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